Brace yourselves: More Coronavirus coming from Wuhan

Communist Chinese scientists at the Wuhan lab, where the COVID 19 virus likely came from, are predicting more coronavirus outbreaks are on the way. Scientists at Wuhan published an online “Assessment and sero-diagnosis for coronaviruses with risk of human spillover” on July 7, which is just now making its way to the general public. The analysis “proposed 20 high-risk CoV species, including 6 of which jumped to human, 3 with evidence of spillover but not to human and 11 without evidence of spillover yet, which prediction were further supported by an analysis of the history of CoV zoonosis.” They state the obvious: “Zoonotic coronaviruses (CoVs) caused major human outbreaks in the last two decades.”

The scientists proclaim: “One of the biggest challenges during future CoV disease is ensuring rapid detection and diagnosis at the early phase of a zoonotic event, and active surveillance to the zoonotic high-risk CoVs appears the best way at the present time to provide early warnings. However, there is neither an evaluation of spillover potential nor diagnosis tools for the majority of CoVs. Here, we analyzed the viral traits, including population, genetic diversity, receptor and host species for all 40 alpha- and beta-CoV species, where the human-infecting CoVs are from.” Then back to blaming the bats…”We also found three major zoonotic sources: multiple bat-origin CoV species, the rodent-origin sub-genus Embecovirus and the CoV species AlphaCoV1.”

They concluded, “Moreover, the Rhinolophidae and Hipposideridae bats harbour a significantly higher proportion of human-threatening CoV species, whereas camel, civet, swine and pangolin could be important intermediate hosts during CoV zoonotic transmission. Finally, we established quick and sensitive serologic tools for a list of proposed high-risk CoVs and validated the methods in serum cross-reaction assays using hyper-immune rabbit sera or clinical samples. By comprehensive risk assessment of the potential human-infecting CoVs, our work provides a theoretical or practical basis for future CoV disease preparedness…Thus, the early preparation for the animal CoVs with risk of spillover is important for future disease preparedness, regarding the likely animal origin of SARS, MERS and COVID-19 [Citation2–4].”

When reading this “assessment,” one wonders if it is a warning of sorts that Wuhan is going to see to it that these viruses are released into the worldwide environment; are they developing viruses that crossover from animals to infect humans; are they signaling this possible threat at a time when the World Health Organization is teetering on having nations allow WHO to take over infectious disease response? These are all legitimate questions or thoughts given the last go-around where COVID 19 originated in Wuhan and was used as a worldwide test of population control and compliance. At any rate, beware and prepare for another round of fear-based propaganda and government strong-arming about your body. As is written in Phillippians 3:2, “Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision.” Bats, politicians, narratives. Take heed.


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Bill Wilson