6/30 Child Abuse Month

Executive Order on Advancing Equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex Individuals

Major corporations and the government have celebrated June as Pride Month with the LGBTQ+ people. It used to be called Gay Pride Month, but to avoid confusion after so many sexual orientations were added, they dropped the “Gay” part. So they are celebrating Pride. Personally, I don’t really care what they do in their bedroom.…

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Stupidocrisy: Fear Narrative

VAERS COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports  

What happened to COVID? You don’t hear much about it these days. But did you know that COVID infections in America are more than 10 times higher than they were last year at this time? Did you know that deaths from COVID are almost 25% higher than they were last year at this time? It’s…

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6/27 A prophetic exhortation from Africa

Children holding their Bible

Pastor William Agbeti, Daily Jot ministry partner in Ghana, West Africa, wrote this prophetic warning and exhortation for the Church in America: The body of Christ is in crisis as reflected by the universal church’s current state of lethargy! Lethargy may be defined as “lack of divine power and passion.” Lethargy is also as “a…

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Roe after Roe

A rally 

The US Supreme Court overturned the previous Supreme Court decision of 1973 that the constitution conveyed through the right to privacy a right to abortion. In doing so, SCOTUS is establishing that unless a “right” is enumerated in the Constitution, it is left for the states or the people to decide. Abortion was never an…

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The Farm Chronicles: The Chargers

LA Chargers 

There seems to be this innate force within kids to be a part of something bigger than them. It may be why cliques form in schools, or why kids play sports, or join 4-H or some such club. Kids like to socialize and come together for a common cause. When I was in elementary school…

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Biden on a rampage

Remarks by President Biden on Gas Prices and Putin’s Price Hike

Joe Biden is on a rampage over fuel prices, but his solution of a 90-day government gas tax holiday is socialist folly. If Biden was truly committed to lowering gas prices, he would reverse his failed policies and return to the model of American energy independence. Instead, he is putting a band aid on the…

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Stupidocrisy: It’s like riding a bike

Running the Country is Like Riding a Bike

Some things you just never forget—like how to ride a bike. Unless, of course, you are Joe Biden. Biden was out saving fossil fuel consumption and reducing his carbon footprint with a bike ride. He stopped to greet some people and took a hard fall to the pavement—similar to his job approval ratings which Rasmussen…

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Stopping Stupid

Stop Stupidity

The six-part Daily Jot series on the threats to freedom posed by the World Economic Forum caused a lot of people to ask “What should we do to stop this?” It became a topic of conversation in my church last Sunday. Quite frankly, stopping the WEF and its Democratic Party, corporate, media, and even religious…

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Americans paying dearly for Biden Admin profiteering

President Biden  

The Biden Administration is doubling down on its policy to force Americans to buy expensive electric or hybrid cars despite the technology being unaffordable to most. Meantime, all of America is suffering from high fuel prices and the resulting hyperinflation on food and consumer goods. Joe Biden has tirelessly worked since his first day in…

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The Farm Chronicles: Bareback

Bareback show High Point Trophy 1969

The Finnegan’s had a horse show business. Every year they held several horse shows at their complex. I say complex because it was a mixture of their own horse barn and farm with a small arena and some parking availability in the hay fields. Mr. and Mrs. Finnegan ran a good and honest show. Classes…

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