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The hill is alive with the sounds of impeachment. Everywhere you turn, except sports stations, you’re going to hear the clanging cymbals of this analyst or that, this so-called journalist or that, this deep-stater or that, pontificating about the latest testimony. Just remember: this hearing is staged and controlled to the extent to turn American public opinion against the president. This is a historic moment. A political coup attempt is in play. This is something Americans should speak out against and stand against on principal, not politics. The deep state, non-elected bureaucrats and socialists should not be able to remove a president for getting in their way no matter the political party. This is about your country. 

The New York Post editorial board calls the hearings a “farce,” and warns: “[House Speaker] Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff, the Intelligence Committee chairman, have tried to make the coming hearings as scripted as possible: They’re only calling witnesses who’ve already testified in secret, or in some cases just releasing transcripts of that testimony….Indeed, Democrats now refuse to have the whistleblower testify, even in secret — though Schiff at first publicly called for just that. Every sign is that he changed his mind because cross-examination is likely to reveal him to be a highly partisan Trump-hater, and might even suggest he colluded with Democrats across Washington to launch this fast-track impeachment.”

Constitutional Attorney Jenna Ellis Rives wrote in The Hill: “The Democrats are abusing the power of impeachment and, if they are allowed to move forward, they are not only setting a terrible precedent that impeachment can be wielded as a political weapon that it was never intended to be, but also attacking the Constitution and undermining the rule of law.” Rives concludes, “Schiff and Pelosi are not interested in real demonstrations of innocence or guilt. Their only interest is staging a political coup against their adversaries. But this is even bigger than the president. This is an attempt to overthrow the federal government from the inside.” The argument here is not about President Trump. It boils down to overthrowing elected government.

Dating back to the infamous “Pee Dossier,” the secret FISA Court spy authorization, and the subsequent actions by the Democratic National Committee, the previous president and the deep state operatives within the State Department, CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS and so on, there has been a concerted effort to frustrate, disrupt and remove this president. Why? Because Americans elected someone who stood in the way of a socialist takeover the Democrats, some establishment Republicans, and deep state had so long and carefully planned. This is not theory. You can track the facts. Hollywood, the mainstream media, and politicians all have colluded to bring about this moment in history that tests not only the Constitutional intent of impeachment, but also the will of the people to remain free. 

Who knows better about governing themselves? Unelected administrative bureaucrats, spies, deep state agents, one-world government advocates, Marxists, or you? The struggle here is between Marxism in its various forms and LIBERTY. You need to know this and understand it. If it goes the way the Marxists want, they will hold or usurp the White House and both houses of Congress as well as the unconstitutional administrative positions in the government bureaucracy. AND those who disagree with them on moral issues and issues of religious freedom will be shut out of the public square. I have been writing about this for over a decade. The Daily Jot is equipping you with information. Please stand against this travesty. Where to start: Tell everyone you know. Be an Ephesians 6:18 person and “speak boldly as I ought to speak.” Make some noise.

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Bill Wilson