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Brace yourselves: More Coronavirus coming from Wuhan

Communist Chinese scientists at the Wuhan lab, where the COVID 19 virus likely came from, are predicting more coronavirus outbreaks ...
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The Farm Chronicles: Round up

It was that time of year again—the early spring. It’s when Dad would go to Oscar McWilliam’s ranch outside Sedalia, ...
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Stupidocrisy: Falling in love with virtual lovers

Politicians in the US are debating whether to ban the popular social media app Tik Tok because the communist Chinese ...
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National security threat: The decline of American Christianity

Several polls tracking faith in America show a dramatic decline in religious beliefs across all demographics except Republicans. Gallup Poll ...
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The American Chronicles: The Maine course

We traveled up the East coast into the southern Maine beach town of York. Chris had found this treasure called ...
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The prophetic importance of hearing

We are bombarded everyday with noise. It’s a constant chorus of music, talking, ambient noise, traffic, whatever. Our brains are ...
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Pushed into a corner

Those who hold to a Judeo-Christian worldview are being pushed into a corner. Biblical values are increasingly being characterized as ...
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Stupidocrisy: Believing the propaganda

If you watch any television at all, you can see that Pfizer and Moderna have plenty of money to spend ...
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The truth about Jan 6

The Democrats in Congress and those appointed to the Judiciary have made a very strong point about the January 6, ...
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Why Rosh Hashanah is important to you

By the time you read this, Rosh Hashanah will be completed. Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year. It is ...
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The American Chronicles: Finding Jim Thorpe

The American Chronicles: Finding Jim Thorpe As we were winding our way through the backwoods in Vermont toward Rutland to ...
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The Biden lie machine

Over opening weekend of pro and college football, the Biden campaign aired a new ad targeting minorities and those in ...
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Stupidocrisy: Don’t get fooled again

There is a 1971 song by The Who titled “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” The lyrics to the chorus go: “I’ll ...
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The duty and obligation of standing

Deuteronomy 29 finds Moses addressing the children of Israel recounting how the Lord God brought them out of Egypt and ...
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The American Chronicles: Valley Forge and The Good Samaritan

We are taking a work-cation up the coast of New England. Kind of a history tour. We had finished church ...
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Valley of Decision

The prophet Joel paints a vivid end time description where the Lord is to sit in judgment in the valley ...
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The American Chronicles: A toast to Tony

It hasn’t been the same in our little church group since Tony passed on to his heavenly reward. There is ...
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When the church compromises

Mankind is constantly under the influence of Satan to imitate or replace God. Communism, for example, seeks to replace God ...
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Stupidocrisy: Transmania in corporate America

Transmania in corporate America is over the top. Leading the way is what once was the entertainment “go to” for ...
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Biden Ukraine bribery again confirmed

On February 5, 2020 the Senate acquitted President Donald Trump of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The House ...
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The American Chronicles: The Cindy and Steve story

When we talk about what is right and good about America, the story of Cindy and Steve can be held ...
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When unconditional hate meets unconditional love

Christ said in Matthew 24:9, “you shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.” And so it is. ...
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Beware of another run at your freedom

All signs point to the one-world communist cabal about to make another COVID-style run at your personal and national liberty. ...
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Stupidocrisy: State-sanctioned sexual grooming of children

The state-sponsored sexual grooming of America’s children must stop. Public schools, national, state and local government, media, Hollywood, and many ...
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The responsibility of freedom

There are many descriptions of God. “God is love” is one that we often here. “God is freedom” is another. ...
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The American Chronicles: The Stone Werks

At the foot of Maryland’s South Mountain is historic Boonsboro, population about 3,700. It’s noted for its proximity to several ...
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Stupidocrisy: Chicago citizens beg gangs to stop shootings

Gun control means begging criminals not to shoot unarmed people, like women, children and old folk. That’s what it’s come ...
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The threatened Democracy

From nearly every court case about election fraud in Democrat-controlled states to the infamous January 6 Committee to the indictments ...
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The power of false narratives

The power of the false narrative of COVID continues to wreak havoc on people long after the medical emergency has ...
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Biden cracking down on China, really?

On August 9, Joe Biden issued a very long and convoluted executive order (EO) that prohibits certain technology used for ...
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A man wearing a cardboard piece

Stupidocrisy: Dems destroying Jan 6 evidence

This should come as no shock to anyone: The Democrats on the infamous January 6 Committee kangaroo court have destroyed ...
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A collage of a doctor and a vet

FDA says Ivermectin ban was just a joke

After the possibility of thousands of lives that could have been saved by treating COVID with Ivermectin and hundreds of ...
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See The Good flyer on the website

The sight of your eye

With all the challenges of life and the negativity of a dark and dying world, it’s not difficult to adopt ...
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Jim smoking a cigarette wearing a suit

The Farm Chronicles: Happy Jim and No Filter Camels

The summer of 1969 shortly after I turned 14, Dad decided to expand the horse business marked by the building ...
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A person praying in the afternoon

Spiritual Health Time

With all the bad news in the headlines and on TV, you are bombarded every day with negativity. If you ...
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A notice from the department of homeland security

Stupidocrisy: Secret Service Secrets

One of the biggest secrets about a major news story in recent weeks is being kept by the Secret Service. ...
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A child peaking from the hole in the wall

The Sin of Human Trafficking

With the movie “Sound of Freedom” amplifying the horrors of human trafficking, Americans are faced with a huge dilemma: America ...
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A biblical quote on a white background

Because He first loved us

In 1860, Anna B. Warner wrote the song “Jesus Loves Me.” Many of us grew up with this song in ...
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A group of girls playing football

The American Chronicles: The next generation

How many times have you heard oldsters say something like, ”I don’t know what the world is coming to. This ...
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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem quote on the wall

Praying for the peace of Jerusalem

There are many parallels between Israel and the United States. The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has been under ...
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Is Chicago the most violent city quote

Stupidocrisy: Ignoring mass shootings

Whenever there is a tragic mass shooting, the leftist Democrats and disarmament folks come out of the woodwork like clockwork. ...
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A politician giving a speech at the press conference

Enough Grandstanding

In a July 24 interview on FOX’s “Hannity,” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said that the mounting evidence of corruption ...
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A digital illustration of glue on a white background

Stick like glue

After God brought the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery, he taught them his ways. Most of all, he wanted the ...
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A person wearing a white color hat

The American Chronicles: Emerald Isle

Our friends Ed and Christine and us have been going on beach vacations for a dozen years. Each year is ...
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Gender dysphoria description on the website

Gender Dysphoria and mental illness

During the first installment of the ABC Nightline series, “Identity Denied: Trans in America,” Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary ...
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An article about the IRS agents on the website

Stupidocrisy: The weaponized IRS

On July 12, WFLX reported that some 20-30 undercover cars carrying fully armed Internal Revenue Service agents in tactical gear ...
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An article about the Moderna Information

Neither safe nor effective

Documents used by Moderna for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) emergency use approval of the COVID “vaccine” indicate both the ...
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Tony wearing a blue color shirt and smiling

The Testimony of Tony

Tony is an example of someone who was seeking. The Lord brought him to our church through a good friend. ...
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A collage of a group of people posing

The Farm Chronicles: Class Reunion

A lot of people have told me that they never go to their class reunions. Some say they have nothing ...
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A beautiful marble building of the Supreme court

Seeing justice prevail

As the recent Supreme Court session has come to an end, Americans are seeing a gradual return to the rule ...
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A person making a line of a drug

Stupidocrisy: Pulling the cocaine over our eyes

The Secret Service apparently has ended its investigation into the great cocaine finding at the White House. They don’t know. ...
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A person with curly hair looking at the camera

Calling evil good

The ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee told MSNBC’s “All In” that Donald Trump’s only purpose for being president ...
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A red color heart illustration with broken pieces of stone

Of stone and heart

Nomocracy is government based on the rule of law. Rule of law is defined by Britannica as “the mechanism, process, ...
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The American Chronicles: The whole of mankind

It was June 30, the beginning of our long-awaited beach vacation with Ed and Christine, friends we have done so ...
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A stamp address of the presidents office

Biden battles to censor free speech

A censorship-by-proxy lawsuit brought by attorney generals in Louisiana and Missouri resulted in an injunction against a host of federal ...
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A plastic bag of cocaine drug

The White House cocaine mule

Cocaine was found in the highly secure and closely monitored West Wing of the White House. The White House invoked ...
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A close up and focused search of the work Zeal

Got Zeal

The Archbishop of York, a major leader in the Church of England, last week told the organization’s General Synod that ...
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A digital illustration of a cute cat holding a board

Stupidocrisy: Insanity of liberal thought

A recent drag queen march in New York City found activists chanting, “We’re here. We’re queer. We’re coming after your ...
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A digital illustration of the word Humility

Of pride and humility

As disciples of Christ, we all have responsibilities of leadership. It was Christ who told us in the Sermon on ...
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A digital chart and description of Hospitalization

Vaxed more likely to be hospitalized

The Centers for Disease Control is now saying that If you have been fully vaccinated against COVID, your chances of ...
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World Health Organization logo and illustration

WHO and CDC must be held accountable

As the data from studies regarding the COVID pandemic accumulates and is analyzed, more experts are joining the growing chorus ...
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A letter to the US Department of Justice

Stupidocrisy: The fortunate son

In November 1969, Credence Clearwater Revival released the song Fortunate Son. Lead singer John Fogerty says the song was birthed ...
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The China and The Cuban flags together

New Cuban missile crisis developing

In 1962, the Soviet Union began deploying nuclear missiles in Cuba in response to US missile deployment in Turkey and ...
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A frog covered in mud held by a man

The Farm Chronicles: Going Froggin’

The pond was an ongoing temptation. My parents didn’t want me or my friends playing in the pond because they ...
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A description of all the officers

Stupidocrisy: They didn’t dodge well

You’ve probably heard about the big brouhaha when the LA Dodgers decided to invite the blasphemous drag queen Sisters of ...
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A group of people on a LGBTW walk

USA as a pronoun

Students at Marshall Simonds Middle School in Burlington, Ma., tore down Pride celebration signs and chanted “U-S-A are my pronouns, ...
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A digital illustration of warriors from history

Faith vs Giants

There are a lot of giants in this world. The government. The media. Companies that put political agendas ahead of ...
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John with a friend at the Air stream showroom

The American Chronicles: The John Vincent story

The camping universe is an amazing melting pot of people. To Chris and I, it represents a great cross-section of ...
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A notice called Indictment on a white piece of paper

An analysis of the Trump Indictment

The news media promotes that Donald Trump is the first former president indicted on federal charges. The media is not ...
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Disconnected from reality illustration

Stupidocrisy: The target on your kids

This nation has utterly gone mad. Instagram connecting a pedophile network. People protesting because children’s hospitals in Texas will not ...
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Queer Youth Field Day flyer on the website

Another boycott target

Americans boycotting Target and Bud Light has had an impact, causing both companies to lose billions of dollars in sales ...
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A group of people posing near the van

The American Chronicles: The Outing

One of the many fun things we are able to do with our Airstream travel van is take friends on ...
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An illustration of a person thinking

Speaking from the abundance of the heart

We live in very divisive times. It seems that we as a society have lost what it means to be ...
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Save American Ideals text on a cardboard

A time to reflect on God and Country

As America reflects ahead of Independence Day and where we are as a nation, it is sad that true Americans ...
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A woman wearing a scarf showing disrespect

Lashon hara and the talebearers—not a rock band!

Christians and conservatives get riled up pretty easy over the deliberate weaponization of the news, the falsehoods, half-truths, lies, insinuations, ...
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Delusional Disorder check bar

Stupidocrisy: Delusional Deprogramming

There are a lot of stupid things being done in this world by self-proclaimed smart people. We see it every ...
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A statue representing American Revolution

Remembering the American Revolution

On this day of our Independence from Britain, it may be helpful to be reminded of the sufferance of the ...
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A vintage photograph of a boy carried by women

The Farm Chronicles: The sisters I never had

I grew up with two older brothers—Chuck was 14 years older than me, Larry is 9 years older. So, it ...
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A vintage photograph of a family posing

The Farm Chronicles: 4th of July at the Beach

It was the July 4, 1967 week when we took our annual beach vacation with the Heft’s to Myrtle Beach, ...
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A group of people joining the pride walk

Promoting suicidal behavior in children

Corporations, the government, school systems and nonprofits have been poisoned by some sort of sex lust for children that they ...
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A house in the colors of the pride

Stupidocrisy: Celebrating Pride Month

The government, media and corporations are going out of their way to “celebrate” a group of people who want to ...
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A blur shot of the protest by a large group of people

Leave our children alone

As Americans are forced to “celebrate” all things queer, the country should consider the rainbow-colored elephant in the room. The ...
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A magnifying glass kept on the word Me

Are you valued?

The trend these days is about “being seen.” Everybody wants to be seen. There are podcasts about being seen. Millions ...
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A person wearing a blue color shirt and smiling

The American Chronicles: The Rob from Richmond Story

It was a windy day as we wound down through the marshland and crossed the bridge to Chincoteague Island, Va. ...
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An article about the COVID hospital Deaths

The COVID crime

Dr James Lyons-Weiler, an American scientist discredited by big pharma and the government, is adding his voice to what many ...
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A flyer with a person in white paint

Stupidocrisy: Transmania

America is in a spiritual war over government-sponsored depravity, sexual grooming, molestation, and mutilation of children becoming commonplace, legal and ...
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The pyramid of Far Right Radicalization

Government characterizing Christians as Nazis

The biggest threat to your Constitutional guaranteed right of religious freedom is the very entity that is supposed to uphold ...
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A digital illustration of a woman in scarf

A lesson for today in the story of Ruth

Many are facing challenging times. Headlines and daily newscasts are a continuous reminder of the turmoil of everyday life. It ...
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Young Billy in parade gear on Holly

The Farm Chronicles: Memorial Day in the ’60s

It was usually a really crisp morning, the kind where mud puddles had a very thin layer of ice on ...
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A desert path with sand dunes in the morning

The Wilderness Experience and You

Have you, or are you having, a “Wilderness Experience” during your life. It’s a time when you look around and ...
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A persons feet dipped in mud and dirt

The Farm Chronicles: Rescue us from the mire

Paula and I were in the same class in high school. We were, still are, good friends. During the week, ...
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A letter from the United States Department of Justice

The Durham Report: Beware and be wise

Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the 2016 election concludes that the FBI targeted the Trump campaign with no legitimate ...
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A letter to the Doctor Tabak

Government Transgender Experiments on minors

Like a page out of Nazi Germany, the National Institutes of Health is funding experiments on the psychological effects of ...
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A digital illustration of its miller time

Stupidocrisy: It didn’t make Bud-wiser

You may remember the old joke: Question—Does drinking beer make you smart? Answer—Well, it made Bud wiser. Budweiser has become ...
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Welcome CEO Linda Yaccarino Twitter illustration

Beware of Musks in sheep’s clothing

Yes, he bought Twitter. Yes, he restored Donald Trump’s account. Yes, he is cracking down on leftists censoring conservatives on ...
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Notice of Award from the Department of Health and Human Services

Stupidocrisy: Rewarding incompetence and evil results

One of the most egregious examples of mishandling a pandemic in history was witnessed by the world during COVID. Now ...
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Memorandum from the Committee on Oversight and Accountability Majority Staff

The Biden Bribe Story: How the news media censors news

Last Tuesday the House Oversite Committee announced it would release a memo about how Joe Biden peddled his influence to ...
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Pass and Stow

The Shabbat and your perfect Liberty

There is a great struggle between those who wish to maintain political freedoms such as the right of free speech ...
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A couple on a trip

The American Chronicles: The Bridge of God

In the early 1960’s, it was all the rage. There were two places on the east coast that were “must ...
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Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan: April 2023-April 2025

WHO decides

The World Health Organization (WHO) has joined Joe Biden in declaring an end to the COVID 19 pandemic. WHO has ...
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Debt Ceiling

Stupidocrisy: The debt dance and the fiddler

All the politicians are so worried about the debt ceiling. Really? Congress says it’s trying to do the right thing ...
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Seal of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence  

Government’s Coordinating Committee on censorship

There is a connection between the Hunter and Joe Biden enrichment scheme and the fake Russian dossier. Obviously, the Democratic ...
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Find Your Voice

Speaking boldly and God’s will

Ever notice how the people that make it a point to put up signs in their yards like “Hate doesn’t ...
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The Farm Chronicles: Shredded birthday shirt

When I was 10, my dad, mom and myself along with some friends went on a trip to Lexington, Ky., ...
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We believe in the possibilities nearby

An object lesson in handling persecution

The website and app called Nextdoor (ND) claims its mission is “By bringing neighbors and organizations together, we can cultivate ...
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The Biden-Harris Administration Will End COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement for Federal Employees, Contractors, International Travelers, Head Start Educators, and CMS-Certified Facilities

Stupidocrisy: Lockdowns and forced vaccinations

For the first time in history, the US government locked down an entire nation and quarantined healthy people as it ...
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A man carrying a rock with IRC engraved on it

Militarizing non-elected government agencies

Recent news that the IRS was using part of its new influx of $80 Billion given to it by a ...
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Salt and Light

Salt and light

There is no question we are living in a dark and dying world. Watch the news. Read about what’s happening. ...
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A photo of the campers

The American Chronicles: Glen the Camp Host

We loaded up the van with an extra set of camp chairs, some food and headed to Thurmont, Md., to ...
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The American Chronicles: The Pink Cadillac

The American Chronicles: The Pink Cadillac

It’s October and the leaves are starting to change as we travel down Interstate 81 toward Natural Bridge, Va. The ...
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Graffiti in front of HerChoice

The “Abort God” movement

The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, makes it a federal crime to use force with the intent ...
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A globe 

Be encouraged for the Lord is with you

Have you ever mourned? Did you ever feel down in the spirit? Have you been humbled? Do you hunger and ...
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Football training

Stupidocrisy: Dems attack on football

Joe Biden goes to Ireland and tears into a distinctly American sport, one that is in its various forms the ...
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Parents vs. Woke Mob

The woke target on our children

One way to destroy a country is to destroy the family core. The “woke” extremists, the current darlings of the ...
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Democracy Hypocrisy

Democracy Hypocrisy

The simple definition of democracy is majority rule. Nowadays it appears those most ardently demanding democracy are  cross-ways of the ...
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The Consumer Price Index Summary

Stupidocrisy: Inflation is under control

If you have bought fuel or groceries lately, you probably have noticed that the Biden Administration propaganda about reducing inflation ...
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A letter from the Committee on the Judiciary  

The hostile environment toward religion in America

Religious freedom is a cornerstone to both physical and spiritual liberty as spiritual bondage leads to physical bondage. The current ...
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Screenshot of an article from America First Legal

The lies and makers of lies

The White House denied any foreknowledge of the FBI raid on President Trump’s home in August 2022, but new documents ...
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A man and a pony  

The American Chronicles: The Nancy Winchester Story

In Kingsland, Georgia, about a mile from the Florida line, there is a quaint campground called Country Oaks that brought ...
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Briefing Room

Under cover of smoke

The Democratic Party, America’s socialist party, is pursuing its socialistic tactics by finding ways to use the laws of the ...
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Bananen Republik

Stupidocrisy: Media say Trump prosecution good for America

Many leading media outlets have written stories suggesting that democracies routinely prosecute their heads of state and this is good ...
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Report: COVID crisis could be just beginning

For all the fanfare about the government declaring the COVID emergency ended, it may just be beginning in another form. ...
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Speaker at the Brussels Economic Forum

An example of Media twisting the truth

Free speech and freedom of the press is Constitutionally protected as a lynchpin to a society free from tyranny. The ...
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A mother and her son

The Farm Chronicles: Resurrection Day on the Farm

My room at the farm was on the East side of the house. It overlooked the horse corral, the old ...
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Chalice and bread

What was the Last Supper?

As we enter the High Holy Days commemorating the death and resurrection of the Christ that all who believe in ...
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A Proclamation on Transgender Day of Visibility

Stupidocrisy: Biden’s Trans Day

Joe Biden has called for March 30 to be “Transgender Day of Visibility.” Oddly enough, it coincides with the Trans ...
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Don’t Mess With Our Children!

Some questions concerning our children

The Nashville Christian school shooting by a transgender woman identifying as a man has politicians once again calling for more ...
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Donald Trump

The Nuclear Option

In wake of the news that a New York Grand Jury handed down an indictment of President Trump, there is ...
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A photo of two children

The Farm Chronicles: Indians in the classroom

My visit to the Gila River Indian Reservation in 1962 left an impression. As a cowboy, and all things cowboy, ...
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Flag of Cuba being inserted in a ballot box

Democracy communist style

Cuba just had its elections. There were 470 candidates endorsed by the communist government. There were only 470 candidates on ...
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A young boy seeing a female version of him in the mirror  

Stupidocrisy: Using God to justify child mutilation

There are a lot of bad things going on in this world. It is difficult to even fathom mankind’s cruelty ...
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Life Expectancy graph

Experts divided on sharp decrease in US life expectancy

National Public Radio carried a story March 25 saying that life expectancy in the United States is declining at an ...
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Speak Less, Listen More

Speaking and listening as leaders in Christ

The banking crisis, the energy crisis, the inflation crisis, the fight over sanctioned molestation and sexual abuse of our children ...
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Many Americans are trying to find their way back to the ancient path

The American Chronicles: A new ancient path

Part of life on the road is finding a good place to camp. We have found Harvest Hosts, a membership ...
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Alvin Bragg’s supporters

Unpacking indictment week

Less than a week ago former president Donald Trump sounded the alarm that a New York City Grand Jury would ...
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International Criminal Court

Stupidocrisy: World Court arrest warrants

On Friday, March 17, a very serious and somber Piotr Hofmanski, president of the International Criminal Court (ICC) publicly announced ...
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Tanking the banks on purpose?

Globalists have long promoted the idea of a central bank with a central world currency. These bank failures of recent ...
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A man standing on the bible  

To prevail with grace, wisdom and action

In June 2009, then President Obama said, “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation—at least, not ...
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The American Chronicles: It’s not the step, it’s the sudden stop

When I was a youngster, I had a dream to ride a horse from the East coast to the Pacific ...
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When might doesn’t make right

When governments get too big and too powerful, the rights of citizens suffer. Every society in history has seen it ...
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Joe Biden

Stupidocrisy: Biden and sin

Isaiah 5:20 says, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light ...
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Archdiocese of Baltimore  

Of child sexual abuse and the Catholic Church

The Archdiocese of Baltimore is urging its Roman Catholic congregants to oppose two bills “currently before the Maryland General Assembly ...
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An old scripture

Gabriel’s Vision of Revelation

Around the year 2000 a Bedouin man found a three-foot stone tablet in the Dead Sea area that many scholars believe foretells ...
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A photo of Gran’pa, me, and dad

The Farm Chronicles: Mailboxes and floorboard holes

Gran’pa Billy, my dad’s dad, was born in 1889 and died just short of his 97th birthday. He was 65 ...
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Of evil leaders and hapless victims

Communism and socialism are about control and wealth redistribution. There are leaders and there are victims. While the leaders of ...
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Read between the Lines!  

Stupidocrisy: Many lies and a truth

How many lies can be told by the government, news media, and big business? Let me count the lies. Really, ...
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Holding a lit candle

Can I have a light?

Looking at the headlines in the daily news, on television and radio, it takes no effort to see that the ...
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Lock Down COVID-19

The endurance of the saints

No matter what news site you look at, or what paper you read, or what news program you watch or ...
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Two campers  

The Farm Chronicles: The Long Way Home

In 1962, when I was seven years old, my parents, along with their lifelong friends Warren and Sue McCarthy and ...
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Provisional Agenda Item 3 of the World Health Organization

WHO’s your daddy?

If there ever was an example of what not to do to save lives, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) dictums ...
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Stupidocrisy: Lies and makers of lies

Shocker alert! In a FOX News interview Tuesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray publicly confirmed what many have been saying for ...
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Conventional Cooking Products

Banning gas stoves and your freedom

In September, California’s clean air agency approved a proposal to ban new natural gas-fueled furnaces and water heaters in homes ...
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Press In

There are many events taking place around us that would be frightening in of themselves—the devastating hurricanes and earthquakes; the ...
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An old photo of a couple inside a car

The Farm Chronicles: Convertibles

Somebody pulled up in the driveway. I didn’t go out and see who it was right away. Had some chores ...
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Wars and Rumors of World War III  

Wars and Rumors of World War III

COVID served as a forerunner to just how governments, private industry and the media around the world can coordinate to ...
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COVID-19 Vaccine

Stupidocrisy: The Narrative

The narrative is how propagandists cause people to believe only what they want to believe. Fear pornography and censorship of ...
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The Revivals

Many have been asking my opinion of the revivals that have been taking place on college campuses. Some have expressed ...
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A time of reflection on God and Country

As America reflects on President’s Day and where we are as a nation, it is sad that true Americans are ...
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Two young boys 

The Farm Chronicles: Wooden shoes and friendship

It was the spring of 1967 and the grass at the farm was starting to green up. There were still ...
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Reporting Encounters for Immunization Safety Counseling

Update on CDC Vaccination Codes

International Classification of Disease Codes (ICD) required by the Centers for Disease Control are the government’s gateway to monitoring and ...
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Rolling Stone magazines

Stupidocrisy: Sources with knowledge of the situation

Americans are being overwhelmed with falsehood. Everywhere you turn, you have to question the source in order to determine whether ...
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Hot air balloons


The Biden Administration, under the leader of the Commander in Chief, allowed a known Communist Chinese spy balloon to track ...
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Joe Biden and Xi Jinping

China balloons and a compromised president

In January of 2020, J.R. Nyquist, co-author of “The New Tactics of Global War,” wrote a column for Epoch Times ...
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Red balloons go by

The controversy over the Chinese spy balloons has reduced itself to a Democrat mob pointing fingers at former president Trump, ...
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Super Bowl VI

The Farm Chronicles: A Super Bowl Memory

Growing up on the farm, we were not only farmers, but also sports fans. Late winter and early spring, it ...
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CHD.TV website

Never Again

When the Nazis conducted human experiments on Jews and executed them at will, the world said “Never Again.” Never again ...
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VAERS Summary for COVID-19 Vaccines through 1/27/2023

Stupidocrisy: Health care agendas

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is investigating the over-the-counter eyecare product EzriCare Artificial Tears and is recommending it be ...
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A young boy

The Farm Chronicles: Kinda stuck with me

Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, TV westerns were the main indoor entertainment. My imagination would go wild watching ...
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Statement of Administration Policy

The US Government and the end of COVID

Joe Biden says he intends to declare an end to the COVID national and public health emergencies on May 11. ...
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Howard Dean

Stupidocrisy: The Howard Dean scream

It’s like a voice from the deep dark past of the annals of political history. Former Democratic Party Chairman Howard ...
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Gas-Powered Cars Cheaper to Fuel Than Electric in Late 2022

The sound of the electric vehicle backfire

Like so many things the Biden Administration has done, its theory that electric vehicles are cheaper to operate ran out ...
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An hourglass

Some things never change

In May 2006—nearly 17 years ago—this is what I wrote in The Daily Jot: “Our nation is in trouble.  Now that ...
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The ladies of the Native American Home Economics Class

The Farm Chronicles: Indian reservation

My Dad always said that the Indians got a raw deal. He was right. But it was difficult to really ...
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Why Moral Leadership Matters Now More Than Ever

The global Beast’s moral imperative

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland emphasized the “moral imperative” of enacting it’s “collective” (translated: communist) ...
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Top Secret and Classified Files

Stupidocrisy: blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

In recent years it started with Hillary Clinton having classified emails on a server in her bedroom closet. Then came ...
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World Economic Forum

How to resist the WEF

A communist utopia with China as the model—this appears to be the unspoken goal of the World Economic Forum as ...
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An article about Health Equity  

The WEF health collective

One of the main areas that the World Economic Forum (WEF) focused on during its recent annual meeting in Davos, ...
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An old photo of two men

The Farm Chronicles–Captain Penny and Jungle Larry

My childhood on the farm in Ohio was quite blessed with many different adventures that involved a lot of animals ...
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News on ICD

How the WEF made doctors into social credit spies

The World Economic Forum (WEF), holding its annual meeting this week, has turned many doctors into unwitting social credit spies ...
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A photo of Joe Biden  

Stupidocrisy: The Washington Shell Game

If you are a moral person, there are some things happening in Washington, DC lately that might give you some ...
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A Vision for a Global Collaboration Village

World Economic Forum Beast Metaverse Rising

Day two of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Davos meeting is underway with The Global Collaboration Village, “the first global, ...
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Davos 2023 Day 1: What to Expect

World Economic Forum kicks off

One of the most dangerous movements against life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of the modern era is kicking off ...
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A sculpture

The Farm Chronicles: Grapes of Wrath

When I was about six or seven years old, Mom and her sister Aunt Dorie were given a very rare ...
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The spiritual struggle over Washington politics

The spiritual struggle over Washington politics

The news media and Democratic Party had a hey day ridiculing Republicans over their endless ballots in deciding who would ...
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No Gas

Stupidocrisy: Biden’s ban on gas stoves

I’ve just read several stories that rank among the highest in stupidity of modern man. In September, California’s clean air ...
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CDC Finds Hundreds of Safety Signals for Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines

CDC analysis identifies dangers of COVID vaccines

The Proportional Reporting Ratio (PRR) analysis of the Moderna and Pfizer COVID vaccines conducted by the Centers for Disease Control ...
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The Power of Prayer

Power of prayer

In challenging times, many Christians often quote the Old Testament verse found in 2 Chronicles 7:!4, where the Lord says ...
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LGBT Inclusivity in Schools: A Self-Assessment Tool

Stupidocrisy: Centers for Disease Control and Wokeness

The Centers for Disease Control Division of Adolescent and School Health is calling on all school administrators to take its ...
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Discernment and wisdom key to 2023

Banks are issuing recession warnings. The national debt is expanded by Congress and a spendthrift president. Inflation is likely to ...
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A digital illustration of a cross with US flag

Renewing the most important relationship

Joe Biden and Congress handed Americans an insurmountable debt with the new $1.7 Trillion budget. National debt has now topped ...
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Mom & Dad were proud of that old outhouse  

The Farm Chronicles: Bringing the outhouse in-house

The Farm in Northeastern Ohio was handed down from generation to generation of Wilsons beginning around 1818. It took a ...
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A cross

The light of the new year

Many say that the Constitutional Republic of the US is over because of the election chicanery and censorships. By those ...
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The Farm Chronicles: New Years shotgun

For many years, there was an old rusty 10 gauge shotgun sitting in the corner of the milk house. The ...
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CDC Newsroom

New COVID restrictions in the works

The conservative news media is abuzz about the Biden’s administration’s new COVID travel restrictions, but perhaps for the wrong reasons. ...
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Public School

Stupidocrisy: Tolerating Anti-Christianism and anti-Americanism

In coaching we have a saying, “Control what you can control.” In other words, focus on what you can do ...
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Covid News Censored

Government censorship

Journalist Matt Taibbi continues to release Twitter Files that document how the federal government coerced Twitter to censor stories that ...
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Mom’s earlier version of the burn can circa 1940

The Farm Chronicles: The Great Christmas Fire

As many of you know, I grew up on our family farm in Northeastern Ohio. It was part of a ...
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For Dad, it was Christmas and birthday together

The Farm Chronicles: One Christmas

There are a lot of terrible things going on right now in the world. But we are at the time ...
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Omnibus Law

Ominous Omnibus

Congress will be handing Americans a virtual lump of debt-ridden black hole spending coal for Christmas. The Omnibus spending bill ...
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Search Breitbart’s 16,300 results on “drag queen”

Stupidocrisy: The Drag On

A search of the Brietbart news website reveals over 16,300 stories with the key words “drag queens.” That’s right. The ...
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Art about Bureaucracy

The beast within

Since when does the FBI have the authority to censor free speech? It is the same time it has the ...
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Surveillance of COVID-19 vaccine safety among elderly persons aged 65 years and older

Finally Wising Up

A recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll may indicate that Americans are finally wising up about the government propaganda over the ...
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Down on the farm Christmas still better than Hallmark 

The Farm Chronicles: American Christmas is better than today’s Hallmark

A couple of years ago Hallmark Christmas movies were being attacked as too white, too traditional, too heterosexual, and not ...
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Governor Ron DeSantis Petitions Florida Supreme Court for Statewide Grand Jury on COVID-19 Vaccines and Announces Creation of the Public Health Integrity Committee  

COVID Accountability

For nearly two years, scientists and healthcare professionals with dissenting views on the handling of the COVID pandemic have been ...
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The reality behind the Respect for Marriage Act

Stupidocrisy: Government Sex

It’s sex here, sex there, sex everywhere. The government is promoting sex. Joe Biden is promoting sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. ...
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Fake News

The Disinformation Age

One thing that historians may well document is the roaring 20’s of disinformation—that is, the 2020s. The public was fed ...
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Unending investigations

The new trend in politics is to investigate something you think is illegal, spend millions of taxpayer dollars on it, ...
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The sliding jail of Jerome 

The Farm Chronicles: The ghost town jailhouse

Growing up on the farm with horses and cattle, I naturally gravitated toward being a cowboy. Everything cowboy. I don’t ...
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United Methodist Conference (UMC) church

Not gonna take it anymore

According to various news reports, some 45 percent of United Methodist Conference (UMC) churches in Texas have left the oversight ...
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A tweet by Donald Trump  

Stupidocrisy: Suspending the Constitution

Democrats and the media are demanding that every American condemn former President Donald Trump’s remarks about suspending the Constitution and ...
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Share of COVID-19 Deaths by Vaccination Status, 30 Jurisdiction in the U.S., September 2021 to August 2022, Age 18 and Over

Vaccinated now lead in COVID deaths

An analysis of Centers for Disease Control (CDC) statistics on COVID deaths by Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), a non—profit in ...
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A tweet by Eric Schmitt

Attack on free speech

In the past week at least three attacks have been exposed on the Constitutional guarantee of free speech initiated by ...
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Wagon Train

The Farm Chronicles: Wagon Train

Not too long ago, Chris and I were visiting with some friends in South Carolina. Bob, Clegg and I retired ...
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Wagon Train

The Farm Chronicles: Wagon Train

Not too long ago, Chris and I were visiting with some friends in South Carolina. Bob, Clegg and I retired ...
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G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration

WHO could be the Beast?

The G20 is a group of 19 nations plus the European Union committed to coordinating global economic, health, and travel ...
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The percentage of the population who said they were “Christian” has decreased

Stupidocrisy: The growing apostasy

For the first time in history, those who said they were “Christian” in the most recent census of the United ...
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“One of the traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism on people has been by way of medicine.”  

Of public health and tyranny

Fearmongering in the guise of public health and safety has become a commonplace lever to institute tyranny in America. We ...
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A Facebook post of the Daily Jot

The censorship machine

In all the 20 years of writing and publishing The Daily Jot, it never has been censored. Even though many ...
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A reporter

No Joy in Joy Reid

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Wednesday told viewers on “The Reid Out” that Republicans were using Thanksgiving as a “simplistic fairytale” to ...
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From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!  

A true report of Thanksgiving

Note: I want to share with you some of my heritage which has become part of the heritage of America. ...
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Fact Sheet: Biden Administration Announces Six-Week Campaign to Get More Americans their Updated COVID-19 Vaccine Before End of the Year  

Stupidocrisy: Biden targets senior citizens

Despite widespread scientific studies about the dangers of the COVID vaccinations and the very fact that the shots, especially boosters, ...
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A statue

Have we forgotten the lessons of 1620?

My 13th great grandfather was William Bradford, co writer of the Mayflower Compact and eventual leader of the Pilgrims who ...
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FAQ: COVID-19 and Ivermectin Intended for Animeals

The power of suggestion

The FDA has denied in court that it forbid using Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID. Yet, Doctors who used ...
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A child and a pony

The Farm Chronicles: The old brown snowsuit

If you grew up in the Northeastern Ohio snowbelt, you remember the fierce snowstorms. It goes beyond the ever-growing legends ...
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Chapter 12: Manipulating Minds  

The unholy election influence alliance

There is an unholy alliance of collusion between government, media and business. The underpinnings of the Constitutional Republic are threatened ...
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Age Groups: National Youth Vote Choice for the House of Representatives in the 2022 Midterm Election

Stupidocrisy: Ignoring the gaslit youth

Stupidocrisy: Ignoring the gaslit youth Exit polls on election day indicated that young people came out in droves to vote. ...
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An old American man

Schumer invites Republicans to join mainstream

Now that it looks like the Democrats are going to keep the Senate and the Republicans might bring the House ...
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2022 House Results

Reform or tyranny

Politically, he must be the greatest president ever. Here is a guy who has run the country amuck with an ...
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Of Plymouth Plantation and Holy Bible

The Farm Chronicles: A call from the grave

Imagine two men talking over a cup of coffee about their future families, and three hundred years later their granddaughter ...
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A house

America in Crisis

All the pundits are trying to dissect the recent midterm elections. They are saying that candidates hand-picked by Donald Trump ...
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I Voted

Undiscerning American Voters

The election was no red tidal wave. More like a tidal pool. Pundits will be dissecting the “why” for weeks, ...
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It’s time

It’s time

A friend of mine who is long passed on was very wise. He was once a Democrat, but finished his ...
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Something to keep in mind

As you go to the polls for this important mid-term election, there is a fundamental difference you should keep in ...
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Medical results

The Farm Chronicles: First Son

The heritage of the Wilson farm goes back to the early 1800s. My grandfather, when he was in his 90s, ...
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Holding Hospitals Accountable for Deaths: Citizens’ Call to Action  

Hold hospitals accountable

Truth For Health Foundation (TFHF) has launched a nationwide campaign to hold hospitals accountable for wrongful deaths caused by the ...
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Hillary Clinton

Stupidocrisy: Hillary Clinton

This week’s Stupidocrisy goes to former Secretary of State under the Obama Administration (that in of itself says a lot), ...
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To Every Thing, There is a Season  

Elections and your soul–a prophetic account

There has been much rhetoric surrounding the elections. Even the “President” has pitted Americans against one another, inferring that God-fearing ...
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Take and Action

Time to put up

Warning up front: This might be a very difficult Jot to read. For years, conservative Christians have been wringing their ...
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Kids in their costumes

The Farm Chronicles: Halloween in Wayland

Back in the 1950’s and ‘60’s, we didn’t have the information age booming in our faces every hour of every ...
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Which Institutions are Responsible for Creating Change?

Wake up, really

One of the most disturbing polls taken to date states that “When asked which institutions can help create meaningful change ...
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Two children stargazing

Stupidocrisy: A peek into America’s future

A peek into America’s future: Once the leader of the free world, morally, spiritually, and economically, America has less than ...
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A man’s silhouette

It takes just one

Along about 1992, our 14 year-old son brought home a brochure from school. This brochure was stirring up a lot ...
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Building of CDC

The cure that’s worse than the cause

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted unanimously on October 20 to recommend the Centers for Disease Control add ...
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Daily Jot Special Report: Over 300 Children Fed Word of God and Food

Daily Jot Special Report: Over 300 Children Fed Word of God and Food

By Pastor William Agbeti, Daily Jot and Living Spring Church, Ghana Over 100 Children find salvation in Christ Since the ...
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The Farm Chronicles: The trial by sawtooth and fire

The Farm Chronicles: The trial by sawtooth and fire

When I was a kid, we often went to Cook Forest, a state park in Northwestern Pennsylvania, for weekend camping ...
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Article about COVID Strain  

Boston U Denying the undeniable

Boston University scientists deny that they conducted gain of function research resulting in a vaccine-resistant strain of COVID, called Omicron ...
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A tweet by Sean Hannity

Stupidocrisy: The Pelosi Punch

A very calm Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was in her Capitol Hill office on January 6, 2021 observing President Donald Trump’s ...
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Role of Spike in the Pathogenic and Antigenic Behavior of SARS-CoV-2 BA.1

Researchers creating more deadly COVID strain

We heard throughout the entire COVID 19 pandemic that reasonable people must follow the science. Yet, the science that was ...
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VA Democrat Guzman: Criminalize parents who don’t affirm their kid’s chosen sexual identity

Using the Bible to justify evil

Virginia Democratic state Delegate Elizabeth Guzman told local ABC 7 News on October 13 that she planned to introduce a ...
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Loading the gun

The Farm Chronicles: My Shootin’ Shell 45

Of all my favorite toy guns growing up on the farm, the Mattel Shootin’ Shell .45 was the best. It ...
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Religious Liberty

Targeting freedom of speech and religion

Recent headlines continue to tell the story of how freedom of speech in America is under attack by socialists in ...
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Twitter account of Rob Roos MEP  

Stupidocrisy: Bureaucratic Medicine

A study of nearly 31,000 people conducted by Moderna and Kaiser Permanente found that those who received three Moderna mRNA ...
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A snake coming out of a person’s head

Kill and confront the extremist movement

One thing for certain: Anything a liberal politician accuses others of being or doing, that politician is judging from the ...
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If you have no common sense, please ask for assistance

The curse of a lack of common sense

It takes no real genius to discern that America is in terrible shape economically, socially and morally. The headlines alone ...
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The old cellar storm door outside the entrance

The Farm Chronicles: The cellar of refuge

The farm house of our family homestead was built around 1818. The original structure was a 1 ½ story with ...
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Release of the Blue Horse

Release of the Blue Horse

Democracy is about everyone getting a vote and majority rule, irrespective of laws. That’s really the bottom line. And Democrats ...
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Planned Parenthood

Stupidocrisy: Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is accelerating abortion promotion in the wake of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade. In September, the ...
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Wax seals

The end is not yet

The headlines are full of quotes from people who are pounding the war drums. So much so that many Christians ...
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Changing the narrative on infanticide

Several years ago, I began a teaching for youth church on the book of Romans. To set things up, I ...
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A man riding his horse

The Farm Chronicles: Autumn on the rise

Along about the end of August in Northeast Ohio there is a noticeable change in the weather. By the end ...
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How Concerned are You About President Biden’s Mental Health?  

Top of mind

An I&I/TIPP Poll, conducted from August 2-4 among 1,335 adults nationwide, shows that 59% are “very concerned” or “somewhat concerned” ...
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A tweet by RNC Research 

Stupidocrisy: The government god complex

Florida Republican governor Ron DeSantis has declared an emergency over Hurricane Ian. Amidst evacuation and contingency plans, DeSantis had to ...
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An FBI agent holding a gun from behind

Excessive demonstrations of force

The FBI is facing public scrutiny for use of excessive force against political opponents of the Biden Administration. So much ...
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Gun and bullets

FBI raiding political opponents of Democrats

The FBI raid of Catholic pro-life activist Mark Houck in his home has been broadly reported over the past weekend. ...
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A bike on a grassy field

The Farm Chronicles: Bicycle adventures

Griffith Road is a diagonal one mile stretch between old route 627 (now 225) and McClintocksburg Rd. Our farm was ...
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Cosponsors: S.673 – 117th Congress (2021-2022)

Bipartisan effort to censorship of free speech?

The insidious informal relationship between big tech companies and corporate media that has resulted in information control and censorship will ...
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A dead person holding a Healthcare sign

Stupidocrisy: Socialist healthcare

The Daily Jot receives emails almost every day from people who have been harmed by the socialist healthcare system. Here ...
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Additional Policy and Regulatory Revisions in Response to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

Eyewitness to death trap

The Epoch Times recounts the story of Gail Seiler who was in Medical City Plano (Texas) hospital with COVID-19, how ...
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The People of the State of California Do Enact as Follows

California attacks free speech

California’s legislature has pass Assembly Bill 2098 to designate the dissemination of COVID-19 misinformation or disinformation as unprofessional conduct. This ...
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The Farm Chronicles: Death of a coach

The Farm Chronicles: Death of a coach

I just found out that my high school football and track coach passed away. Martin “Marty” Tausch was 86. He ...
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Website of the Trust for Health Foundation

COVID update not positive

Recent studies indicate bad news for those who received the experimental use COVID vaccine that many businesses, the military and ...
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A photo of Joe Biden

Stupidocrisy: Bidenflation

He keeps saying it. And he keeps expecting people to believe it. Inflation is under control, he says. What planet ...
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World Economic Forum

The new communism

Communism is on the rise in America and seeks to take over the nation without a single revolutionary shot fired.  Communism is found ...
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Taking a Stand

Of newsstands and taking stands

Some of the headlines in the news right now are indicative of just how upside-down the world is. As a ...
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The Farm Chronicles: Farmball and football

The Farm Chronicles: Farmball and football

With football season now kicked off, it reminds me of another game we played on the farm, a way  to ...
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How much more does it take?

The Biden Administration refuses to protect national security by allowing hundreds of thousands of illegals to cross the US border; ...
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A news clip of soldier carrying a memorial

Stupidocrisy: Mandating electric vehicles

Over the past 60 years that I know of, California has been first. First to institute any hair-brained progressive idea. ...
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A tweet by Dave Portnoy

Joe Biden’s Democracy

Joe Biden believes that those who want to make America great again are a threat to democracy. He speaks the ...
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Flag of America inside an hourglass

Changing times and laws

There is so much division in this country. It’s not good. We know from Christ’s own words in Mark 3:25 ...
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The Farm Chronicles: Hay in the barn

The Farm Chronicles: Hay in the barn

There are a lot of stories about haying season when you grow up on the farm. Putting up hay is ...
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Top Secret file

Brace yourself: Connecting the dots on the FBI raid on Trump

Many believe the FBI has been politicized to harass and terrorize people without true due process as evidenced by the ...
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Stupidocrisy: FBI and CIA credibility

An August poll of 1,335 adults by Technometrica Institute of Policy and Politics (TIPP) indicated 79% of Americans believe President ...
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We ought to obey God rather than men

The tale of two citizens

What does former president Donald Trump have in common with a black pastor from Alabama? And what does that have ...
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Comforting each other

For a time such as this

The loud daily din of the news media opining away about the evils of anyone who doesn't agree with their ...
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The Farm Chronicles: A baking lesson

My mother’s pies and cakes were something of a farm boy’s dessert fantasy. That buttery crust. Those taste-explosive cherries, apples, ...
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Bill Wilson

Finding Joy in Troubled Times

I have been receiving a lot of comments lately from Daily Jot readers. Many have been very encouraging. Others are ...
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A quote by Yuri Bezmenov

Stupidocrisy: Allowing Ideological Subversion

As America’s children return to government schools across the country, parents and grandparents must understand ideological subversion so they can ...
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Who Am I

America’s deadly identity crisis

On April 6 2009, Barack Obama told the Islamic nation of Turkey at a news conference, “And I've said before ...
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Application for a Warrant by Telephone of Other Reliable Electronic Means

FBI insiders and the Trump raid

A document released by the US District Court for Florida’s Southern District indicates that the August 5 FBI search warrant ...
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A woman

The Farm Chronicles: Runaway

Long before it became fashionable for football players to wear pink during breast cancer awareness month, it was considered less ...
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Congresswoman Liz Cheney

The tyranny of “democracy”

Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) is now former congresswoman. She was the poster child for everything anti-Trump and Wyoming voters turned ...
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Two stuntmen on fire

Stupidocrisy: Believing the stuntmen

One of the definitions of a stuntman is “A trained professional who performs daring acts, often as a career.” Essentially, they ...
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CDC streamlines COVID-19 guidance to help the public better protect themselves and understand their risk

The FBI, CDC, inflation deception

As a journalist, we used to be taught not to speculate on news stories. That premise, however, seems to be ...
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Wormwood and gall

Wormwood and gall

In lamenting over Zion, in Jeremiah 9:13-15, the Lord said,  “Because they have forsaken My law which I set before them, ...
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Wooden cart

The Farm Chronicles: Old West Town

Out behind the barn on our family farm was a graveyard. Not the kind of graveyard you might imagine. As ...
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An employee on a tight grip of America

The Enforcer

Americans should be outraged at the abuse of power demonstrated by the Biden Administration’s Justice Department. This week’s very public ...
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Stepping on small people

Stupidocrisy: Ignoring the message

One of the most egregious abuses of government power in American history has occurred and those in charge claim they ...
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Federal Bureau of Investigation

The slippery slope to tyranny

The FBI raid of Donald Trump’s home should be a wake up call to all Americans that the Democratic Party ...
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A tweet by John Kennedy

The Tyranny Expansion Act of 2022

Senate democrats just passed The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 which will not reduce inflation, but instead raises taxes for ...
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Pony Bill

The Farm Chronicles: Pony Bill and the boys of August

It’s the dog days of August. Hay is in the barn. The horse show season is winding down. Northeastern Ohio ...
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A recession by any other name

A recession by any other name The White House, the rest of the Biden Administration, and Democratic Party leaders are ...
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Joe Biden

Stupidocrisy: Joe’s COVID rebound

There is an old Jim Croce song where the lyrics go something like this: “You don’t tug on Superman’s cape; ...
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Right and Wrong Way signages

The wrong direction

A recent poll of 1,000 registered voters conducted by Suffolk University and USA Today indicated that the country is headed ...
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US National Debt

Inflation bait and switch

The news media is saying that Joe Biden had a good week because off his legislative victory in reaching agreement ...
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A property in Paris

The Farm Chronicles: My life in Paris

Just the word “Paris” stimulates the mind and imagination. The Eiffel Tower, quaint café’s, wine, festivities. There is this romantic ...
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The Trevor Project  

The Sexual Predation of our children must stop

The sexual predation of America’s children must stop. Corporations, the government, school systems and nonprofits have been poisoned by some ...
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A letter to President Joe Biden

Stupidocrisy: Selling oil to China at bargain prices

Joe Biden was exposed last month for selling part of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to a communist Chinese company ...
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Guidelines for Students about Gender Identity  

Public School Accountability

During the past two years, Loudoun County, Va., parents have been embroiled in a battle with the county school board ...
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Memorandum Ruling and Order

Government and media colluding to censor free speech

Against the backdrop of a federal district court judge allowing a case to move forward citing Joe Biden and other ...
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Necklaces, fan, and compass

The Farm Chronicles: Time in a box

When I was a young pup, maybe six or seven, I became quite curious about the stuff in the house. ...
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Dices with flags of different countries

The Russia Iran Turkey axis

The leaders of Turkey and Russia met in Iran to discuss oil supply chains and mutual security. The Jerusalem Post ...
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Breaking News

Stupidocrisy: The media’s lament

A Gallup poll indicating only 16% of Americans trust newspapers and only 11% trust television news has mainstream news media ...
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Iran and the end times

The toothless United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency, the body charged with prevention of nuclear weapons expansion, has failed for ...
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Fauci Lies People Die

Not “overly” safe and effective

Safe and effective. That’s what the Centers for Disease Control still says about the COVID-19 mRNA serums. The CDC website ...
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A vintage car  

The Farm Chronicles: Joy ride gone awry

In the 1960’s, Dad was partial to the Buick Electra. We had a 1963 convertible, then a 1965 convertible. By ...
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Two disagreeing people  


Back in the day when I was growing up on the farm in Ohio, nonsense, stupidity and insanity were not ...
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Breakfast tacos anyone?  

Stupidocrisy: Jill Biden’s racism

Don’t you just shake your head in amazement when leftists like First Lady Jill Biden think they are so above ...
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A tweet by John Cardillo  

Leftists’ racist abortion meltdown

If Republicans attacked Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson like Democrats are attacking Justice Clarence Thomas the media and Hollywood ...
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The Biden oil debacle

There is much more to Joe Biden’s emptying of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) than what the news media and ...
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VAERS COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports  

Stupidocrisy: Fear Narrative

What happened to COVID? You don’t hear much about it these days. But did you know that COVID infections in ...
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Children holding their Bible

6/27 A prophetic exhortation from Africa

Pastor William Agbeti, Daily Jot ministry partner in Ghana, West Africa, wrote this prophetic warning and exhortation for the Church ...
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A rally 

Roe after Roe

The US Supreme Court overturned the previous Supreme Court decision of 1973 that the constitution conveyed through the right to ...
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LA Chargers 

The Farm Chronicles: The Chargers

There seems to be this innate force within kids to be a part of something bigger than them. It may ...
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Remarks by President Biden on Gas Prices and Putin’s Price Hike

Biden on a rampage

Joe Biden is on a rampage over fuel prices, but his solution of a 90-day government gas tax holiday is ...
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Running the Country is Like Riding a Bike

Stupidocrisy: It’s like riding a bike

Some things you just never forget—like how to ride a bike. Unless, of course, you are Joe Biden. Biden was ...
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Executive Order on Advancing Equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex Individuals

6/30 Child Abuse Month

Major corporations and the government have celebrated June as Pride Month with the LGBTQ+ people. It used to be called ...
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Stop Stupidity

Stopping Stupid

The six-part Daily Jot series on the threats to freedom posed by the World Economic Forum caused a lot of ...
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Belief in God in U.S. Dips to 81%, a New Low  

7/6 Stupidocrisy: Hell in a handbasket

There used to be an old saying in farm country: [Subject] is going to hell in a handbasket. I’ve heard ...
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Soldiers at war

7/7 Another Great Generation Needed

Those who guided America through the second world war earned the moniker “The Greatest Generation.” They survived the 1918 flu ...
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President Biden  

Americans paying dearly for Biden Admin profiteering

The Biden Administration is doubling down on its policy to force Americans to buy expensive electric or hybrid cars despite ...
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Bareback show High Point Trophy 1969

The Farm Chronicles: Bareback

The Finnegan’s had a horse show business. Every year they held several horse shows at their complex. I say complex ...
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Differences of electric vehicles and oil-powered vehicles

Stupidocrisy: No-petro Joe

I so do appreciate Joe Biden’s energy policy. He has single-handedly raised the cost of living for everything, beginning with ...
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Armor of God

The Great Reset Final Words—A prophetic people’s response

In analyzing The Great Reset and exploring the goals of the World Economic Forum, one can conclude that this is ...
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Push to Reset  

The Great Reset Part 6 Counteraction

Given the immensity of the WEF/UN Great Reset advances, freedom lovers worldwide must understand that a global “Stakeholder Capitalism” reset—or ...
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A quote by Patrick Henry 

7/5 Of silence and treason

As we stand in aftermath of the annual celebration of our national Liberty, I wonder what firebrand statesman will arise ...
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An American family  

7/4 Let us remember the American Revolution

As we approach the day of our Independence from Britain, it may be helpful to be reminded of the sufferance ...
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Two girls and a young boy playing with water

7/1 The Farm Chronicles: The sisters I never had

I grew up with two older brothers—Chuck was 14 years older than me, Larry is 9 years older. So, it ...
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A group of friends

7/8 The Farm Chronicles: Independence Day Myrtle Beach

It was the July 4, 1967 week when we took our annual beach vacation with the Heft’s to Myrtle Beach, ...
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What The Great Reset Will Really Do To You

The Great Reset Part 5 Putting two and two together

The World Economic Forum (WEF) and its leader Klaus Schwab have made no secret that their goal is corporate-government-civic partnerships ...
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The Farm Chronicles: The infamous $20,000 bid

In the early 1970’s, we were going pretty heavy in the horse business. Dad wanted to see what was beyond ...
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“Elevate the S Agenda and Leverage Social Reporting”

The Great Reset Part 4 Issue Hierarchy

The WEF’s website uses a lot of wonderful, esoteric, altruistic words and images to promote its vision of “transforming” the ...
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Larry Fink’s 2021 letter to CEOs

The Great Reset Part 3 Communism Reimagined

The Great Reset is not possible without the strong partnership between government and corporations allowing government to circumvent Constitutional and ...
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The Great Reset

The Great Reset Part 2 COVID

The Great Reset Part 2 COVID Yesterday’s Daily Jot closed with a clue as to how the Great Reset’s Stakeholder ...
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A quote from Dr. Klaus Schwab

The Great Reset and You Part 1

The most dangerous threat to the exercise of religion and freedom of speech in your lifetime, and perhaps history to ...
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2021 Report on International Religious Freedom: Nigeria

Biden’s State Dept gives pass on Christian persecution

Nigeria is notorious for persecuting Christians. The Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram and its franchise tribe, the Fulani, are given ...
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A cow  

The Farm Chronicles: Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox

Our family’s Great Western Tour of 1963 took us to every state West of the Mississippi. There were really no ...
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US Secretary of the Treasury

Stupidocrisy: Inflation, what inflation?

Within hours of taking office, Joe Biden issued Executive Orders, such as cancelling the Keystone pipeline and ending oil exploration ...
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Congress of the United States

The lie of democracy

News media, such as the Associated Press, are attempting to label Christians who believe their faith values should be reflected ...
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Jesus 2020 Heal Our Nation

The coming persecution

The First and Second Amendments to the Constitution are under relentless attack by the Democratic Party and its corporate and ...
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A photo of Warren McCarthy  

Honoring the guardians of freedom

Some time ago, I was re-watching the movie “Midway.” Six months after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, they were trying ...
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A painting of a man riding his horse

The Farm Chronicles: Cash on the barrel

Dad was a hard worker. He usually had three or four jobs going on that took up the bulk of ...
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Children lining up as they enter their school

It’s a character issue

The parade of politicians using the tragic deaths of school children in Texas to grandstand about gun control is disgusting. ...
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Monkeypox virus - Test

Stupidocrisy: Monkeys in the middle

Joe Biden in Japan Monday said that America is “going through an incredible transition” to “be less reliant on fossil ...
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Food Crisis  

Policy-created food crisis

With fuel prices soaring beyond record highs and disruptions in fertilizer and other supplies because of the Russian war against ...
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Department of State

Biden Administration’s philosophy against free speech

Americans have experienced first-hand how the Biden Administration works with the news media, corporations, and Hollywood to curtail free speech. ...
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Walt and Red Man

The Farm Chronicles: Caliente Red Man

Walt and Irma Head and their daughter Jane were fixtures in our farm community for longer than most can remember. ...
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WHO must be stopped

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Biden Administration have been conducting behind the scenes negotiations that circumvent Constitutional treaty ...
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A beautiful woman

Stupidocrisy: The unvarnished truth

After honoring those who were killed in the horrible racist attack in Buffalo and listing several schedule items at her ...
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 Rallyists holding out bobbleheads of politicians  

Are you waxing cold?

For centuries, many have wondered if they were the generation that would see the return of Christ. When you look ...
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President Biden delivering his speech

When greatness is considered toxic

When inflation is 8.3% (probably much higher), there’s no baby formula, gas prices are up 57%, food prices are 30% ...
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An old house

The Farm Chronicles: Edna and Clayt Jones

The farm across the road from us belonged to Edna and Clayton Jones, born around 1885. Their farm was a ...
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Logo of the World Health Organization

Take action against the WHO treaty

Part of the reason why the COVID response was so devastating is that the World Health Organization (WHO) was allowed ...
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Container port  

Stupidocrisy: The inflation debate

Democrats, and the Biden Administration in particular, are running hard for the November mid-term elections—that is, running hard away from ...
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Pro-abortion Protesters

Assault on Christianity

Many people are having a difficult time understanding how the Biden Administration, the mainstream news media and corporations assault on ...
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Eric Schmitt and Jeff Landry 

The fight against liberty

Now more than any time in the history of the United States the citizens’ rights to freedom of religion and ...
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A boy and an adult

The Farm Chronicles: The Richard Chamberlain Story

Many people remember Richard Chamberlain as the beloved actor starring in Dr. Kildare and miniseries Shogun and The Thorn Birds, ...
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Empty aisles at the grocery store

Of famine and inflation

The onset of the COVID lockdowns and resulting supply chain disruptions combined with record high inflation and the ongoing war ...
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Chief Justice Roberts Calls Leak “Egregious”

Stupidocrisy: SCOTUS and abortion

Since 1973, some 65 million unborn US citizens were deprived of their God-given and constitutional right to life. Liberal left ...
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Roe V. Wade report

Overturning Roe does not end abortion

Politico obtained what it says is a draft decision that the Supreme Court is striking down Roe v Wade, the ...
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Disinformation Governance Board

Disinformation Governance Boards—Time to Act

The federal and state governments are taking concrete actions to undermine American’s First Amendment rights to free speech and it ...
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Clear skies with white clouds

The Farm Chronicles: The Sting

School was out. Summer was on the way. The redbud and dogwood blooms were giving way to their summer leaves. ...
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An empty classroom

Of schools and churches

There are two institutions involved in teaching at the local community level—churches and schools. Contemporary interpretation of law insists that ...
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Former President Barack Obama

Stupidocrisy: Free Speech Undermines Democracy

The puppet master of the Democratic Party, Barack Obama, wasn’t satisfied with undermining human autonomy and personal privacy with socialist ...
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Vaccine Injury Resources

What we’ve learned about the government and the pandemic

Throughout the recent pandemic, the US government has maintained that the vaccine was safe and effective. It also mandated treatments. ...
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Obama delivering a speech

Regulating free speech Obama style

Former president Barack Obama Thursday called for regulation of free speech because Americans have lost their “capacity to distinguish between ...
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A young man holding a dog

The Farm Chronicles: Farm Cars

We all know the utility of a pick-up truck on the farm. The pick-up is a necessity. Before pick-up trucks, ...
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One of Vladimir Putin’s TU-160 nuclear bombers

Stupidocrisy: Possible Nuclear War

This week’s Stupidocrisy goes to Russian “president” Vladimir Putin. From the beginning of his invasion of Ukraine, he has acted ...
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How to Respond?

A prophetic people’s response to society

Freedom of speech, religious expression and peaceable redress are tenets of the American way. Many Christian Americans, however, see the ...
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The War on Faith

The war on faith

As wars and rumors of wars swirl around us and we a pummeled by horrific and tyrannical political policies, we ...
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Faith Not Fear

Faith over fear

With the government showing its weakness in protecting the general welfare of its citizens in border security, disease control, Islamic ...
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Mother and son

The Farm Chronicles: Resurrection Day on the farm

My room at the farm was on the East side of the house. It overlooked the horse corral, the old ...
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Fauci: “You Use Lockdowns to Get People Vaccinated”

Truth perishes while lies flourish

China has been hit with an onslaught of some variant of COVID and has ruthlessly locked down people reportedly without ...
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Stupidocrisy: Plastic gun ban

We have a lunatic Russian toting around a satchel with the nuke code when he’s visiting nursing homes to recruit ...
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Early Treatment Saves Lives

Of dissent, fruits and truth

The American ideal of democracy, a Constitutional Republic, is undergirded by moral people and freedom to dissent. When it comes ...
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Screen capture of Obama, Biden, and Harris

It’s free as long as you agree

Among the myriad of policy dangers revealed by the former occupant of the Oval Office during and after his visit ...
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A man holding a baby

The Farm Chronicles: Birthing babies

Growing up on a farm, one learns a lot about life and death at an early age. I knew that ...
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The tragic comedy

Barack Obama returned to the White House Tuesday for the first time since leaving office to join forces with Joe ...
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Conciliation Agreement

Stupidocrisy: Federal Election Commission

The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) is supposed to be the guardian of election laws. Time after time, this FECkless agency ...
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Facts about COVID-19

The propaganda Machine

Since barely making it back to the United States from missionary work in Ghana, West Africa under the 2020 travel ...
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Russiagate Finally Catching Criminals

The antidote for lies

For way over a decade Americans have been lied to and forced to accept untruthful agendas or face censorship, bullying, ...
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The Farm Chronicles: The saddle and the fight

Daryl was about three years older than me. He was several inches taller and much more physically mature. He came ...
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Judge Blocks COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Entire Navy

A prophetic word of repentance

A federal judge has ruled to stop the vaccine mandate on the Navy, not that it will do any good ...
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President Joe Biden as Pinocchio

Stupidocrisy: Lies and Censorship

The extreme left (translated Democratic Party) is batting zero percent on big ticket claims against those with whom it disagrees. ...
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Joe Biden holding a cheat sheet


President Joe Biden Monday resolutely defended his remarks that could have lead America into an unnecessary and deadly conflict with ...
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A quote from Winston Churchill  

The War Within

America doesn’t need Joe Biden creating a war with misspoken words, the Constitutional Republic of the United States already is ...
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Handwritten letters

The Farm Chronicles: The Gathering Place

There is a slice of American history that reveals the closeness of neighbors and friends. While our farm, established around ...
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Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson 

SCOTUS nominee evasive but telling

Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, is taking heat from Republicans for going soft on child pornographers and ...
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President Biden at the Business Roundtable  

Stupidocrisy: Vice signaling

There is a big “thing” among the “woke” left crowd called “virtue signaling.” Virtue signaling, as defined by the Cambridge ...
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Catastrophes present “opportunities” to lead “New World Order”

Which New World Order?

A shameful truth is slithering its way into Christianity justifying Vladimir Putin’s ruthless and unprovoked attack on Ukraine because, they ...
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Hunter Biden Story no longer Russian Disinformation  

The great laptop coverup

In October 2020, at least 15 mainstream media personalities said that Hunter Biden’s laptop emails were likely Russian propaganda. They ...
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Dad and me styling back in the day  

The Farm Chronicles: The Johnny U Lesson

No matter where we went, Dad knew somebody or knew somebody that somebody knew. One time we were in an ...
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Russian President Vladimir Putin

Perilous times indeed

Much of what is carried by the news media about the Russian invasion of Ukraine is propaganda controlled by either ...
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A quote by Albert Einstein  

Stupidocrisy: Common Sense Deficit Syndrome

It cost me close to $50 to put ten gallons of gas in my car yesterday. I told the guy ...
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The Beginning of Sorrows

Is this the end of time?

There is a lot of consternation in the Christian community about the Russian-Ukraine war. Some think it is the beginning ...
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American Defense Split Along Party Lines

Who you can count on if America is attacked

A recent poll, if accurate, reveals a segment of the US citizenry that will cut and run rather than defend ...
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Pails and basins filled with water

The Farm Chronicles: Raindrops keep falling

Northeastern Ohio in the springtime is usually pretty wet. Spring rains fill the low areas with water, giving birth to ...
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Treatment Guides  

Your post-COVID health

Reputable studies are surfacing that the COVID vaccine was not as “safe and effective” as the government narrative and corporate ...
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12-month percentage change, Consumer Price Index, selected categories, January 2022, not seasonally adjusted

Stupidocrisy: We’re for the little guy

How’s that Joe Biden election working out for you? Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Texas, and Michigan have all admitted to ...
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President Joe Biden

In comes Russia out goes COVID and tyranny grows

In the months leading up to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, military sources were telling The Daily Jot that there ...
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Discernment is knowing good from evil, Wisdom is choosing the good

Have some discernment

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought with it some extreme thoughts and confusion among the Christian community. Some are ...
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Uncle Lou leading the rodeo parade in 1939

The Farm Chronicles: Uncle Lou and the rodeo

The 1963 Great Western Tour took my Mom, Dad and me on many great adventures. One of the best legs ...
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 Big Stick Diplomacy

Stupidocrisy: Loud talk no stick

On September 2, 1901, Teddy Roosevelt described the perfect foreign policy saying, “speak softly, and carry a big stick.” In ...
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Biden gaffes in State of the Union speech, mixes up Iranians and Ukrainians

State of the delusion speech

Joe Biden just delivered the worst State of the Union address of any president in most of our lifetimes. He ...
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President Vladimir Putin

Putin is not Gog

There is much discussion that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is Gog of Magog from the end time prophecy in Ezekiel ...
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Biden and Putin

The compromised president

The news media and the Democratic Party are trying to make stick a weaponized narrative that conservatives, and former President ...
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Saddle, blanket, and saddlebags

The Farm Chronicles: The Trail Ride

The Wandering Riders 4-H Club was among the top two horse clubs in Portage County in the 1960s-‘70s, rivaled only ...
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In the interest of public trust

The New York Times has finally caught up with what many of us have suspected all along—The Centers for Disease ...
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Stupidocrisy: Oh, that wily Biden

Sometime during the week of February 14, sources revealed that patriotic American truckers were going to start rolling toward Washington, ...
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Supreme Court

Early warning of the coming tyranny

Joe Biden advised Canada’s socialist leader Justin Trudeau on how to handle the truckers protesting Trudeau’s COVID mandates—use federal powers ...
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Rumors of War

Wars and rumors of wars

In Matthew 24, Christ is asked by his disciples what is the sign of his coming and of the end ...
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A man on his horse

The Farm Chronicles: Calamity Patty

You may or may not remember the name Martha Jane Cannary. Now Martha Cannary was quite a colorful character. She ...
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John Locke

The moral responsibility to resist injustice

Christians have long debated whether there is a moral responsibility to resist injustice, largely because the Apostle Paul writes in ...
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Free Crack Pipes for Everyone shirt

Stupidocrisy: Crack pipes and crack pots

Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) have introduced the “Preventing Illicit Paraphernalia for Exchange Systems Act,” also known ...
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Pro-abortion protesters

The great North American crackdown

North Americans are witnessing a “true color” historical event. For all the pandering to the media about exercising the right ...
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Protest in Canada

Sowing the seeds of freedom

World governments are using COVID 19 policies to control populations. Draconian measures of quarantining healthy people, locking down entire societies, ...
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Super Bowl VI

The Farm Chronicles: Super Bowl pre-game show

In 1972, my dad surprised me with tickets to Super Bowl VI at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans. The Dallas ...
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Summary of Terrorism Threat to the U.S. Homeland

Self-fulfilling policy

Some believe the government has gotten so big and overreaching that it no longer represents the people, but rather its ...
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The Economist

Stupidocrisy: Supporting anything China

The display of stupidocrisy this week is off the charts. America sent its athletes to China for the Olympics, but ...
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Fundraisers for “Black Lives Matter” in all locations

Oppression by censorship

The Founding Fathers of the US knew tyranny. They knew that religion, Judeo-Christianity in particular, instilled the values of God’s ...
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The prophetic case for freedom of religion and speech

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God (John 1:1). And ...
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Southeast High School

The Farm Chronicles: The warden and the justice meter

One of the things my dad instilled in me was to stand up for what I think is right. All ...
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Media Cartel.

When information is the misinformation

Democrats in Congress are pushing a bill called the “Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA).” The legislation would enable big ...
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Rapid at-home COVID-19 test kits

Stupidocrisy: It’s just not enough

It’s not enough that a virus from a Wuhan, China lab killed a significant portion of the world’s population. Or ...
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Xi Jinping making an announcement

The global cabal of destruction

The Bidens, Pelosis, Bushs, Clintons, and a host of former Senators and Representatives have all had close financial ties and ...
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COVID-19 Vaccines

Confidential Pfizer FDA report sheds light on COVID vaccine safety

A confidential Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine adverse event report to the FDA dated April 3, 2021 obtained by The Daily Jot ...
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The Farm Chronicles: Explosives on the farm

Always a curious kid, my parents recognized early on that I needed creative stimulation other than being a cowboy and ...
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Russia Invasion of Ukraine and the Gog prophecy

There seems to be a lot of confusion in the Christian community about the role Russia and America play in ...
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Directions signages

Stupidocrisy: Doubleminded statements and policies

The Department of Homeland Security announced that on January 22 non-US travelers who wish to enter the US by ferry ...
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Biden Administration institutionalizing religious tyranny

The Biden Administration is practicing both medical and religious tyranny. And you had better take notice. Dozens of federal agencies ...
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Emergency Stop

The difficult journey ahead

The pandemic emergency in which American citizens ceded their civil rights to government mandates and lockdowns must end now. Enough ...
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The lake

The Farm Chronicles: Gone Fishin’

If you watch enough Andy Griffith shows, you kind of get the idea that living in a rural town or ...
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All Plan B COVID restrictions, including mask wearing, to end in England

The new pandemic

The Biden Administration soon will have to face a stone-cold fact—the push for unconstitutional government COVID mandates must end as ...
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Prices on the Rise

Stupidocrisy: Biden’s destructive delusion

Economic indicators such as manufacturing production continues to fall. Retail sales fell 1.9% in December. The Bureau of Labor Statistics ...
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A man

Encourage, Equip, Evangelize–lessons of 20 Years

Twenty years ago today, the Lord prompted me to begin writing The Daily Jot. At the time, I was not ...
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Increasing graph

Mystery and intrigue surround 2021 death rate increase

The discovery that death rates increased 40% during the COVID pandemic year over the previous year, and years-before averages, has ...
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Ohio Magistrates Association

The Farm Chronicles: The last great posse

Going through some old papers and photos, I came upon a very crisp certificate that looked brand new. It was ...
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Dr. Walensky  

2021 Death surge implies the cure may be worse than the cause

An analysis of 2021 deaths by actuaries of OneAmerica, a $100 billion, 145-year-old Indiana life insurance company, indicates a death ...
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Biden and Harris 

Stupidocrisy: The Biden Harris Sotomayor Breyer Kagan Delusion

There are a group of leaders in the highest echelon of American government who have demonstrated that they are delusional, ...
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Purging Patriots from the Military: The Proof

Biden’s illegal purge of the military

Imagine a military where the top brass, taking orders from the Commander in Chief, many of which have investments in ...
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A digital illustration of a cross with US flag

You are the American ideal

A nation lives through the hearts of its people. America is an ideal as much, if not more, than a ...
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Mom and dad watering a horse at the well before the milk house was built over it circa 1940

The Farm Chronicles: The four wells

There were four wells on the farm. The one out behind the barn had been filled in probably in the ...
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A man facing the mirror questioning himself

A look in the mirror moment

As the Supreme Court takes up debate on the COVID mandates, Americans need to look themselves in the mirror and ...
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Pro-Trump Mob Smashes Windows to Breach U.S. Capitol

Stupidocrisy: The violent coup narrative

As the Democrats prepare to recount their revised version of the January 6 protests at the Capitol, corporate media are ...
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A man and a book

Girding against deception

There were many ingredients of a worldwide brainwashing program taking place during the COVID hysteria over the last 18 months, ...
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Question marks

30 Questions for the New Year

There are great uncertainties as this new year begins. America, and the rest of the world for that matter, are ...
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Mom’s earlier version of the burn can circa 1940

The Farm Chronicles: The great Christmas Fire

As many of you know, I grew up on our family farm in Northeastern Ohio. It was part of a ...
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Dr. Rochelle Walensky

So which is it–fear or peace?

The Centers for Disease Control and the juggernaut of COVID fear porn seem to be out of sync as one ...
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A Delta Air Lines passenger slapping an elderly man

Stupidocrisy: The friendly skies

COVID Czar Anthony Fauci has gone from mask-no mask-mask to whatever and now he would welcome airlines requiring everyone who ...
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CDC Updates and Shortens Recommended Isolation and Quarantine Period for General Population

As the COVID science turns

The soap opera “As the COVID Science Turns” is once again raising many questions about the contagion. The Supreme Court ...
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Can you Actually Be Scared to Death?  

Scared to death

The fear porn industry propagandized by the government, big pharma, big healthcare, and delivered by the mainstream news media has ...
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Dad and mom’s last Christmas Eve together

The Farm Chronicles: A Christmas Eve Memory

There are a lot of terrible things going on right now in the world. But we are at the time ...
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News Report  

The media’s hate campaign against the unvaccinated

While the president of the United States is saying that those who are unvaccinated will face a winter of death ...
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Biden Warns of Severe Illness for Unvaccinated Americans

Stupidocrisy: The winter of death and illness

Joe Biden went on the attack once again against the unvaccinated in his pre-Christmas COVID speech. In doing so, he ...
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Biden’s fear port industry

Joe Biden is giving another speech using fear porn to further divide the American people along the lines of those ...
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Dr. Robert Malone

The tyrannical psychology of the flu wars

“For unvaccinated, we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death--if you’re unvaccinated--for themselves, their families, and the ...
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Volunteers came to the rescue

Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ

NOTE: This account from Pastor William Agbeti occurred a few weeks ago and serves as a reminder of the difficulties ...
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Stop sign and a sign about horses

The Farm Chronicles: The horse that could read

It was a crisp Ohio autumn afternoon. The kind of weather where you have to decide whether to go in ...
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Censorship disguised as journalism

A perilous information suppression campaign

There is no greater censorship or information suppression than what is being conducted on a daily basis in the overall ...
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Political art  

Stupidocrisy: It’s just a mess

There are a lot of bad things happening in this country. We have elected leaders that are supposed to handle ...
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Biden is delivering the fastest economic recovery in history. Why hasn’t anyone noticed?  

Seeing through the gaslight

Does America really think that runaway gas, food, home heating, and consumer goods prices combined with soaring crime and murder ...
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COVID-19 Vaccines While Pregnant or Breastfeeding

The difficulties of choosing life

While the Supreme Court is considering what to do with abortion, there is yet another threat to the unborn—COVID. In ...
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Our Last Christmas with Chuck  

The Farm Chronicles: Choosing to remember the good

Growing up on a farm teaches you very early to handle life and death, love, anger, consideration, work ethic, toughness, ...
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Funeral Home in New York Experiences Surge of Death Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID deaths under Biden surpass those under Trump

A milestone of the Biden presidency has been established, and it’s not a good one. COVID related deaths under the ...
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Facebook account of Mollie Paige Mumau  

Stupidocrisy: Education’s war on parents

Images last month of parents being dragged out of school board meetings in Virginia and Texas for simply questioning school ...
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Day of Infamy  

The Pearl Harbor of this generation

We hold this week in honor of the 80th anniversary of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor that resulted in ...
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Anthony Fauci, M.D.  

The political science of COVID

COVID Czar Dr. Anthony Fauci keeps telling everyone to follow the science and that any criticism of him is a ...
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A man riding his horse

The Farm Chronicles: The day I lost my head

My friend Ed and I were competing as a team for the Maryland Spring Hunter Pace Championship. The Hunter Pace ...
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Votes by Party  

Congress’ vicious assault on your Liberty

A most vicious assault on your personal liberty was fomented unanimously by House Democrats with the help of 80 Republicans ...
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No vaccine, no work

Stupidocrisy: Substituting “requirement” for “mandate”

The Biden Administration handed federal workers an early Christmas present—oh, wait, no, we can’t say that—an early holiday sentiment-- by ...
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A man being escorted by cops  

Tyranny in the name of public health and safety

Fearmongering in the guise of public health and safety has become a commonplace lever to institute tyranny in America. We ...
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COVID-19 Response Team Briefs the President on New COVID Variant

Do not fear

The phrase “do not fear” appears in 281 Bible verses. 1 Peter 3:14 says, “And do not be afraid of ...
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Democratic Socialists of America

Black Friday going dark

When you consider the extreme commercialism of Black Friday, remember it fondly. It may not survive the future of America. ...
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Philippians 4:9

Let us think on the good things

Americans are so wrapped around politics and COVID that they are beginning the holiday season with tremendous angst. Let us ...
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Of Plymouth Plantation

The liars and haters of Thanksgiving

Note: My grandfather 13 generations back was William Bradford, co-writer of the Mayflower Compact, inventor of the free market system, ...
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Mayflower Compact

Healthy Distrust

James Madison said “The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ...
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The Farm Chronicles: Fred and the manure spreader

You see a lot of things on a farm. Strange things. The kind of things that you just can’t make ...
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Two men

Another nice mess

Oliver Hardy at least once told his partner Stan Laurel, “This is another nice mess you’ve gotten me into.” And ...
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A joint message from Criminal Investigative Division and Counterterrorism Division

Stupidocrisy: Parents as terrorists

When was the last time you saw a group of parents bomb a building? Or, burn down businesses? Or, roll ...
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United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit

Don’t be gaslit by Biden’s false mandate

The Biden White House is purposely telling companies to defy the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals stay of the Administration’s ...
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Revelation 13:17

COVID 19 fear grooming for Revelation

One has to look no further than Austria, Australia and the United States to see that world leaders are using ...
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Lloyd Pardee and Warren McCarthy

The Farm Chronicles: Common Men Uncommon Valor

Growing up on the farm in Northeastern Ohio, there wasn’t a lot of exposure to world events. It wasn’t like ...
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Wake Up America

Wake Up America

The constructs of a government of the people, for the people and by the people are breaking down. Economic policy ...
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An edited photo of Biden

Stupidocrisy: The remade American democracy

It’s no small secret now that last week’s elections were a humungous rejection of the “woke” left-wing socialist agenda of ...
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Democrats’ $1.75 Trillion Tax and Spending Spree

In the name of public special interest

The new talking point shared by the woke leftist crowd is public interest. There’s a whole lot of public interest ...
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Vaccine Mandate

Don’t rely on the courts

In 1961, future president Ronald Reagan recorded a 10-minute talk about socialized health care. He said, “One of the traditional ...
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A big brown bear

The Farm Chronicles: Do Not Feed The Bears

There were plenty of signs in Yellowstone National Park about feeding the bears. They all had a common theme—don’t do ...
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Republican Glenn Youngkin Projected to Win Virginia Governor’s Race

Of Pride and Hubris

Proverbs 16:18 says, “Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall.” This is what we saw in Virginia on ...
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Do Not Feel Pressured to Vaccinate If You Don’t Want To!

Stupidocrisy: The self-inflicted mandate poison pill

Everywhere we look, these unconstitutional vaccine mandates are wreaking havoc on Americans. If this continues, it won’t be long before ...
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Bounty Train 

A bounty on your life

An investigation of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) documents and the Federal Register reveals that CMS, as authorized ...
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Mandate for Freedom

Truth vs Tyranny

Truth is a very powerful ideal. Christ said in John 8:31-32, “If you abide in My word, you are My ...
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The Farm Chronicles: House calls and hospitals

Many do not remember the days when doctors made house calls. Living in rural Northeastern Ohio on a farm, there ...
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God Bless Loudoun Co., Va Parents

People looking how to stand against the tyranny of local, state and federal government need look no further than the ...
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Dr. Anthony Fauci

Stupidocrisy: Of puppies and COVID

The world is aghast after revelations that under Dr. Anthony Fauci’s leadership the National Institutes of Health allocated tens of ...
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Coalition for Healthcare Workers Against Medical Mandates

Pushing Back–Your civil and patient rights

Facebook will put its disclaimer on this Daily Jot telling everyone where they can get accurate information about the COVID ...
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A man with a sword


Reading the headlines over the weekend, it is a sad testimony to humankind. Rapes, murders, beheadings, kidnappings, ransoms, censorships, mandates, ...
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A Cadillac

The Farm Chronicles: That old Chrysler

It’s kind of funny how those early memories pop into your mind. Mom and Dad had this 1957 Chrysler four ...
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Pete Buttigieg, his husband, and their babies

The dark Biden purgatory

“Oh, we are for the little guy. Corporations should pay their fair share. We want to tax the rich. This ...
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President Joe Biden

Stupidocrisy: A whole lot of stupid going on

In 1955, Roy Hall and Dave “Curly” Williams wrote a song when they were fishing on Lake Okeechobee in Florida. ...
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Ring-wing media figures dishonestly use Colin Powell’s death to question COVID vaccines

A CNN COVID Obituary

Former US Secretary of State, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, American war hero, husband, father, and grandfather, Colin ...
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Allison Williams

Mandate Mania

Lawsuits are being filed, people are being fired, frontline workers such as police, EMTs, and nurses are being fired or ...
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Panning for gold and getting off the stage

The Farm Chronicles: Berry farm visit

We were in the midst of our 1963 Great Western Tour and everything was going just swell. As an eight-year-old ...
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A customer at a 76 gas station in San Anselmo, California on March 3, 2021

There you go again

There was a famous line in the second 1980 presidential debate between President Jimmy Carter and challenger Ronald Reagan. When ...
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Tucker: Airline employees have more power than they realize

Stupidocrisy: Record job quitting and vax mandates

The media and politicians are in an uproar over the latest Labor Department monthly Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey ...
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Gov. Greg Abbott

Mandates as a civil rights issue

In what is becoming a crucial civil rights issue, vaccine mandates are being opposed across the country. The Biden Administration ...
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No Vaccine Mandate

The Constitutional issue of vaccine mandates

The COVID 19 vaccinated, unvaccinated and antibodied should vehemently oppose direct or indirect government vaccine mandates because they are a ...
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Paris Families on 8,000 Mile Western Vacation  

The Farm Chronicles: The Great Western Tour

From time to time, I have referred to our 1963 Great Western Tour. This was a wonderful adventure to every ...
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MSNBC Guest Butler: Evangelicals are not following scripture, they are following Republicans

Do you follow God or the Republican Party?

There was an interesting, if not ridiculous, exchange on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” about how Christian evangelicals are following the Republican ...
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A Nation in Crisis

Stupidocrisy: A nation in crisis

You know things have turned upside-down when...Rioters in the Northwest are occupying police stations, making parts of cities war zones, ...
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Vaccinated Individuals Percentage

New government data exposes alarming deficiencies in fight against COVID

A Daily Jot investigation of the federal government’s official COVID 19 data clearly demonstrates that COVID 19 vaccine efficacy rapidly ...
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Vaccinated Individuals Percentage

School boards demand terrorist designation for dissenters

In recent days, both the National Association of Secondary School Principals and the National School Boards Association (NSBA) have called ...
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A boy

The Farm Chronicles: Of guns and gasoline

In addition to being a farmer, and a cattle and horse breeder, Dad also had a gas and oil business. ...
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YouTube say will ban posts from prominent anti-vaccine activists in effort to purge misinformation

Big vaccine misinformation

Vaccine misinformation is a big topic these days. So big that big pharma, big media and big government are taking ...
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The Biden Administration has turned to deterrence measures as the number of border crossings in recent months has reached their highest level in decades

Stupidocrisy: Of reins and whips

Last week, the mainstream news media and the Democratic Party leadership was all in an uproar over photographs of Border ...
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Media Reform

A time to demand media reform

In journalism school at The Ohio State University, I was taught very basic premises of reporting the news. The professors ...
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Psalm 46:1

A prophetic dream for the times

Over the years, I have had many prophetic dreams, but generally I keep them to myself or share them only ...
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White ribbons on a tree

The Farm Chronicles: 30 Rolls of a whirlwind

Sometimes things get pretty boring on the farm, and as we know, idle hands make work for the devil. My ...
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Healthcare professionals

Smoking gun on COVID 19 Gain of Function

The UK Telegraph published on September 21 an in-depth investigative report on how Communist Chinese and American scientists proposed as ...
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Political leaders

Stupidocrisy: What do you get when you cross liberalism with pride?

A game us old horse breeders played to amuse ourselves and tease our brains was asking each other a question ...
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A quote from Abraham Lincoln  

Biden’s death spiral

It’s almost as if there are a clandestine group of schemers rubbing their hands together and ghoulishly grinning at each ...
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Joe Biden

Biden’s death culture

Joe Biden is withholding life-saving COVID 19 medications from states that voted Republican. Press secretary Jen Psaki says it’s an ...
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A painting of Dad on Hollywood by Chris Wilson

The Farm Chronicles: Akron Saddle Club gangsters

The horse show business in Ohio during the 1960’s and 70’s was a rough go. It was very competitive. And ...
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When a child has no hope, a nation has no future.

For kids worldwide it’s no hope or Know Hope

There is a shocking poll of 10,000 16-to-25-year-olds across 10 countries that indicates 56% agree that humanity is doomed and ...
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The Church and children  

Stupidocrisy: Institutionalized child abuse

As California voters rejected the recall of a governor that closed prisons, suspended the death penalty, enforced vaccine mandates, and ...
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Dire prophetic consequences of Biden’s Afghanistan debacle

Dire prophetic implications of Biden’s Afghanistan debacle   Joe Biden’s Afghanistan debacle will have lasting consequences as ISIS-K, al Qaeda ...
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President Joe Biden pauses as he speaks in the State Dining Room at the White House, Thursday, Sept. 9, 2021, in Washington.  

Unpacking Biden’s COVID 19 Plan

Joe Biden says he and the government are losing patience with those in America who are unvaccinated against COVID 19. ...
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Mom and Aunt Dory

The Farm Chronicles: Yeah, uh huh

Mom and her younger sister Doris were two peas in a pod. They were inseparable. While their mother and father, ...
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Daily Jot Special Report: What the people say

We heard Joe Biden spouting off about how getting vaccinated “is not about freedom or personal choice.” When a politician ...
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Biden to deliver six-step plan on COVID-19 pandemic

The iron fist of COVID 19

This Daily Jot is written before the expected Biden announcement of new COVID 19 restrictions for the unvaccinated. This unprecedented ...
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Harvard Divinity School

Stupidocrisy: Harvard

Harvard University is considered worldwide as the standard-bearer for academic excellence and intelligence. Harvard boasts the likes of former president’s ...
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Senate Bill 8 The Heartbeat Bill

The Heartbeat of Texas

On September 1, the US Supreme Court denied a bid to stop Texas from banning abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected. Democrat ...
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Two women and a horse statue

The Farm Chronicles: Horse poop in the foyer

There was quite a horse community at my high school. We lived in a rural area and many of my ...
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Cases of COVID-19 as of September 1, 2021

A reasonable solution to the ongoing COVID threat

The House Foreign Affairs Committee Minority Staff Report documents COVID gain of function research was “partially funded by grants from ...
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America can’t afford that risk.

Stupidocrisy: Channeling Dukakis

It was early morning mid-October 1988 when my partner and I were in an edit suite in New York finishing ...
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A message to democrats, progressives, and liberals

Foolish or intentional, the destruction is the same

Many of us tend to look at events, policies, politicians as foolish, stupid, mistaken, lacking common sense, etc. But maybe ...
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U.S. Weapons Seized by the Taliban

Stupidocrisy: Biden arming Taliban and Chinese

It is an understatement to say that Joe Biden’s Afghanistan policy is an unmitigated disaster. His handling of the Taliban ...
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President Biden

Prophecy clock ticks forward with Afghanistan abandonment

The Obama-Biden Administration empowered Islam through destabilizing the Middle East through Arab Spring, the Benghazi debacle, providing Iran with billions ...
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Cominarty and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine  

Pfizer COVID Jab Approved by FDA

The FDA approved the Pfizer COVID-19 jab for those 16 and older. Now to be known as Comirnaty, the FDA ...
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A week’s ration of food means life

Realities of Life and Death

We are so blessed to live in America. Yes, there is great division. And there are challenges that we face ...
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A couple holding their trophies

The Farm Chronicles: County Fair Royalty

This time each year was the Randolph Fair. This is the culmination of the 4-H year—where everyone brings their 4-H ...
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A couple holding their trophies

A burning desire for freedom in truth

Has the country gone mad? A recent Pew Research Center survey indicates that 48%, roughly half of American adults, believe ...
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Sam’s Pizza

The Farm Chronicles: Jets vs Sharks, country-style

About five miles from the farm is a small town called Newton Falls. Back in the 50’s through the 70s, ...
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CDC head says vaccines losing their efficacy—get a booster at 8 months  

COVID vaccines, science and common sense

There are three types of science being applied to the COVID-19 vaccine situation—no science, some science and political science. The ...
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People running from the plane  

Biden blunder has worldwide consequences

In what some are describing the worst foreign policy blunder in decades, President Joe Biden mustered up all the fortitude ...
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Biden to Afghanistan: Drop Dead

Stupidocrisy: Biden is the poster child

It’s like a steady stream of stupidity and hypocrisy. Joe Biden and his merry band of anti-American misfits are making ...
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Taliban Celebrate, Biden Meditates

Islam and Democrat Presidents

Everyone is dissecting the latest failure of a Democratic President—Joe Biden and Afghanistan. The media is already towing the Democratic ...
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My earliest football days

The Farm Chronicles: Boys of August

It’s the dog days of August. Hay is in the barn. The horse show season is winding down. Northeastern Ohio ...
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My earliest football days

Stand with Loudoun County Christians

There’s something going on in Loudoun County, Va. The school board there is demonstrating extreme Marxist principles in handling dissenting ...
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A man wearing a mask

Stupidocrisy: COVID Marxism

Former president Barak Obama had his 60th birthday bash at his $12 million oceanfront estate in Martha’s Vineyard. Side note: ...
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World Events and Bible Prophecy  

Prophecy, Revelation and COVID

Some Bible teachers are saying that we are well into the Revelation prophecies because COVID was like one of the ...
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A photo of Americans and African-Americans

A lesson for Olympians

While the United States edged out China in gold medals at the Olympics—39 to 38—and took a commanding 113 total ...
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Found Bert and Wimpy a few minutes after Chris left

The Farm Chronicles: The mystery of the missing horses

Our family farm in Ohio has been in our family for over 200 years. I grew up on it. My ...
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COVID Vaccine protests

Vaccine is a Hobson’s choice

The dictionary defines Hobson's Choice as “An apparently free choice that actually offers no alternative.” That’s what the government and big ...
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Andrew Cuomo

Stupidocrisy: Cuomo resigning to choices

It’s a rare moment in history when the Democratic Party leadership calls for the resignation of one of their own ...
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The suppression of truth and the death of many  

The suppression of truth and the death of many

The House Foreign Affairs Committee Minority Staff Report (Report) on the origins of the COVID 19 pandemic and the roles ...
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Religious Freedom Takes Another Hit  

Religious Freedom Takes Another Hit

President Joe Biden made history by saying he will name the first Muslim as Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom, replacing ...
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The Farm Chronicles: Speckles and Deedra

Along about 1962, Dad and my brother Chuck got into the horse and cattle business a little bigger and more ...
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COVID vaccine mandates  

Be prepared for “Beast-like” vaccine mandates

President Joe Biden will have a government-wide vaccine mandate. The Justice Department craftily wrote an opinion that the Emergency Use ...
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Mask Guidelines Update

Stupidocrisy: Mask or no mask

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Tuesday unintentionally condemned the effectiveness of COVID 19 vaccines by reversing its previous reversal ...
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Loudoun County Public Schools

Children as battlefields

Children should not be battlefields. But the public school system, excuse me, the government schools, have made children the battlefield. ...
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Wokeism and Oppression

Opposing voter integrity investigations and blocking public release of a report on the origins of the COVID 19 virus are ...
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Bill and Sonny

The Farm Chronicles: Everyone should have a July 23rd

This day, July 23, is both a joyful and solemn day for me. It is a day where I remember ...
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Crisis of Trust

Crisis of Trust

Against the backdrop of Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) threatening to prefer a criminal investigation against COVID czar Dr. Anthony Fauci ...
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Stupidocrisy: BLM’s claims about Cuba

Stupidocrisy: BLM’s claims about Cuba

There is no limit to the propaganda and rewriting of history associated with Marxism. You need look no further than ...
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Trump and Obama  

Race baiting and truth

If you listen to the Democratic Party leadership and their propaganda arm, the mainstream news media, all black people view ...
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Demanding Answers in Georgia

Voting audits and what to expect

Despite a constant harangue by Democrats and the media that there was no voter integrity issues in the 2020 presidential ...
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New Idea Spreader Co.

The Farm Chronicles: The Dung Gate

The winter of 1960 in Northeastern Ohio was rough--A lot of days of below-normal temperatures and several winter storms giving ...
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Pledge to Teach the Truth

An alternative to Critical Race Theory

There is much debate across the country about teaching children Critical Race Theory. Recently, The Epoch Times reported that over ...
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A tweet by Daily Caller

Stupidocrisy—Your health risk is the government’s business

There is a whole lot of Stupidocrisy going on with President Joe and the COVID band. The government is so ...
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Communism in Cuba and America

Communism in Cuba and America

America is fast heading down the slippery slope of communism. Call it what you will—communism, socialism, fascism, democratic socialism, liberal ...
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What’s your mission?

What’s your mission?

The other day, I was looking through my old passport. There is this stamp in here where I disembarked 17 ...
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The White House Convening on Transgender Equality

Biden’s war on children

The month of June was spent celebrating lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, queers, questioning and other nontraditional sexual orientations. White House ...
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Joe’s Plan to End Gun Violence

Stupidocrisy: Biden’s plan to end gun violence

Joe Biden’s violent crime speech last Wednesday was promoted for days as announcing wonderful reforms to end violent crime. It ...
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Stop the LGBTQ+ grooming of children

Stop the LGBTQ+ grooming of children

The nationwide celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning “Pride” month by government and major corporations is about to ...
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Wokeness Meter

Woke but not awake

A Daily Jot written in 2010 is on my screen as a constant reminder of the condition of our nation. ...
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The Farm Chronicles: The farmer and the fish

The Farm Chronicles: The farmer and the fish

Back in July 1969, Dad had broken his leg a couple of weeks before we went on what had become ...
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The solution to violent crime

The solution to violent crime

Democrats are taking heat for the uptick in homicides and crime. They need to be held accountable after decimating police ...
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The Farm Chronicles: The sisters I never had  

The Farm Chronicles: The sisters I never had

I grew up with two older brothers—Chuck was 14 years older than me, Larry is 9 years older. So, it ...
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Profile of Steven M. Martin

Stupidocrisy: IRS describing good as evil

Let’s say that you are an active Christian and God has called you to educate and inform other Christians. Let’s ...
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How to Survive in Perilous Times

The keys to surviving these perilous times

Many people have written and asked how they are to survive if the times continue to worsen. Many look at ...
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A quote about ignorance and stupidity  

Stupidocrisy: Ignorance among us

There has been something I have been pondering for quite some time. I sense you are thinking about the same. The ...
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Are ministries submitting to the IRS dancing with the devil?

There has been much written about how conservative and religious affiliated groups were singled out and harassed by the IRS. ...
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Flag of the United States of America

Considering the Founding of a nation

As we celebrate the day of our Independence from Britain, it may be helpful to be reminded of the sufferance ...
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A group of friends

The Farm Chronicles: Independence Day Myrtle Beach

It was the July 4, 1967 week when we took our annual beach vacation with the Heft’s to Myrtle Beach, ...
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A family

Practicing Pure Religion

We may be a small ministry in our own sight, but to some 20 widows and their 76 children we ...
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Disney+ Pride Month

Snow White and the 7 sex orientations

Snow White no longer has seven dwarfs representing her various moods, but rather at least seven sexual orientations—LGBTQI+--to ply young ...
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Donald Trump  

Now it’s August

On June 1, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman said that President Trump “has been telling a number of people ...
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A raft on the lake

The Farm Chronicles: Rafts and leadership

I’m staring down, watching the logs on which I am standing disappear beneath the murky pond water. Slowly, as I ...
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Religion being crossed out  

IRS back at religious persecution

The IRS is up to its old tricks against Christians—the same kind of persecution it was conducting during the Obama ...
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Joe Biden

Stupidocrisy: Our most dangerous physical enemy

According to Joe Biden the number one threat to America is not China. It’s not COVID. It’s not radical Islam. ...
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A drag queen

Child abuse or normal?

The Hungarian parliament seeks to outlaw promotion of alternative sexual orientations to children. ABC News reports the legislation also bans ...
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Welcome Back Carter

The parallels between President Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden are becoming more and more evident. Remember Carter? He oversaw a ...
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A farmer’s vehicle

The Farm Chronicles: Of rain and hay

Nothing brought farmers in Northeastern Ohio more angst in June and July than haying season. Under cloud cover most of ...
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Weekly Updated by Judicial Watch

COVID Science exposed as politics

There is tremendous debate surrounding the origin of the COVID virus. The scientists say to stick with the science, but ...
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Weekly Updated by Judicial Watch

Stupidocrisy: D-Day Heroes are Antifa Fighters

As America celebrated the miraculous achievement and heroics of its troops who stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, The ...
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Weekly Updated by Judicial Watch

Guns and noses

The Biden Administration’s Justice Department has taken it upon itself to unilaterally announce gun control measures against law-abiding citizens. Up ...
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Safe Space

Pride Month or Child Abuse Month?

Major corporations and the government are celebrating Pride Month with the LGBTQ people. Seems like Ii used to be called ...
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Saddle and ropes  

The Farm Chronicles: Saddle Up

I was about 14 years old and Dad and I were at our first horse show of the season. I ...
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Modern day Martyrs and Ambassadors

Many an eyebrow is raised when we in America see the government shut down churches because of COVID, or when ...
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Black Lives Matter and Defund Police protests

Stupidocrisy: Defunding Police is Marxism in action

Defunding the police is a Marxist revolution linchpin aimed at destroying the United States with the help of the Democratic ...
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Dems and the great voter cheat

All throughout the post-presidential election, Democrats and the news media repeated their narrative that there was absolutely no substantial voter ...
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A cemetery for Veterans


“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be ...
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Toy cars  

The Farm Chronicles: Matchbox America

I hate to admit it, but my best friend Sonny and I didn’t stop playing with our Matchbox cars until ...
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A young girl at a protest  

Nazi trend in America, say it isn’t so

This country is experiencing years of prolonged derision by loud bullies who label everyone who disagrees with them with terrible ...
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Two Leaders  

Stupidocrisy: Two-state solution

Nearly every president since Jimmy Carter has supported a two-state solution for peace between Israel and people who call themselves ...
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Genocide protests  

Tolerating or standing against hate

The recent terrorist attack on Israel has brought out the haters of Jews in America. Like roaches from that darkest ...
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Rising Gun Violence


America is struck with a virus far worse than COVID—doublemindedness. America is dumbfounded by doublemindedness. Chicago stands as a great ...
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The Farm Chronicles: The wagon and life

The Farm Chronicles: The wagon and life

Things on the farm usually fell into about three categories: the easy, the hard, and the fun. There were various ...
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The clear and present evil of Palestinian politics  

The clear and present evil of Palestinian politics

The goal of the international community is for Israel and “Palestinians” to live side by side in peace. Since the ...
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Irresistible Revolution

Stupidocrisy: Space Force Space Kadet

Back in college there was a young lady who was really out there. I mean she wore funky clothes, said ...
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How the media aids the terrorist strategy  

How the media aids the terrorist strategy

It is amazing the hateful, bigoted comments directed at Jews these days. It seems as though they are coming from ...
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