Wasting and destruction in their paths

There are what seems to be miles of humanitarian aid trucks lined up to go through inspection points into Gaza for the “Palestinian” civilians. While the United States and other countries are applying pressure on Israel to assist refugees in war-torn terrorist Gaza, it is not Israel, but United Nations bureaucracy that is preventing the aid from being distributed. In addition, the ”Palestinian” civilians are raising accusations that Hamas is stealing the aid that does get through. Herein, the world is blaming Israel for killing and mistreating “Palestinian” civilians, but Hamas and the United Nations are part of the problem. All along, sources have been saying that Hamas uses the aid to build its military infrastructure.

Israel’s Defense Ministry body responsible for Palestinian civilian affairs says the United Nations needs to do more to process aid into Gaza, and charges that humanitarian supplies are not reaching the Strip fast enough. COGAT [the agency for Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories] says, “The UN must do better — the aid is there, and the people need it.” The UK Daily Mail reports, “In a bid to facilitate an increase in the number of aid trucks that can enter Gaza each day, last week Israel announced it would open the Kerem Shalom Crossing with Gaza for the inspection of humanitarian aid trucks before they enter Gaza through Egypt’s Rafah crossing.”

Posted on X (formerly Twitter), is an elderly woman telling an Al Jazeera reporter that “All aid goes down underground. The aid does not reach the nation and the entire people. A lot is coming. What comes is only a little and it is distributed – so they say.” The reporter tries to redirect the woman’s comments, but she insists, “Everything goes to their (Hamas) houses. They take it, they will even shoot me and do whatever they want to me, Hamas.” Another woman holding a baby also accused Hamas of stealing their food. She said, “You send us humanitarian aid, but I swear to God that we get nothing. Only if we chase them and beg. They mock us when we ask. They humiliate us.” A November in-person Arab World for Research and Development (AWRD) poll of 668 adults living in Gaza and the West Bank found that this represents only about 21% of “Palestinians.”

The AWRD poll also found that over 75% supported Hamas’ actions on October 7. The same percentage (76%) want a Palestinian state from “the river to the sea.” Some 90% believe there will never be peace with Israel, and 76% still view Hamas favorably. Over 97% are very negative toward the US, even though the US is supplying millions in “humanitarian” aid. Compare this with the November Quinnipiac Pollindicating 41% of US Democratic Party voters support the “Palestinians” and 60% of Democrats disapprove of Israel’s response. What does this tell you about American support, ignorant or otherwise, for the “Palestinian” agenda? Lip service by politicians supporting Israel and their actions supporting “Palestinians” are contradictory. As is written in Isaiah 59:7-8, “Wasting and destruction are in their paths. The way of peace they know not.”





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Bill Wilson