Democrat debate confirms what’s so wrong

The seventh debate of Democratic presidential candidates in so many ways demonstrated exactly what is wrong with the Democratic Party. Lies, half-truths, accusations, and the possibility that the debate was rigged because of a biased moderator. Sadly, these are all things that the American public has come to expect from the party because we see them every day in the news. Even more sadly, that about half the voters in America believe these shenanigans to be totally acceptable, normal, and on the side of what is right with the country rather than having clear discernment that these candidate’s behavior is precisely what is wrong with our nation’s politics.

I admit, I did not watch the debate. Instead, some friends of ours, my wife and I watched a re-run of America’s Got Talent. How ironic because the transcripts of the debate would indicate that there is not a whole lot of talent in Democratic Party leadership—unless you are looking for talented deceivers and twisters of the truth—even against one another, their own teammates. You see, the character issues here go very deep. For example, Fauxcahantus Elizabeth Warren refused to shake fellow socialist Bernie Sander’s hand after the debate, mainly because she was upset with him denying her apparent lie that Sanders had privately told her a woman couldn’t win. And the Sanders team is saying the CNN debate host was favorable to Warren. And you know what? The transcript would show that CNN Moderator Abby Phillips did favor Warren.

And the lies—oh wow! Senator Bernie Sanders falsely claimed in his closing remarks that half of the country was earning just $9 to $10 an hour. Fact is, A forty-hour workweek at $10 dollars per hour would equal an annual income of $20,800. The US Bureau of the Census estimates annual median personal income at $41,000 in 2019. If Joe Biden was Pinocchio his nose would have poked eyes. Biden claimed credit for defeating ISIS (fact: not even close); that the Iran nuclear deal was working (fact: Iran never ended its nuclear research); and that President Trump used military force in Iran (it was Iraq). There were several more outrageous claims by the other candidates. As II Timothy 3:13 says, “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.” It’s all there for the world to see.

Elizabeth Warren, the pundits claim, won the debate. She is a proven liar. She is also someone who wants the government to takeover private enterprise—a socialist, as are the rest of the Democratic Party candidates in various shades. Just another thing wrong with the party. Warren recently sent out a fundraising letter to senior citizens claiming she was a depression-era child who is working class. Such a lie. She was born in 1949, a baby boomer, and her net worth is reported over $8 million. But the Democratic Party senior citizens believe her nonsense as gospel. You look at the Democratic Party debate and you can see what is wrong with American politics—its’ all there. And, for a party that calls everyone racist that doesn’t agree with them, where is their diversity in candidates—bunch of old rich white people. Really? 

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Bill Wilson