Democracy, supreme authority, and the one true God

Joe Biden’s campaign kickoff speech was designed to establish that Joe Biden is Democracy and Donald Trump is authoritarianism. A vote for Biden is a vote to save Democracy. Those who vote for Trump are anti-Democracy extremists. That’s how his speech shaped up. A democracy is defined as: a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections. The United States, however, is a Constitutional Republic where voters elect representatives to govern by rule of law. The difference is subtle, but important. One is majority rule as supreme power. The other is representatives governing by rule of law.

So often, democracies turn into tyrannies. We have seen it in Iraq, Egypt, Nicaragua, Cuba, China, Russia, Gaza, Turkey, Venezuela and so on. The majority is elected then they move away from established laws into tyranny. Elections are held, but the electorate is only allowed to vote for candidates that represent the brand of democracy because all dissenting candidates are eliminated. Propaganda campaigns are conducted by the party-owned press. Endless investigations and trials against dissenters are guided by a weaponized “legal” system. People are oppressed by heavy handed government administrators that target dissent. Constant rhetoric of freedom and benevolence is aimed at the population.

Biden mentioned Democracy some 30 times in his speech. He wrapped his brand of Democracy in the American flag and the values of freedom. Yet, the very things that he said he supported—the freedom to vote, to speak out, to have opportunity, to be equal—he acts against. He is using the court system to oppress the vote, government-corporate media to censor dissent, administrative law to elevate special interests above the common good, and snuffing out opportunity with his economic policies. He said, “We’re living in an era where a determined minority is doing everything in its power to try to destroy our democracy for their own agenda. The American people know it, and they’re standing bravely in the breach.” This is true. But it is a minority of the extreme left that is destroying America. And a few of us are trying to stop it.

Biden’s brand of Democracy is built on supreme authority and lawlessness. You must comply with this tyranny or face the bullying, name calling, agency and court harassment, and labeling that accuses you of doing exactly what they are doing. The American Ideal has been hijacked. The government is god in the Democratic leadership’s eyes, and the party elite are this god’s vicars. As followers of Christ, we know that we are to have no other gods before God Almighty. The Democratic Party and the administrative state mocks God with their assumption of supreme authority. Galatians 6:7 says, “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.” Question is: how long will Americans allow themselves to be mocked by a tyrannical, immoral mob that elevates itself above the highest authority?

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Bill Wilson