Un-presidential debate

Trump and Biden

What was that? It looked more like a couple of toddlers having a fit over something, and the parents lost total control. Last night’s Presidential debate was anything but presidential. Chris Wallace of Fox News tried to host the event. He was an utter failure, losing control of the format, siding politics against President Trump…

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What you need to know about Judge Barrett

Judge Amy Coney Barrett  

While the Democratic Party is scrambling to discredit President Trump’s nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court, there is really no debate. For example, AP just published a story saying that Barrett belonged to a Catholic organization that “hold men are divinely ordained as the “head” of the family and faith.” Oh WOW,…

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Consumed with politics

Delivering food to the less fortunate  

There are so many things happening so fast in the world that it is difficult to focus. The Senate released results of its investigation into Joe Biden using his position as Vice President to enrich himself and his family through a vast network of bribery and financial espionage in Russia, Ukraine, and China—the very things,…

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The Farm Chronicles: Convertible

A vintage photo of a couple

Somebody pulled up in the driveway. I didn’t go out and see who it was right away. Had some chores in the barn, probably cleaning stalls. I came out into the barnyard and through the glow of the afternoon sun, there was an image I never thought possible to be sitting in our driveway. I…

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Unpacking the Breonna Taylor decision

State Police

Riots have broken out across the country over the decision by a grand jury to not indict the police officers who killed Breonna Taylor, an unarmed black woman, in her Louisville, KY apartment. The Black community is angry that justice wasn’t done. The Black Lives Matter organization and Antifa protestors are using the occasion to…

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FBI warns of election day misinformation, LOL

Public Service Announcement of the FBI and CISA

The same agency that worked with the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton Campaign to undermine the 2016 election results came out with a “public service” warning, “to raise awareness of the potential threat posed by attempts to spread disinformation regarding the results of the 2020 elections.” Yes, this is not a joke. The…

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Mail-in deception

Place Mail in Ballots Here  

Several weeks ago we received this stack of oversized letters in the mail. It seemed as if there were five or six of them. I should have kept them for proof, but I threw them away. They were mail-in ballots. I was so disgusted with the thought that the government was encouraging people to stay…

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Fill the seat Mr. President

Battle Over Court Vacancy Looms in Congress

There is a lot of hoopla about whether President Trump should fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Of course, he should. And the Senate should not unreasonably withhold consent. This is the Constitutional mandate and it was a large part of the reason Trump was elected. Let us…

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The Farm Chronicles: Happy Jim and Camels

The Farm Chronicles: Happy Jim and Camels  

The summer of 1969 shortly after I turned 14, Dad decided to expand the horse business marked by the building of a 30 ft X 60 ft horse barn. He had a crew come in and drill the holes and set the poles and the trusses—in other words, frame it out. The rest was up…

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Where are the police?

A tweet by Eddie Zipperer

The most recent Minneapolis City Council meeting should become the anthem for liberal cause and effect. In June the Council bowed to Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists to pledge to defund the police and replace them with some undefined social workers called “violence interrupters.” Since then, Minneapolis Police Department crime data indicates that more…

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