Deep State Election Security Uh Huh

Election results were coming in from states that hold off year elections. The bottom line—Virginia continued its move to the left by putting Democrats in charge of both state houses and the governor’s mansion; North Carolina and Mississippi solidified Republican officeholders; and Kentucky was a mixed bag, but the trend was very conservative. Through all this, the Federal government felt it necessary to issue a public statement regarding election security. In a joint news release, the Attorney General’s office, Homeland Security, National Intelligence, the FBI, NSA, US Cyber Command and the CISA reassured Americans that they were making election security a top priority. This should send chills down your spine.

The statement said: “In an unprecedented level of coordination, the U.S. government is working with all 50 states and U.S. territories, local officials, and private sector partners to identify threats, broadly share information, and protect the democratic process…Our adversaries want to undermine our democratic institutions, influence public sentiment, and affect government policies. Russia, China, Iran, and other foreign malicious actors all will seek to interfere in the voting process or influence voter perceptions. Adversaries may try to accomplish their goals through a variety of means, including social media campaigns, directing disinformation operations, or conducting disruptive or destructive cyberattacks on state and local infrastructure.”

“While at this time we have no evidence of a compromise or disruption to election infrastructure that would enable adversaries to prevent voting, change vote counts, or disrupt the ability to tally votes, we continue to vigilantly monitor any threats to U.S. elections. The U.S. government will defend our democracy and maintain transparency with the American public about our efforts. An informed public is a resilient public. Americans should go to trusted sources for election information, such as their state and local election officials. We encourage every American to report any suspicious activity to their local officials, the FBI, or DHS.” Why should this send chills down your spine? Elections are local. We don’t need the feds watching our every move, encroaching, applying pressures. Soft tyranny in the name of security.

There is a system to prevent fraud at each precinct that has been in place since we began holding elections in this country. While there are problems with election security because dead people, absent people, and illegal people vote, having the “deep state” involved as a guardian of election security is very dangerous to our Constitutional Republic given it’s commitment to controlling our government. Think false dossiers, the FISA secret court, so-called whistleblowers, books written against an elected president by CIA operatives, and so forth. These people need to stay out of our precincts and our elections. It’s like the fox guarding the chicken coup.  Proverbs 12:22 says, “Lying lips are abomination to the Lord: but they that deal truly ae his delight.” Don’t be deceived by propaganda and lying lips.

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Bill Wilson