Foolish or intentional, the destruction is the same

A message to democrats, progressives, and liberals

Many of us tend to look at events, policies, politicians as foolish, stupid, mistaken, lacking common sense, etc. But maybe we Americans need to view them as willfully and intentionally destroying the country so that it can be remade into a Marxist utopia. Whether they are bumbling idiots or steely-eyed practitioners of destruction, the results…

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Realities of Life and Death

A week’s ration of food means life

We are so blessed to live in America. Yes, there is great division. And there are challenges that we face day to day. Have you ever thought about how we get so wrapped around political events and claim that it is so bad that Christ’s return must be immanent? Thankfully, most of us do not…

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The Farm Chronicles: County Fair Royalty

A couple holding their trophies

This time each year was the Randolph Fair. This is the culmination of the 4-H year—where everyone brings their 4-H projects for display and judging. It is a menagerie of sheep, goats, rabbits, horses, cows, food, vegetables, sewing—whatever is farm related—mixed in with many events, rides and games. It is the celebration of farming before…

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Prophecy clock ticks forward with Afghanistan abandonment

President Biden

The Obama-Biden Administration empowered Islam through destabilizing the Middle East through Arab Spring, the Benghazi debacle, providing Iran with billions in American cash, support of the Muslim Brotherhood and the list goes on and on. Enter the Trump administration and real attempts were made to defeat the Taliban and Islamic State, put radical Islam back…

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Stupidocrisy: Biden arming Taliban and Chinese

U.S. Weapons Seized by the Taliban

It is an understatement to say that Joe Biden’s Afghanistan policy is an unmitigated disaster. His handling of the Taliban sweeping through the country is so incompetent that one has to wonder if it was done on purpose. American troops, few as they were, stood in the breach from allowing the Taliban terrorists to take…

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Pfizer COVID Jab Approved by FDA

Cominarty and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine  

The FDA approved the Pfizer COVID-19 jab for those 16 and older. Now to be known as Comirnaty, the FDA says the shot proved effective in a clinical trial of some 44,000 people. FDA’s acting commissioner Dr. Janet Woodcock, stated, “As the first FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine, the public can be very confident that this vaccine…

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A burning desire for freedom in truth

A couple holding their trophies

Has the country gone mad? A recent Pew Research Center survey indicates that 48%, roughly half of American adults, believe the government should take steps to restrict false information, even if it means losing some freedom to access and publish content. Even worse, 65% of Democrats surveyed say the government should take steps to restrict…

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The Farm Chronicles: Jets vs Sharks, country-style

Sam’s Pizza

About five miles from the farm is a small town called Newton Falls. Back in the 50’s through the 70s, Newton Falls kind of considered themselves the city—at least that’s how us farmers saw it. We were fine when we came to town to buy groceries or needed a part from the hardware store. But…

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COVID vaccines, science and common sense

CDC head says vaccines losing their efficacy—get a booster at 8 months  

There are three types of science being applied to the COVID-19 vaccine situation—no science, some science and political science. The “no science” is about those who blindly advocate for or against the vaccine without accurate information. The science is the interpretation of the vaccines’ effectiveness against the risks. The political science is the unyielding pressure…

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Biden blunder has worldwide consequences

People running from the plane  

In what some are describing the worst foreign policy blunder in decades, President Joe Biden mustered up all the fortitude he could, stepped in front of the American people, and blamed everybody but himself for the Afghanistan crisis. He blamed the previous president. He blamed the Afghan military. He blamed the Afghan government for its…

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