Smelling a rat

In my early days, I was an award-winning investigative journalist. The awards came after having to convince my editors that there was a story when they just couldn’t see it (or as I later learned about their leftist ideals, they didn’t want to see it). But my God-given instincts were far more often than not, spot on. I had a nose for news, and a sixth-sense for recognizing iniquity. Fast forward to today with all the impeachment “news” and the Epstein pedophilia stories. Modern journalists for some reason just don’t want to pry beneath the narrative to see the real story. But there is a deeper, darker story that is yet to be written and many fear to go there because they may be knocking on death’s door. Here’s the scoop.

All indications are that the Democratic National Committee, the previous “president,” and the Clintons’ were hairline deep in working with the deep state as an insurance policy against a Donald Trump victory in 2016. They went so far as to pay for fabricated documents and use them to get the secret FISA Court to allow spying on the president-elect’s transition team under the auspices of Russian influence (although these Democrats had ongoing business relations with Russia and Ukraine). Insiders at the CIA, FBI and a whole bunch of other deep state acronyms set out to undermine the Trump presidency because they felt he was dismantling their one world order foreign policy cabal. The Democrats and deep state then teamed up to overthrow, thwart, obstruct and impeach this president. 

Meantime, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein somehow commits suicide before coming to trial. This is best for the Democrats, especially the Clintons, because his testimony may have blown the lid off of an organized pedophile ring of the rich and famous—with the Clintons and many Democratic Party donors, office-holders, and deep-staters regular participants. While Hillary and Bill Clinton both have publicly denied frequenting Epstein’s sex-slave properties, eyewitnesses and flight logs corroborate both of them often visiting Epstein’s pedophile palaces. These horror stories are further confirmed by a recent UK Daily Mail interview of the security specialist who set up camera systems for Epstein. This story is not over.

I smell a rat. If I were taking this story to my editors, I would frame it up that there is a worldwide power cabal linked to the Democratic National Committee, in particular the Clintons and the party leadership, protected by the deep state, and leveraged by an international pedophile and sex slave network to secure loyalty. Billions of dollars are made, transferred and used to buy and sell power. And nobody with the connections and resources will take this on because it would be their last attempt at journalism. Some who have tried are already dead. It’s like Ezekiel 8:8-9 where the Lord told the prophet, “dig now in the wall: and when I had digged in the wall, behold a door. And he said unto me, Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here.” The swamp needs to be drained so these wicked swamp rats are exposed.

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Bill Wilson