No truer words from Hillary

Failed Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told the truth when questioned by reporters on the red carpet at the Berlin Film festival. When asked about who she supports for president, she replied, “I will support the nominee of our party because I think that our current president is a clear and present danger to democracy and to our future.” She spoke the truth. President Trump is a clear and present danger to the socialistic democracy advocated by Clinton and the Democratic Party, and he stands in the breech against a future of socialism and communism in this country. Clinton’s not lying.

Amazing how the Democrats are attacking their socialist leader Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for being socialist. This is one of those cases where Sanders is just come out of the closet for what the Democratic Party has been quietly and secretly plotting for generations—a socialist takeover of America. It’s not about the little guy, or the misrepresented, or the underrepresented. Those are all interest groups and narratives to make people believe someone is on their side. The real truth of it is, just as Clinton has said, those who stand for the Republic and fight against socialism are a threat to democracy and the future of the Democratic Party.

Everything was finally going as planned. The immediate past president had eight years to appoint his Marxists minions to political and judicial posts, saturating the Republic with usurpers. Hillery Clinton could just come in and finish the socialist transformation. Then the American people disrupted the plan by electing Trump. Even so, don’t panic, just use the deep state soldiers, the judiciary, and the socialist-friendly media to foment a coup before Trump even takes office. Americans are very distrusting of Russians, so let’s just accuse Trump of what we are doing with Russia. And let’s spy on the President-elect to see how he is responding to all this. Well, so far that has backfired for lack of evidence.

The more proclaimed socialist Sanders wins, the more nervous the closet socialists become. Sanders threatens to expose the socialist takeover of the Democratic Party and the wrong socialists are standing in the background, denying they are socialists. All the while, their political platform is no different than that of Sanders. Check it out. From abortion to gender rights to climate control to supporting Islam over Israel to mandatory healthcare to immigration, with small differences, they are all the same. Anyone who stands against them threatens their brand of “democracy.” Of the end times in Matthew 24:4, Christ said, “Take heed that no man deceive you.” Good advice for any day, especially as we draw closer to his return.

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Bill Wilson