Prophetic terrorism against Jews and Christians

The Judeo-Christian world is repulsed by the brutal, barbaric display of Hamas terrorism against Jews in Israel. On another continent, the Fulani are terrorizing Christians very similarly. Hamas and the Fulani share radical Islamic beliefs that teach it is their religious duty to rid the world of Jews and Christians. Over Christmas, the Fulani massacred some 150 Christian men, women and children as they slept in villages across Nigeria’s Plateau State. The Fulani are a nomadic Islamic tribe that roams across West Africa grabbing land illegally and daring governments to stop them under the threat of terrorism. We have had such experiences in our food and clothing outreach in Ghana, West Africa. It’s what we face.

Daily Jot ministry partner, Pastor William Agbeti reported in July 2021: “Fulani herdsmen residing in and travelling across Ghana, from Nigeria, in search of green pastures for their cattle, remain a major challenge to the nation and people of Ghana. Death, bloody confrontation, destruction of farms and properties, pollution of water bodies, rape, robbery, rampant theft and open disregard for authority, follow their trail wherever they go. In Bosuafise where we have a physical presence of our ministry, the Fulani have set up a permanent camp, from where they launch out into neighboring villages with their cattle, destroying crops and degrading land.” The Islamists have become very bold in rural areas where there is little law enforcement and intimidation replaces rule of law. And it has not improved in two years, despite efforts to stop the Fulani.

Pastor Agbeti’s report today is yet another reminder: “The Village and community of Bosuafise remain the only traditional hot spot in our fields of operation, where gangs of Muslims have physically settled and are causing havoc to life and property. A couple of Sundays back on a periodic distribution in the area, I was informed by the leadership of the local church we support that the situation has become much more serious. The leaders reported that Islamic land grabbers have come to encircle them, forcefully raising their own communities in their backyard on seized land. An Elder narrated a blood-chilling experience when he dared to stop the illegal and nefarious activities of the Muslims. He said they retaliated by coming to his house in a group and subjected his whole family, including himself, to severe beatings with iron rods.”

We have seen Islamists and Hamas supporters rioting in the streets of New York City during Christmas. They have rioted in England and even Bethlehem (trying to appropriate the blame on Israel). There is an international approach by Islam toward Jews and Christians. As the world approaches the end of times, the prophets of old—who were Jews—prophesy of the nations coming against Israel, and they are Islamic. They persecute supporters of Israel and believers in Christ. Psalm 83 speaks of those who sound much like the Hamas and Fulani terrorists today. Verse 4 says, “They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may no more be in remembrance.” Whether Jew or Christian, the times ahead are perilous for the enemies of God come to kill, steal and destroy. Be vigilant. Be strong.


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Bill Wilson