Stupidocrisy: Transmania

A flyer with a person in white paint

America is in a spiritual war over government-sponsored depravity, sexual grooming, molestation, and mutilation of children becoming commonplace, legal and promoted by school systems without parental knowledge. This “transmania” is underscored by the complicity of media, government and corporations working together against children much like they conspired with the ineffective and unsafe vaccines during COVID.…

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Government characterizing Christians as Nazis

The pyramid of Far Right Radicalization

The biggest threat to your Constitutional guaranteed right of religious freedom is the very entity that is supposed to uphold freedom of religion—the Federal government. In particular, the Biden Administration is continuing the hostile policies of the Obama Administration toward Christians and conservatives through its administrative authorities. A recent investigation by the Media Research Council…

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A lesson for today in the story of Ruth

A digital illustration of a woman in scarf

Many are facing challenging times. Headlines and daily newscasts are a continuous reminder of the turmoil of everyday life. It is easy to get weary in a world where your belief system is contested every minute. It’s easy to get angry, upset, anxious, even depressed over living in this day and age. Yet, as followers…

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The Farm Chronicles: Memorial Day in the ’60s

Young Billy in parade gear on Holly

It was usually a really crisp morning, the kind where mud puddles had a very thin layer of ice on them. You could see your breath on the way out to the horse barn. The horses were always ready to eat and when they heard the door to the tack room open, they would whinny.…

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Government Transgender Experiments on minors

A letter to the Doctor Tabak

Like a page out of Nazi Germany, the National Institutes of Health is funding experiments on the psychological effects of cross-sex hormones on transgender and nonbinary youth, 76% of them under the age of 18. The studies have prompted an inquiry from 15 Congressmen and Senators who are “deeply concerned about your agency’s use of…

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Stupidocrisy: It didn’t make Bud-wiser

A digital illustration of its miller time

You may remember the old joke: Question—Does drinking beer make you smart? Answer—Well, it made Bud wiser. Budweiser has become the butt of a not-so-funny joke and apparently the company is not any wiser for the experience. In arguably one of the worst promotional decisions in modern advertising, Bud Light featured Dylan Mulvaney, a man…

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Beware of Musks in sheep’s clothing

Welcome CEO Linda Yaccarino Twitter illustration

Yes, he bought Twitter. Yes, he restored Donald Trump’s account. Yes, he is cracking down on leftists censoring conservatives on Twitter. Yes, he stood against the government propaganda on COVID. Yes, he exposed the FBI for influencing the elections. Yes, he donates money to Republicans. Yes, he says he is a champion of free speech.…

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The Wilderness Experience and You

A desert path with sand dunes in the morning

Have you, or are you having, a “Wilderness Experience” during your life. It’s a time when you look around and it seems dry and parched and nothing you do seems to change it. In my time on earth, I believe everyone I’ve known has had a wilderness experience. Many are having it now. There may…

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The Farm Chronicles: Rescue us from the mire

A persons feet dipped in mud and dirt

Paula and I were in the same class in high school. We were, still are, good friends. During the week, we were on the same team—The Southeast Pirates. Whether it was girls basketball (she was one of the best players in the state of Ohio) or boys track or football, we were rooting for each…

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The Durham Report: Beware and be wise

A letter from the United States Department of Justice

Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the 2016 election concludes that the FBI targeted the Trump campaign with no legitimate evidence; pulled out of the Clinton-Russia influence peddling investigation prematurely; and the secret FISA Court was used for political purposes. Conservative news media clearly sees this as a smoking gun of illegal and unethical practices.…

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