The pro-terrorists in America

The news media is complicit in shaping the message of Hamas terrorism as evidenced by coverage of the weekend protests across the US where Hamas sympathizers took to the streets to demonstrate for a “Free Palestine.” Couched in words like “demanding an Israeli ceasefire,” “Palestinian solidarity,” and a “choice for morality,” media outlets like CNN are now positioning Hamas supporters as the moral high ground. In reality, the thousands that are marching for Hamas across the nation are, in fact, marching in favor of the stated goal of Hamas: the elimination of Israel and the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capitol. This means they support the genocide of Jews.

CNN, posing as an unbiased news organization, actually took the side of the Hamas supporters. In an article covering the weekend protests, CNN exclusively quoted anti-Israel demonstrators and speakers. CNN also parroted the Hamas-Iran-Palestinian Authority propaganda that Israel was targeting civilians in its assault on Hamas terrorists in Gaza. For example, CNN reported Saturday, “The nonstop Israeli bombardment has killed almost 10,000 people in Gaza, many of them civilians and a large portion of them children. Israeli airstrikes have targeted hospitals, schools, refugee camps, and ambulances, sparking outrage from the international community and warnings from rights groups that the strikes may constitute war crimes.” However, CNN, like many other news outlets, does not document the claims.

This is largely because the claims are coming from the terrorists’ propaganda. Israel is not “targeting” civilians, children, hospitals, schools, refugee camps and ambulances. Israel is targeting Hamas and its leaders, who as a matter of policy use hospitals, schools, and refugee camps as human shields to prevent attacks AND to use their own people as propaganda tools to curry international sympathy. CNN failed to report that an ambulance Israel targeted was carrying Hamas terrorists. CNN did not report any of these truths, nor does it report that the people in Gaza support Hamas and elected Hamas to govern them. At some point, people need to understand the consequences of their actions when they support barbarians.

NBC was slightly more honest. It sourced the Palestinian and Hamas public relations officers’ claims, which also were without documentation. The twisting of truth, the outright lies, the international community becoming the biggest suckers in the world. To Hamas, every person killed or injured is a “civilian.” They are classic liars using public sympathy to advance their cause of killing all Jews. And there are people in the United States and elsewhere gullible enough to buy into it. Let there be no mistake: Supporting a Free Palestine is advocating the genocide of the Jewish people. With this many pro-terrorist people marching in the streets, how long will it be before terrorist attacks become a way of life in America as they are in Israel? As Christ said in Matthew 24:4, “Take heed that no man deceive you.” Or media outlet for that matter.

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Bill Wilson