Stupidocrisy: Transmania in corporate America

Transmania in corporate America is over the top. Leading the way is what once was the entertainment “go to” for American children, which has now become a not so subtle promoter of child sexual grooming. Yes, Disney. On August 25, the Libs of TikTok, a conservative group often accused of hate speech and false claims especially by the LGBTQ+ community, posted pictures of bearded men dressed as women greeting children at Disney attractions. In May, a video went viral of a Disney man dressed as a woman helping little girls “glam up” as Disney princesses. Breitbart reports 15 times where Disney promoted grooming children for the LGBTQ+ agenda in movies, TV shows and other programming.

On August 22, Vogue posted on its website, “Since its inception in 2018, the annual Vogue 25 list has celebrated the influential women pushing British society forwards – and this year’s list is not only dazzlingly impressive, but comprised of trailblazers finding success wholly on their own terms.” Then it went on to list professional cyclist Emily Bridges, who is not a woman, saying, “Before May this year, she only had one goal: competing for Great Britain at the 2024 Paris Olympics. Then the British Cycling Federation banned transgender athletes from the sport. Now, the Welsh 22-year-old is fighting for inclusion for herself and other transgender sportspeople.” This follows other publications like Sports Illustrated, Time and USA Today recognizing men as women in this era of transmania.

None have been so publicized recently more than Bud Light and its promotion of Dylan Mulvaney. After man-dressed-as-woman Mulvaney made its marking splash for Bud Light, the brand lost an estimated $27 billion to date. But Bud Light ‘s troubles are just beginning. The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee is investigating Anheuser-Busch on whether it violated the Beer Institute’s Advertising/Marketing Code and Buying Guidelines prohibiting marketing to individuals younger than the legal drinking age. The Committee cites specific evidence that Mulvaney’s audience is underaged viewers. Target is another corporation that promoted sexual grooming of kids and lost over $16 billion in market cap. Americans are frankly done with this transmainia, and corporate America ought to take notice.

Parents are speaking against LGBTQ+ policies in public schools. Even the progressive New York Times is pumping the trans brakes with articles about those denouncing the trans movement. It’s not about hate as the transgender advocates so fiercely and hatefully claim. It’s about the targeting of children with sexual grooming detrimental to their lives. The National Library of Medicine reports, “Data indicate that 82% of transgender individuals have considered killing themselves and 40% have attempted suicide, with suicidality highest among transgender youth.” This alone should be warning to corporate America and parents throughout the country. Romans 2:32 speaks of those, “Who knowing the judgment of God…not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.” This transmania in corporate America is, say it with me…Stupidocrisy.


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Bill Wilson