The truth about Jan 6

The Democrats in Congress and those appointed to the Judiciary have made a very strong point about the January 6, 2021 convergence on the US Capitol: anyone associated with entering the Capitol on that day is an insurrectionist and should be treated with the harshest punishment. The Democrats and some Republicans are going after the golden ring of the Jan 6 “rebellion,” their alleged ringmaster President Donald Trump. Americans have witnessed how the Democrat-led trials have withheld video footage, edited footage, selected testimony and created their narrative about the threat these protesters posed to their form of democracy. But the question still remains: Who was responsible? What is the truth?

A very calm Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was in her Capitol Hill office on January 6, 2021 observing President Donald Trump’s speech and watching protesters gather by the capitol. Her daughter Alexandra was filming her. We know this because the video aired for the first time October 13 on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360. Pelosi, wearing a COVID mask is seen saying: “It’s very dangerous what he’s doing. He’s getting all these people to show up and protest “stop the steal.” He’s putting all these crazy ideas in their heads…Tell him if he comes here, we’re going to the White House (laughing)…” Two staffers in masks report to Pelosi that Secret Service dissuaded Trump from coming to the Capitol. Then she drops a bombshell.

Pelosi pulls down her mask and gets very animated with her eyes looking straight ahead and her fingers pointing while she says, “I hope he comes. I want to punch him out. We’re waiting for this, for trespassing on the Capitol grounds. I want to punch him out, and I’m going to go to jail, and I’m going to be happy.” Many people have overlooked the part where she says, “We’re waiting for this, for trespassing on the Capitol grounds.” What did “waiting for this” mean? Pelosi and her Democrat colleagues refused National Guard protection knowing that there was a possibility of riots. There have been reports of FBI instigators in the crowds. The FBI has been accused of many actions against President Trump. So what did Pelosi really mean when she said “We’ve been waiting for this, for trespassing on Capitol grounds?”

On Sunday’s NBC Meet The Press correspondent Kristen Welker was persistent in trying to get Trump to take responsibility for the riots. Trump deflected her questions and said that Pelosi was to blame for Jan 6. Trump stated emphatically: “Nancy Pelosi was in charge of security and turned down 10,000 soldiers, if she didn’t turn down the soldiers, you wouldn’t have January 6.” He reminded Welker that Pelosi turned down the offer of National Guard troops through a letter by the DC mayor. Trump concluded: “Nancy Pelosi is responsible. And the J6 Committee refused to interview her.” Communist-style show trials continue about Jan 6. Proverbs 12:22 says, “Lying lips are abomination to the Lord.” There is a lot more to the Jan 6 debacle than meets the eye or fills the ear. Two sides, opposite stories. May truth prevail.

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Bill Wilson