The Farm Chronicles: Hair on Fire

A vintage car

My parents had a lot of really great friends. Our families were together so often that us kids were like brothers and sisters and the adults were our parents. These were friends that mom and dad had since they were children. They all grew up in the same farm area, and most remained there until…

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Alarming signs of persecution

The National Terrorism Advisory System  

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden’s* acting secretary of Homeland Security issued a National Terrorism Advisory System warning that some ideologically-motivated violent extremists could mobilize to incite or commit violence. These domestic terrorists, DHS says, object to government authority, the presidential transition, and have “perceived grievances fueled by false narratives.” This bulletin is reminiscent of the…

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Stupidocrisy: Deprogramming

A quote from Albert Einstein

There are a lot of stupid things being done in this world by self-proclaimed smart people. We see it everyday. The lack of common sense, common decency and common manners has become, well, common. In fact, it is a phenomenon and when it becomes institutionalized, I would say it is Stupidocrisy. We especially see it…

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American Gulag

American Gulag

Many can remember the Soviet Gulag political labor camps where people who didn’t agree with the socialist/communist regime were sent for reeducation, the reprogramming of their minds to accept, even support communism. If they were not cured of their mental disease (individual rights, personal freedom) they were worked to death or executed. It is estimated…

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Addressing an issue in the church


Many verses in the Bible warn about deception. The antidote to deception is truth. So long as Christians are willing to accept emotional, self-indulgent, and extra-biblical doctrine in the church there will be deception. The spirit of deception grows and ingrains itself in a person. It reshapes how one thinks. It distorts the truth and…

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The Farm Chronicles: Indoor Plumbing

Indoor Plumbing

The Farm in Northeastern Ohio was handed down from generation to generation of Wilsons beginning around 1818. It took a rugged bunch to carve out a working farm in what was then the western part of this new nation. Cold and snow filled winters, low land, Indians, the lack of infrastructure were all elements of…

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Straight Talk

False Prophets  

The Bible warns in 2 Thessalonians to stand firm in the Lord so you are not deceived. Chapter 2, verse 10 says, “And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved.” Believers are often warned about deception. Christ said in…

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The tyrannical persecution of dissent

National Guard Troops

With national leaders hiding behind miles of razor wire, chain fences and 25,000-plus troops to swear in President Joe Biden*, the atmosphere is far from healing the country as Trump supporters, voters, conservatives and Christians are now the target of the left. Leaders and key influencers of leftist politics are suggesting a wide range of…

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In whom do you trust?


The guiding light of freedom so dearly exemplified by the United States of America’s free elections and peaceful transfer of power will be hidden behind chain-link fences, razor wire and armed combat military on inauguration day. This signals to the world that the torch of liberty is not so bright as it once was, the…

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Of rumors, prophecies and politics

Guarding the Capitol

In the days leading up to the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden*, there will be a lot of rumors, fake news and lies, and it won’t be coming from just the mainstream media and liberals. There are many outrageous stories circulating among conservatives weaving a little bit of truth to make a better lie, sowing…

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