The sound of the electric vehicle backfire

Gas-Powered Cars Cheaper to Fuel Than Electric in Late 2022

Like so many things the Biden Administration has done, its theory that electric vehicles are cheaper to operate ran out of juice as prices at the pump stabilized last quarter. Now, according to a study by the Anderson Economic Group, internal combustion Engine cars are once again more economical to fuel than their Electric Vehicle…

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Some things never change

An hourglass

In May 2006—nearly 17 years ago—this is what I wrote in The Daily Jot: “Our nation is in trouble.  Now that seems like an obvious statement, but even in its blatancy Americans seem more than willing to allow somebody else to deal with the situation.  People point to the gas prices at the pumps and complain that…

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The Farm Chronicles: Indian reservation

The ladies of the Native American Home Economics Class

My Dad always said that the Indians got a raw deal. He was right. But it was difficult to really understand what he meant when as a kid, my image of the American Indian was seen through the lens of the many television westerns. Attack after attack of those ruthless savages on wagon trains, settlers’…

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The global Beast’s moral imperative

Why Moral Leadership Matters Now More Than Ever

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland emphasized the “moral imperative” of enacting it’s “collective” (translated: communist) agenda in the areas of climate control, health equity, education, food equity, the metaverse, artificial intelligence and more. This implies that if the 52 heads of state and 2,700 other captains of business, media and…

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Stupidocrisy: blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

Top Secret and Classified Files

In recent years it started with Hillary Clinton having classified emails on a server in her bedroom closet. Then came Donald Trump having classified documents at his home in Florida. Then it was Joe Biden having classified documents since he was Vice President sitting behind his corvette in his home’s garage. Now it’s former Vice…

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How to resist the WEF

World Economic Forum

A communist utopia with China as the model—this appears to be the unspoken goal of the World Economic Forum as it touts “collective” action on ambiguous areas such as climate control, health equity, finances, mobility, energy, food, education, and technology. These areas affect each of our lives and the WEF cabal intends to control us…

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The WEF health collective

An article about Health Equity  

One of the main areas that the World Economic Forum (WEF) focused on during its recent annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland was what they call health equity. Justifying a call for worldwide socialized medicine, WEF posted on its website: “Health inequities–gaps between the health of different groups–have long characterized global health. The persistence of these…

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The Farm Chronicles–Captain Penny and Jungle Larry

An old photo of two men

My childhood on the farm in Ohio was quite blessed with many different adventures that involved a lot of animals and even more imagination. One of the staples of my week was a television show out of Cleveland on WEWS called Captain Penny. From 1955 to 1971, Ron Penfound was Captain Penny and he hosted…

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How the WEF made doctors into social credit spies

News on ICD

The World Economic Forum (WEF), holding its annual meeting this week, has turned many doctors into unwitting social credit spies by recording information about you that will impact your personal freedom. The WEF is in “collective cooperation” with the World Health Organization (WHO), which sets the mandated standards for healthcare treatment, as recently witnessed by…

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Stupidocrisy: The Washington Shell Game

A photo of Joe Biden  

If you are a moral person, there are some things happening in Washington, DC lately that might give you some hope. The Republican-led House of Representatives voted that protects babies who survive abortion and condemns violence against pro-life charities and churches. The House also voted to repeal the addition of 85,000 Internal Revenue Service agents…

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