Voter Fraud

This presidential election is a set up for voter fraud, and the US Supreme Court is part of the reason. As reported widely, SCOTUS voted 5-3 to allow late-arriving North Carolina mail-in ballots so long as they were post marked by election day and in a separate action allowed for counting late-arriving mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania. These are two swing states important to determining the overall electoral college. In North Carolina, ballots may arrive as late as November 12 and be counted. The deadline for Pennsylvania is November 6. Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr., and Justice Brett Kavanaugh voted with the liberals on the court. The longer after the election that votes count, the higher the chance for election fraud.

Then there is the idea that in some states, a citizen can actually change their vote if they cast it early by voting by mail or by absentee ballot. That may appear on the surface to be a good option, especially in light of the recent revelations that Presidential candidate Joe Biden is compromised because of China, Russia, and Ukraine business deals using his position as Vice President to enrich (nice way of saying “bribe”) his family in selling influence. Think of the 70-plus million people who did early voting and how they may be regretting the box they checked. No worries for some of them. In New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and Minnesota, folks can change their vote.

Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota are all states that are on the bubble regarding which way they will land in the electoral college. Michigan voters can change their vote by submitting by October 30 a signed request to have their vote nullified. Minnesota voters had until October 20 to request a new ballot. Wisconsin voters had until October 29 to request a new ballot. In New York and Pennsylvania, you can just show up on election day and cast your vote and your early vote will be nullified. All these examples allow for voter fraud in that ballots can be counted twice if election officials don’t pay attention or have nefarious designs in mind.

The idea that this nation should have a long lead time for early voting or mail-in voting that is allowed to be counted days after the election is an assault on America’s voting integrity. Voting is a right afforded all citizens 18 years or older. And every eligible citizen should exercise that right. Appeasing political parties and oiling up party machines that seek ways to steal elections only undermines our Constitutional Republic. It broadens the field for voter fraud and makes America like a third world country that disputes elections for weeks or months. This is a slippery slope on which we are sliding. And it has no good end because as in 2 Timothy 3:13, “But evil men and seducers wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.” We may never know the true winner of this presidential election. We do know, it won’t likely be honest voters.

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Bill Wilson