50 shades of socialism

The Democratic Party Presidential debate showed the true colors of the party—50 shades of socialism, or probably more. It also showed how the party behaves. There is very little any of the candidates have to offer. Nothing new from the stable of mostly old former 60s hippies or hippy wannabes. Climate change, abortion, special rights for all sorts of sexual genders that most of us have never heard of, making guns illegal, ensuring the rights of almost every special interest groups that they can coble together to get a vote. Nothing new here. But the issues, really, are just vehicles in the same fleet. They are carriers of socialism; transporters of wealth redistribution–everybody gets a take, especially the elected and their cronies.

See all these people say they are for the poor. They have used this worn out mantra since the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s massive implementation of socialism during a time when there were no term limits and America essentially had its first and only dictator. Roosevelt, while he did “manage” America through the Great Depression, was a socialist and his policies grew government, enriched cronies, and redistributed wealth. If the “little guy” that these New Deal politicians got all the money collected on taxes, an entirely new generation of millionaires would have been birthed. Government expanded, political systems became entrenched, people like the Kennedy’s made millions from the turning of a blind eye.

Now today, we have much the same thing. All these candidates say they represent the poor. They are the voice of those who have no voice. They are the protector of the minorities. But it is interesting, isn’t it, that most all of them are at least millionaires, and they have made their money, except for a couple of them, after they were elected to public service. Elizabeth Warren, for example, recently wrote a fundraising letter to senior citizens saying she identified with them because she grew up in the Depression era and wasn’t wealthy. Truth is, Warren was born in 1949 (post-war) and is worth over $8 million. Bernie Sanders is worth over $2 million, but his wife is worth more. Joe Biden is worth over $9 million. How do you get all that by “serving” the public?

Look how they treat each other—all nicey nice to their faces, but then they slam each other with insults and lies during the debate. And the media loves it, calling it the best ever! But this is exactly what they do. They tear people down. They have no new ideas on how to solve problems, unless it is to raise taxes to change the climate or to ban guns for law abiding citizens. They point the finger at each other for being socialist, but they deny being socialist—At least Sanders owns up to it. Every time they debate, it’s 50 shades of socialism. Nobody is going to have to pay for anything, except for the rich. But the rich won’t pay either, because all of those who are saying tax the rich, are rich themselves. C’mon man! 2 Timothy 3:13, “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.” Another 50 shades–of deception.

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Bill Wilson