Stupidocrisy: Jim Crow casting out Jim Crow

The Rise of Jim Crow

The Democrats in Congress are ramming through so-called election reforms that codify the very tricks used to undermine election integrity. The same Democrats are calling state-led election reform efforts a throwback to Jim Crow Laws. How we have such a short memory. It was an organized political effort by the Democratic Party to disenfranchise black…

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Gateway to the beast

Vaccine Passports

There is no greater modern gateway to the apocalyptic “Beast,” or antichrist, than the entirety of the worldwide COVID 19 response. Nations were locked down. Food supplies were disrupted. Businesses, schools, and churches were forced to close. Healthy people were quarantined. Travel was confined. These restrictions came within months of the spread of the virus.…

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Evil people and gun control

Police vehicles 

The body count was hardly known before former president Barack Obama, President Joe Biden, Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and other Democrats started using the deaths of others to advance their anti-gun political social agenda. At the same time, there were hearings on Capitol Hill discussing the military and domestic extremists, painting…

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The Farm Chronicles: 8th Wonder of the World

A photo form the past  

South Dakota in 1963 was probably not a whole lot different than it is today—lots of open space and a bunch of prairie between towns. On our Great Western Tour with our friends the McCarthy’s, one of the places we visited was about the most unusual I had ever seen or will ever see. Out…

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Creating a problem to solve it with more problems

Solving the border crises by “chewing gum and walking at the same time.” -Kamala Harris  

Department of Homeland Security data analyzed by Breitbart News reveals that between February 1 and March 22, the Biden Administration released nearly 23,430 border crossers into the US interior after apprehending them at the US-Mexico border, and another 130,000 escaped apprehension. Biden’s ending of Trump-era border security and publicizing an open border policy has created…

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Stupidocrisy: Biden-Obama Border Version 2.0

Evacuation center

Remember the years of news media and Democratic Party hacks screaming at the top of their lungs about President Trump’s border policy toward children, as Michelle Obama put it at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, ”They watch in horror as children are torn from their families and thrown into cages”? Those “cages” were actually built…

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A prophetic warning for our nation

Article from Jewish Press

Many Christians either state or ask if the situation in the United States means that the end of the world is coming and the return of Christ is around the corner. Certainly, there are terrible things that this generation of Americans has never experienced—the plague of COVID, for example, has caused personal freedoms to be…

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The most deadly virus facing America


Social media platforms, corporate media, the government, and political persuasions are censuring and canceling you for your thoughts and beliefs. Those who disagree with the radical left are labeled, marked in society, ridiculed, hated and canceled. Likewise, radical right movements also employ psychological mechanisms of self-censorship toward followers by selling the idea that some unnamed…

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The Farm Chronicles: Horse trading, Coke and cat hair

Dad and me back in “tradin” days  

For some reason, I really liked Coca Cola as I entered my teens and even through my 30s. Back then, I would rather have Coke than tea or coffee in the morning. In college, I signed on over fifty radio stations at 5:30 each morning at the broadcast network for which I worked. By 9:00,…

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The moral and Constitutional duty of border security


There are a myriad of depraved, immoral sins connected to the dismantling of border security by President Joe Biden and his henchmen, now including many in the Republican Party. From a national security standpoint, this open border policy is an unconstitutional high crime against the country. Deeply troubling also are the ramifications of increased drug…

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