The Farm Chronicles: My life in Paris

A property in Paris

Just the word “Paris” stimulates the mind and imagination. The Eiffel Tower, quaint café’s, wine, festivities. There is this romantic notion about Paris. Paris, before it was Paris, was settled around 250 BC and was popular because it was a meeting place of land and water trade routes. Then came the Romans, who conquered the…

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The Sexual Predation of our children must stop

The Trevor Project  

The sexual predation of America’s children must stop. Corporations, the government, school systems and nonprofits have been poisoned by some sort of sex lust for children that they are aiding and abetting sexual predation of children. Drag queens reading children books, the Southern Poverty Law Center providing explicitly transgender best practices guide for school kids,…

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Stupidocrisy: Selling oil to China at bargain prices

A letter to President Joe Biden

Joe Biden was exposed last month for selling part of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to a communist Chinese company with ties to his son Hunter while Americans are suffering from his energy-policy induced inflation. Well, Biden’s at it again. According to Department of Energy disclosures, the sales to Unipec America continued in July with…

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Public School Accountability

Guidelines for Students about Gender Identity  

During the past two years, Loudoun County, Va., parents have been embroiled in a battle with the county school board over a myriad of issues from teaching Critical Race Theory to allowing homosexual groups to groom children to implementing a program to transition children from their birth gender. The parents put their foot down and…

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Government and media colluding to censor free speech

Memorandum Ruling and Order

Against the backdrop of a federal district court judge allowing a case to move forward citing Joe Biden and other high ranking government officials and media companies with collusion to suppress free speech, the Media Research Council (MRC) has released a study identifying over 144 million instances of censorship by big tech media in just…

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The Farm Chronicles: Time in a box

Necklaces, fan, and compass

When I was a young pup, maybe six or seven, I became quite curious about the stuff in the house. On the second floor at the top of the steps was a latched door leading into a half story room we called the second floor attic (because there were creepy steps from my bedroom behind…

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The Russia Iran Turkey axis

Dices with flags of different countries

The leaders of Turkey and Russia met in Iran to discuss oil supply chains and mutual security. The Jerusalem Post reported that the gathering “signifies a new era of Turkey- Iran-Russia relations.” No doubt, this meeting has significant prophetic meaning as the three countries continue to build stronger ties both economically and militarily. This meeting…

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Stupidocrisy: The media’s lament

Breaking News

A Gallup poll indicating only 16% of Americans trust newspapers and only 11% trust television news has mainstream news media calling for more positive coverage of the failing Biden Administration and questioning why people don’t trust them. These polling numbers follow last year’s Gallup findings that Americans do not trust the media to report the…

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Iran and the end times


The toothless United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency, the body charged with prevention of nuclear weapons expansion, has failed for decades to stop Iran from enriching uranium for a nuclear bomb. The Bush Administrations relied heavily on the UN’s so-called enforcement. Obama gave Iran a green light and billions in US cash to proceed under…

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Not “overly” safe and effective

Fauci Lies People Die

Safe and effective. That’s what the Centers for Disease Control still says about the COVID-19 mRNA serums. The CDC website reads, “COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. CDC recommends COVID-19 vaccines for everyone 6 months and older and boosters for everyone 5 years and older, if eligible.” Now there are over 400 studies from around…

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