The Farm Chronicles: Cocomo

Me and Cocomo after a summer’s ride

When I was nine years old, Dad wanted me to get into 4-H. The only local club was run by Mr. and Mrs. Greeley, who lived at the end of a long driveway in a run-down farm and farm house. They had a pet monkey in the kitchen that ate grapes. With the Greeley’s advising…

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Prophecy clock accelerates under Biden

Death to America, Death to Israel

After four years of an American administration supporting Israel, attempting to broker peace between Israel and its historically traditional enemies, and isolating one of the world’s leading sponsors of terror, the Biden administration is now dangerously reversing Middle East policy. The ebb and flow of prophecy is quickly advancing as President Biden is following in…

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Stupidocrisy: Global warming and Texas

Massive Green Energy Failure During TX Cold Snap

Last week, Texas was in a state of emergency because of no energy. People were freezing in their homes. The homeless were suffering. Those in retirement and nursing homes were suffering. People were experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning trying to keep warm. A whole lot of suffering going on. The savior of the universe—green energy—had a…

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The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court declined to hear the challenges to the election. Clear and simple. This brings up a very salient point: The news media has said from day one that President Trump lost the election and that charges of stealing the election were baseless. The Trump campaign has said from the very beginning that President…

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As the haters hate

A tweet by Jessica O’Donnell

Have you ever noticed how those who accuse others of being haters are the biggest haters? From the time that President Trump was inaugurated in January 2016, we saw women out protesting in vagina hats, saying stuff like they wanted to blow up the White House and how bigoted, misogynistic, Islamophobic, xenophobic and racist President…

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The Farm Chronicles: Obedience rather than sacrifice

A tree

Farm work was never finished. As the snow receded and spring sprung in about my nineth year, my Dad came up with a project to clear brush on the western-most side of the property. It was a low-lying area where there was once a saw mill. It had gone wild with thorn trees and general…

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Facts and common sense

A man holding a cigar

A lot of obituaries are being carried about radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh. They talk about his accomplishments. But Rush Limbaugh was extremely successful because of who he was. Decades ago, I briefly met Rush in New York. He was inquisitive, wanting to know about me. He was humble. We talked news and conservatism…

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Stupidocrisy: Designating Islamic terrorists as humanitarians

I see stupid people, but they don’t know that they’re stupid

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, announced last week that the State Department would revoke the terrorist designations of Ansarallah, AKA the Houthis. This reverses the Trump Administration’s terrorist designation of the Houthis, who are part of Iran’s terrorist network. Blinken said the decision “is a recognition of the dire humanitarian situation in Yemen,” and…

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Only the truth will keep you free

Trump Impeachment

The story of the January 6 assault on Capitol Hill is being cemented in history by a partisan news media parroting the narrative of the majority political party, notwithstanding the truth. The sons and daughters of American generations to come will study this event from the jaundiced lens of the left. It will not be…

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Presidents’ Day Conviction


Presidents’ Day was celebrated for the first time as an official holiday in 1879 to commemorate America’s first President George Washington, which was held on his birthday, February 22. The Uniform Monday Holiday Act of 1971 changed the date of the holiday to the third Monday of each February, and Abraham Lincoln, whose birthday is…

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