Fire lit in America, starts burning in Africa

This is how one person with a vision can change and save lives a half a world away. Our ministry partner of some 26 years, Pastor William Agbeti of Ghana, West Africa writes: “On Tuesday, December 3, 2019, the Daily Jot carried the touching story of 13 year-old Bronc Hibdon, described as a true American Cowboy, who did a fundraiser in his hometown Missouri, to help stop human trafficking of young girls from Ghana, West Africa, to places like Saudi Arabia. Bronc’s Sunday School taught about human trafficking, using some of the material from The Daily Jot. Inspired by the account of a girl that we had plucked out of human trafficking, Bronc decided to do a fundraiser to help prevent human trafficking.

“Following Bronc’s courageous step, the Ghana Ministry on Saturday, December 21started exposing the human trafficking menace to over 250 children at Amrahia, a rural community outside of Accra. The children were drawn from six underserved communities in cooperation with three local Christian ministries. They were taught various lessons about Christ, and were provided with basic information about how to spot child traffickers. The children were taught to be on the lookout for strangers or known persons offering foreign travel and job opportunities to children, targeting beautiful girls who are preferably virgins, and advising young girls to keep the travel opportunities secret and not to tell anyone, as well as persons offering free air travel to children. The children also were fed free meals of vegetables, pastries, drinks and water

“Meanwhile, since her rescue a little over three years back, the young lady we rescued has been approached again by a different man promising her greener pastures, good job and marriage to a rich “white” man in Saudi Arabia. She said the “human trafficker” asked her not to tell anyone, so she would surprise everyone with a phone call from her new home overseas. Had it not been for her earlier experience and the extensive briefing she has had from us, she would have easily fallen prey to this trap. She promptly reported the new development to us. Currently, local newspapers are awash with stories about missing girls at different localities in the country, involving young, beautiful girls tricked from Ghana to especially Islamic regions of the world. This practice has become a canker that recently attracted Government attention.

“Many girls lured into human trafficking become major sources of money making for and comfort to organized criminals in the underworld. Some victims are sold out into sex slavery. Many end up as child laborers, who at the end of a strenuous work day, also have to satisfy the sexual cravings of their mentally deranged masters. On the high-income side of the spectrum, some are sent straight to human slaughter houses and their vital organs like the heart and liver, are harvested for sale at secret market places. Meanwhile, that small fire that Bronc lit in a little corner in the US, has started burning in Ghana, Africa. We pray the rippling effects of this action will, indisputably, travel far and near to engulf Ghana.

“We acknowledge the provision of $637 dollars raised by Bronc towards the funding, in part, of this maiden program. God bless and lift you up greatly, Bronc. Your action reminds us of the scripture in Psalm 8:2: “Out of the mouth of babies and infants, you have established strength because of your foes, to still the enemy and the avenger.” While this is a humble beginning, our goal is to further develop the presentation to include resource persons, rescued child traffickers who will give testimonies, and input from the police. NOTE: Over 60 children gave their lives to Christ during the day. Hallelujah!”

Bill Wilson