Banning gas stoves and your freedom

Conventional Cooking Products

In September, California’s clean air agency approved a proposal to ban new natural gas-fueled furnaces and water heaters in homes by 2030. Now, the Biden Administration is getting into the act. On February 1, the Department of Energy, under the auspices of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act, sought comments on a proposal to ban…

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Press In


There are many events taking place around us that would be frightening in of themselves—the devastating hurricanes and earthquakes; the threat of terrorism; political disruption; the threat of nuclear war with Islam—just to name a few.  Some of this uncertainty has prompted many to ask the age old question, “Does God have a plan for my…

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The Farm Chronicles: Convertibles

An old photo of a couple inside a car

Somebody pulled up in the driveway. I didn’t go out and see who it was right away. Had some chores in the barn, probably cleaning stalls. I came out into the barnyard and through the glow of the afternoon sun, there was an image I never thought possible to be sitting in our driveway. I…

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Wars and Rumors of World War III

Wars and Rumors of World War III  

COVID served as a forerunner to just how governments, private industry and the media around the world can coordinate to shut down entire countries, control movement of people and suspend citizen rights using fear and intimidation. Now world leaders seem bent of taking yet another step toward the end times by promoting World War III.…

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Stupidocrisy: The Narrative

COVID-19 Vaccine

The narrative is how propagandists cause people to believe only what they want to believe. Fear pornography and censorship of opposition is used to get people to do what the government wants. And that has been the case with the COVID narrative. As more studies emerge, even the most believing of all things COVID, have…

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The Revivals


Many have been asking my opinion of the revivals that have been taking place on college campuses. Some have expressed skepticism. Others great hope. First, I would say that any movement of God is a great thing. These movements usually start out small and grow or die. Sometimes they grow, especially when “religious” leaders get…

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A time of reflection on God and Country


As America reflects on President’s Day and where we are as a nation, it is sad that true Americans are vilified by a popular political “party,” and anything standing on ethics, morals and traditional values is ridiculed, mocked and frowned upon. This is a contradiction to the ideal of America. Those who first came to…

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The Farm Chronicles: Wooden shoes and friendship

Two young boys 

It was the spring of 1967 and the grass at the farm was starting to green up. There were still gentle winds blowing through the Northeastern Ohio woods and fields, but they were warmer winds. Summer was on its way, brief as it would be. My buddy, Sonny, and I had made our first few…

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Update on CDC Vaccination Codes

Reporting Encounters for Immunization Safety Counseling

International Classification of Disease Codes (ICD) required by the Centers for Disease Control are the government’s gateway to monitoring and controlling your life. These codes have been modified and are treating the unvaccinated as if they are a hazardous medical exposure, according to Dr. Harvey Risch, professor emeritus of epidemiology at the Yale School of…

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Stupidocrisy: Sources with knowledge of the situation

Rolling Stone magazines

Americans are being overwhelmed with falsehood. Everywhere you turn, you have to question the source in order to determine whether there is truth in what is being reported. In the political business there is an old saying, “A little bit of truth makes a better lie.” It’s certainly true in today’s society. Whenever you read…

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