Never too late to do the right thing

The Washington Examiner’s Tim Pearce wrote a December 6 story about “several moderate Democratic House representatives” voicing concerns about going forward with impeaching President Donald Trump because of “political consequences.” There are several things wrong about this story. First, these Democratic congressmen are public officials. They should not be allowed to appear in stories as anonymous. They don’t have the courage to come forward and couple their names with their concerns. They should face the political consequences they are so concerned about. But there is an even deeper issue with these Democrats who are queasy about impeachment. It’s called doing the right thing.

There is no stronger indication that this impeachment process has been nothing more than political when you have Democrats who are afraid to publicly say they don’t want to impeach the president because they might lose their seats in the election. Their concern is that impeachment will not set well in their districts and by being associated with this whole show trial, they will be booted. They should fear the vote. Rasmussen Reports Daily Presidential Tracking Poll indicates that 51% of likely voters approve of Trump’s job performance. The previous president was 45% at this juncture in his first term. Keep in mind, these numbers were taken after the Democrats said they were drawing up charges.

The deeper issue with these anonymous moderate democratic congressmen is they appear to care nothing about the Constitution, the Country and the rule of law. They care about saving their own hides in their respective districts. It is this motivation emanating from both sides of the political aisle that is ruining this country—both from a Constitutional perspective and a moral one. While on one hand it is admirable that these cowardly Democrats prefer censorship over impeachment, it is unacceptable that any elected representative—Democrat or Republican—is least concerned about the Constitutional and National impact of using impeachment as part of an ongoing coup fomented by a political party and an unelected deep state.

Doing the right thing these days seems so hard to do. There are no statesmen or patriots in the House of Representatives and only a couple in the Senate. Yes, we see a handful of Republicans standing up here and there against this coup, but nothing passionate. We hear a lot of loud mouths with no substance shouting “impeach.” But who will be doing the right thing? I’m reminded of the verse in Ezekiel 22:30, “So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one.” This “coup by impeachment” should be opposed because it is bad for the country long-term, not because some anonymous coward will lose his congressional seat. And those who are calling this as it is, need to step it up, too. It’s never too late to do the right thing. 

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Bill Wilson