The Farm Chronicles: The Sting

Clear skies with white clouds

School was out. Summer was on the way. The redbud and dogwood blooms were giving way to their summer leaves. The creek cutting across the farm would soon calm from the spring rushing waters to a mere trickle winding its way through the woods. The grass was growing, the bees were buzzing, the frogs were…

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Bringing Hope to the Hopeless: The Testimonies

Bringing Hope to the Hopeless: The Testimonies  

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the lives of many individuals, families, households and whole communities have been seriously devastated worldwide. In Ghana, the story is not any different. Many vulnerable people, underserved communities, needy families and downtrodden children have felt the impact more than anyone else. Government, churches, organizations and many…

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Of schools and churches

An empty classroom

There are two institutions involved in teaching at the local community level—churches and schools. Contemporary interpretation of law insists that the two are separated, but they have many things in common. In Loudoun County, Va., concerned parents started a movement over the teaching of Critical Race Theory and the grooming of young children by the…

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Stupidocrisy: Free Speech Undermines Democracy

Former President Barack Obama

The puppet master of the Democratic Party, Barack Obama, wasn’t satisfied with undermining human autonomy and personal privacy with socialist healthcare. He is now going after free speech, although he calls it “disinformation.” In his speech to Stanford University sponge-brains last Thursday titled “Disinformation is a Threat to Our Democracy,” Obama attacked the First Amendment,…

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What we’ve learned about the government and the pandemic

Vaccine Injury Resources

Throughout the recent pandemic, the US government has maintained that the vaccine was safe and effective. It also mandated treatments. Any and all alternatives to the government narrative and treatments were considered misinformation or disinformation. Doctors, nurses, scientists and other healthcare workers who dissented from the government narrative were demonized, censored, blackballed and many lost…

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Regulating free speech Obama style

Obama delivering a speech

Former president Barack Obama Thursday called for regulation of free speech because Americans have lost their “capacity to distinguish between fact, opinion, and wholesale fiction.” Prefacing his remarks as “pretty close to a First Amendment absolutist,” Obama said “people are dying because of misinformation.” Obama’s point is that there is so much misinformation and disinformation…

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The Farm Chronicles: Farm Cars

A young man holding a dog

We all know the utility of a pick-up truck on the farm. The pick-up is a necessity. Before pick-up trucks, the buckboard wagon was the utility vehicle. Point is, you can throw fence posts, wire, tools, and gasoline in the back and drive that old truck anywhere on the farm. If you didn’t get stuck…

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A prophetic people’s response to society

How to Respond?

Freedom of speech, religious expression and peaceable redress are tenets of the American way. Many Christian Americans, however, see the handwriting on the wall that these rights are in the crosshairs of the godless. Those who disagree with the political left are labeled bigots, hate mongers and racists and more. The more that Christians are…

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Stupidocrisy: Possible Nuclear War

One of Vladimir Putin’s TU-160 nuclear bombers

This week’s Stupidocrisy goes to Russian “president” Vladimir Putin. From the beginning of his invasion of Ukraine, he has acted the world-class bully. Just Saturday, the US Sun reported and showed pictures of a Russian TU-160 nuclear bomber buzzing the skies near the Ukraine border in what could be construed as one of the most…

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The war on faith

The War on Faith

As wars and rumors of wars swirl around us and we a pummeled by horrific and tyrannical political policies, we as prophetic Christians have some considerations before us. Christians have been engaged in a war against our faith for over a generation. And for the most part, we have been witnesses–not witnesses as in standing…

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