The Farm Chronicles: House calls and hospitals


Many do not remember the days when doctors made house calls. Living in rural Northeastern Ohio on a farm, there was no ambulance service outside of the local Paris Volunteer Fire Department, which was comprised of local farmers who either could be found at their farms working or at Paris Inn drinking. When the fire…

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God Bless Loudoun Co., Va Parents


People looking how to stand against the tyranny of local, state and federal government need look no further than the courageous parents who engaged the Loudoun County, Va., school board for their anti-American, anti-student, and anti-education actions. The brouhaha began over a policy trampling religious rights requiring teachers to use LGBTQ promoted pronouns and students…

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Stupidocrisy: Of puppies and COVID

Dr. Anthony Fauci

The world is aghast after revelations that under Dr. Anthony Fauci’s leadership the National Institutes of Health allocated tens of millions of taxpayer funds since 2007 to perform tortuous experiments on monkeys and beagle puppies. These were not just routine experiments to advance humankind, they were cruel death experiments that are beneath human dignity. The…

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Pushing Back–Your civil and patient rights

Coalition for Healthcare Workers Against Medical Mandates

Facebook will put its disclaimer on this Daily Jot telling everyone where they can get accurate information about the COVID “vaccines,” but you need to know. The National Institutes of Health has admitted that it partially funded gain of function for the COVID virus, meaning COVID czar Dr. Anthony Fauci lied to Congress and the…

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A man with a sword

Reading the headlines over the weekend, it is a sad testimony to humankind. Rapes, murders, beheadings, kidnappings, ransoms, censorships, mandates, oppression, and the list goes on and on. The easy thing to do is disconnect. The hard thing to do is to engage. Many people are asking: What can I do? The answer is not…

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The Farm Chronicles: That old Chrysler

A Cadillac

It’s kind of funny how those early memories pop into your mind. Mom and Dad had this 1957 Chrysler four door when I was about six years old. I think the original paint on it was two-tone white and beige. They had it repainted for whatever reason to a turquoise and white. It looked pretty…

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The dark Biden purgatory

Pete Buttigieg, his husband, and their babies

“Oh, we are for the little guy. Corporations should pay their fair share. We want to tax the rich. This $3.5 trillion budget won’t cost you a cent.” As my Dad used to say when I was little, “It’s all a bunch of BS.” When I asked him what “BS” meant, he would look over…

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Stupidocrisy: A whole lot of stupid going on

President Joe Biden

In 1955, Roy Hall and Dave “Curly” Williams wrote a song when they were fishing on Lake Okeechobee in Florida. Big Maybelle first recorded it in March 1955 on an arrangement by Quincy Jones. Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley and Levi Kreis also recorded versions of the song “A whole lot of shakin going on.”…

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A CNN COVID Obituary

Ring-wing media figures dishonestly use Colin Powell’s death to question COVID vaccines

Former US Secretary of State, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, American war hero, husband, father, and grandfather, Colin Powell, 84, passed away Monday morning “due to complications from Covid 19,” the Powell family wrote on Facebook. Powell was fully vaccinated and also suffered from myeloma, a cancer of plasma cells that suppresses the…

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Mandate Mania

Allison Williams

Lawsuits are being filed, people are being fired, frontline workers such as police, EMTs, and nurses are being fired or threatened with their jobs, the Biden Administration is threatening the military with discharges—all over vaccine mandates that are making their way through the court system. Despite a less than 2 percent mortality rate reported for…

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