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The prophetic clock tick tock

Of division and standing

Arab bloc turns Israeli elections

Watching prophetic events

Prophecy clock moves forward with Iran

Of Church and Congress

Profanity based campaigning

18 years after 911

Tourist or living stone

Got Hope?

Looking in the mirror

Of conviction and irrelevance 

Responding as Christians to this darkness

Democrats officially become the party of the ungodly

Fight, fight, fight

Of truth and criticism

What's behind this spiritual grieving

Grieving in the spirit

Spiritual grieving

Where are the statesmen?

Ghana financial crisis underscores humanitarian needs

Liz and Bernie's blasphemy

Anatomy of a hate filled political stunt

Demonizing farmers as rapists

Prophetic trend of the week

Fauxchantus speaking with evil tongue


The things people say

Three stories of reflection

The Hunt

To every thing there is a season

Corrupt trees bring forth evil fruit 

How can Satan cast out Satan?

And the hate continues

The word or the world? 

Weaponizing racism

The collective--Dems for president

Prophetic Times: Ad hominem redefining truth

Can you be be both patriot and Christian

Prophetic times: the world in headlines

The nation is at a prophetic crossroad

The truth behind the Mueller hearing

Finding truth in fake news

A polite political discussion--really?

Using racism to cover up racism

Racism vs socialism

A sad day for America

Scorched earth lunacy

The hidden darkness of the Epstein case

Christianity is the safeguard to liberty

Suspending your disbelief of an American Coup

Prophetic warning to America

The makings of the coup

The revolution and the coup

America's freedom and heritage

Remembering the American Revolution

The prophecy clock moving forward

New York Times, Washington Post advocating for hate

Big tech free speech "truth squads"

An angry, stressed, and worried America

The immorality of college debt

Deception, disruption, duplicity and dishonesty

Is freedom so precious, life so dear?

US, Iran tensions tangling with prophecy

Former NFL player scores one for reparation sanity

The reelection announcement deception

The prophetic implications of Iran's aggression

Names change, but hate hasn't

New foreign election influence scandal

The most amazing story never told

America losing Soviet era stigma about communism

Left's new case: abortion good for business

Because we need to remember

Iran, the bomb, and prophecy

The fake reasons behind gun control

Lo, the poor "journalists"

Principalities of darkness within human flesh

Winds of prophecy breeze across the Trump peace plan

Too much of a bad thing

Mueller and the seven wicked spirits

Lies appearing as truth

Finding friendships in hostile environments

Honoring the keepers of freedom

God or communism, which will it be?

Headlines of darkness

No peace where there is no peace

New communist revolution hits mainstream USA

The Christian quandary--Political Activism

What to do Part 4

Daily Jot Special Edition--Alabama bans abortion

What to do Part 3

What to do Part 2

What to do Part 1

US Congressman admits coup attempt

Way of the word or way of the world?

The perils of Pakistan, nation building and persecution

Progressives own study warns against socialism

The new slogan of the haters

State of the Nation

Liars calling others liars

Repent, pray, act

Sign of the times

Another misleading news story by the Washington Post

Modern scribes and enemies of the people

Stress, anger and worry

While the nation perishes

The coup intensifies

Invoking Christ for advancing evil

The coup-makers frenzy

Passover and resurrection

Mueller report release to public

The state of Christianity entering the high holy day

Standing against human trafficking Part 2

Standing against human trafficking Part 1

The fight for life

When we stand

Prophetic implications of Israeli Elections

Stuck between a wall and hard heads

Biden's sorry not sorry tour

Taking a break

Male and female he created them

A threat to all Americans

Boston  U study reveals gun ban lies

Suspending disbelief of a US coup

Democrats refuse Mueller findings, counter-coup emerges

Media calling for truth

Mueller report confirms coup attempt

Mueller report--what you need to know

No Peace despite Mueller Report

The Church self exam

Islamophobia, the Washington Post and the TRUTH

Apologetics and atheism

Character, morals and the Cowboy Code

Of hate and condemnation

Double-minded Congress raises Constitutional crisis

When the good do nothing

The perfect example of socialism

Tidbits, Tittles, and Questions

Call to action on communism in America's youth

House passes anti-hate bill, WHAT?

New Morality-record number of illegals crossing the border

Prophetic confusion among Christians

Warning signs: current events in America and prophecy

The gun amendment that exposed communists in Congress 

Exposed: Congressional leadership's planned obstruction

Test for impeachment

House witch-hunt begins

National emergencies and tyranny

The New Communist Party

Impacting the Nations

When the love of many waxes cold

The slow-motion coup and God's ordained purpose

Where to get accurate news

A message from George Washington on Presidents Day

Again, the media fails

Of killing babies and demonizing Jews

Who is going to pay

The deceitful web of election meddling 

The perils of immoral leadership

Rubber and glue

Reality Disconnect

Great of the Union

Murder on demand

Obstructionism is the new normal

The case for character and leadership

Assigning the blame to advance socialism

Prophetic war drums of Iran against Israel

Turkey making a prophetic move in Syria

Prophetic significance of Turkey meeting with Russia

Public education failing God and country

When pushing back on bullies

Anatomy of deception

Prophecy and truth of the modern church

As we march for life

Discerning truth in perilous times of manipulation

Manhood vs toxic masculinity

Hatred covered by deceit

Dems party in Puerto Rico amid shutdown

Of Immorality and Bondage

The wall, politics and the Bible

1984 Prophecy by a former communist

Practical life lessons for a prophetic people

The coming idiocy

And it begins

The disruption begins

2019: Disruption Ahead

The Daily Jot's top story of 2018

It's always the Republicans' fault

Prophecy and government shutdown

Surviving the Great Christmas Fire

The memories we make this time of year

Once upon a Christmas

We must learn to discern

The battlefield of darkness and life

Of Russia, US news media, and prophetic discernment

How US Presidents accelerated prophecy

Deliver our souls from deceptive tongues

Progressives aim to take away religious freedom

If you are looking for offense, you'll find it

Discerning the new news narrative

The right to know all the politicians dirty deeds

A prophetic people to stand in the gap

The holiday season and the theft of joy

When science takes a U-turn

Discerning the agenda of wealth redistribution

The theft of the Republic

The "Church's" role in the great falling away

The greater lie

Choosing life or death

Finding joy in chaotic times

Corporate tyranny threatens Constitutional religious freedom