The Farm Chronicles: New Years shotgun


For many years, there was an old rusty 10 gauge shotgun sitting in the corner of the milk house. The stock was split and was bound together by some cloth. The wood was old and dry. Nobody ever said much about that old shotgun, which looked like a cannon. It just became part of the…

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New COVID restrictions in the works

CDC Newsroom

The conservative news media is abuzz about the Biden’s administration’s new COVID travel restrictions, but perhaps for the wrong reasons. The new restrictions, effective January 5, will require all air passengers two years and older (including US citizens) traveling to the US on flights originating from China, and the Special Administrative regions of Hong Kong…

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Stupidocrisy: Tolerating Anti-Christianism and anti-Americanism

Public School

In coaching we have a saying, “Control what you can control.” In other words, focus on what you can do and do it. Unfortunately, many have become very adept at recognizing problems, but few have taken the step to control what they can control. Case in point is the anti-Christian, anti-American brainwashing that is taking…

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Government censorship

Covid News Censored

Journalist Matt Taibbi continues to release Twitter Files that document how the federal government coerced Twitter to censor stories that impacted the 2020 presidential election. It also is evident that Twitter personnel were all too eager to withhold information from the Twitter platform at the government’s suggestion. As an example, Taibbi writes, “The files show…

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The Farm Chronicles: The Great Christmas Fire

Mom’s earlier version of the burn can circa 1940

As many of you know, I grew up on our family farm in Northeastern Ohio. It was part of a land grant in payment to my grandfather seven generations back for fighting in the Revolutionary War. At the time my grandfather sent two of his sons to claim the land, it was wilderness, the most…

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The Farm Chronicles: One Christmas

For Dad, it was Christmas and birthday together

There are a lot of terrible things going on right now in the world. But we are at the time of the year when we as Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. We can choose to be impacted by the world around us in its dimly lit arena, or we can choose to let…

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Ominous Omnibus

Omnibus Law

Congress will be handing Americans a virtual lump of debt-ridden black hole spending coal for Christmas. The Omnibus spending bill consists of 4,155 pages of pork costing taxpayers a whopping $1.7 TRILLION dollars. This bill is so massive that no one has the time to even read it before its passage. Opponents of the bill…

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Stupidocrisy: The Drag On

Search Breitbart’s 16,300 results on “drag queen”

A search of the Brietbart news website reveals over 16,300 stories with the key words “drag queens.” That’s right. The White House and Biden Administration obsession with drag queens seems to be the “pop” culture of the Democratic Party in 2022. That, and the attention to transexual rights, appear to be the centerpieces of the…

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The beast within

Art about Bureaucracy

Since when does the FBI have the authority to censor free speech? It is the same time it has the authority to influence elections. According to the Constitution, it doesn’t. Yet government has become so large and so unaccountable, the FBI and other unelected administrative actors (can you say IRS, DHS, EPA, CDC, CMS, just…

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Finally Wising Up

Surveillance of COVID-19 vaccine safety among elderly persons aged 65 years and older

A recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll may indicate that Americans are finally wising up about the government propaganda over the COVID 19 shot. Against the backdrop of the obvious ongoing government claims that the shot is safe and effective, The KFF December Monitor found that about four in ten (44%) say they do not think…

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