The Farm Chronicles: 4th of July at the Beach

A vintage photograph of a family posing

It was the July 4, 1967 week when we took our annual beach vacation with the Heft’s to Myrtle Beach, SC. But it was haying season. Bill and Martha Heft and their daughters Jean and Nancy lived on a small farm down the road from us. We had our hay to get in the barn…

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Vaxed more likely to be hospitalized

A digital chart and description of Hospitalization

The Centers for Disease Control is now saying that If you have been fully vaccinated against COVID, your chances of hospitalization with COVID are 8 percent higher than the unvaccinated. On June 15, the CDC’s Dr. Ruth Link-Gelles told a Food and Drug Administration panel, “We see a pattern of waning against hospitalization.” Not only…

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Stupidocrisy: The fortunate son

A letter to the US Department of Justice

In November 1969, Credence Clearwater Revival released the song Fortunate Son. Lead singer John Fogerty says the song was birthed out of extreme distrust of executive authority. The second verse reads: “Some folks are born silver spoon in hand; Lord, don’t they help themselves, no; But when the taxman come’ to the door; Lord, the…

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WHO and CDC must be held accountable

World Health Organization logo and illustration

As the data from studies regarding the COVID pandemic accumulates and is analyzed, more experts are joining the growing chorus of those who believe World Health Organization mandated protocols contributed to a massive number of needless deaths. This also would hold true for the US Centers for Disease Control, who rigidly followed the WHO protocols…

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Of pride and humility

A digital illustration of the word Humility

As disciples of Christ, we all have responsibilities of leadership. It was Christ who told us in the Sermon on the Mount that we were salt and light. He said that salt was no good if it lost its savor and there can be no light if the lamp is hid under a basket. It…

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The Farm Chronicles: Going Froggin’

A frog covered in mud held by a man

The pond was an ongoing temptation. My parents didn’t want me or my friends playing in the pond because they were concerned about one of us drowning, or in my Mother’s case—getting so much mud encrusted on me that it may disrupt her clean house when I came in the door! In any case, that…

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New Cuban missile crisis developing

The China and The Cuban flags together

In 1962, the Soviet Union began deploying nuclear missiles in Cuba in response to US missile deployment in Turkey and Italy, as well as to detour China’s growing influence in Cuba. The Kennedy White House denied the missiles in Cuba for several months until it became public in October 1962, which prompted President Kennedy to…

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Stupidocrisy: They didn’t dodge well

A description of all the officers

You’ve probably heard about the big brouhaha when the LA Dodgers decided to invite the blasphemous drag queen Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to be honored with the Community Hero Award during a pregame ceremony on the team’s Pride Night. At first, there was such public outcry against the Dodgers that they disinvited the “Sisters.” But…

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USA as a pronoun

A group of people on a LGBTW walk

Students at Marshall Simonds Middle School in Burlington, Ma., tore down Pride celebration signs and chanted “U-S-A are my pronouns, wearing red, white and blue clothes and face paint instead of the “Spirit Day” rainbow colors. Now the kids are being labeled homophobic and intolerant. School Principal Cari Perchase condemned the anti-Pride Day demonstration, writing…

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Faith vs Giants

A digital illustration of warriors from history

There are a lot of giants in this world. The government. The media. Companies that put political agendas ahead of their customers. The love of money is a huge giant. All these giants seek to control their areas. They limit our freedom by censoring what we say; directing what we do; what we wear; where…

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