The worldview division

A recent Gallup poll gives a pretty clear indication of how Democrats and Republicans are extremely divided on issues of religion, their worldview of America, and acceptance of socialism. Some 76% of Democrats said they would vote for a socialist for president, compared with only 17% of Republicans surveyed. While 88% of Republicans said they would vote for an evangelical Christian, 77% of Democrats would do so, but 88% of Democrats said they would vote for a Muslim and 89% would vote for a gay or lesbian candidate. This compares with only 42% of Republicans saying they would vote for a Muslim and 62% for a gay or lesbian candidate.

Gallup reports: “The views of political independents fall midway between those of Republicans and Democrats for several candidate types — including socialists, with less than half of independents saying they would vote for such a person. Independents are closer to Democrats than Republicans in their greater reluctance to support an evangelical Christian candidate, and in their greater willingness to support a candidate who is a woman, gay or lesbian, someone under age 40, a Muslim or an atheist….Being gay or lesbian, Muslim, an atheist or a socialist wouldn’t cause much stir among Democrats, but these candidates could have difficulty attracting support from Republicans and, to a lesser extent, from political independents.”

Gallup says, “Democrats express at least somewhat more willingness than Republicans to support most of the candidate types tested, with the widest gaps seen for Muslims, atheists and socialists. While at least two in three Democrats say they would vote for presidential candidates with these profiles, support among Republicans drops to just over 40% for Muslims and atheists, and to only 17% for socialists. Republicans are more accepting than Democrats of evangelical Christians and candidates over 70. While President Donald Trump falls into the latter category, so do four of the leading Democratic candidates: Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Michael Bloomberg. Republicans and Democrats are about equally likely to support Catholic and Jewish candidates.”

Let’s think about this a bit. Some Christians believe that criticism of the Democratic Party is unwarranted and that Republicans are equally part of the problem. Just in worldview alone, look at the differences. Democrats are more willing to vote for a gay/lesbian or a Muslim than they would an evangelical Christian. And they are far more likely to elect a socialist president. How does socialism, Islam, homosexuality stack up against the precepts of God? Socialism is akin to communism, where the state replaces God. Islam persecutes Christians and Jews, and traditionally is an enemy of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Homosexuality is an abomination to God. Proverbs 6:17 says “a proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood” are an abomination to the Lord. Who does this in word, deed, and policy?

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Bill Wilson