Beware of another run at your freedom

All signs point to the one-world communist cabal about to make another COVID-style run at your personal and national liberty. It’s starting with mask mandates. Already, the minions of global control are making their move. Morris Brown College in Georgia has mandated mask wearing for at least the next two weeks. Other basic rights such as a ban on large gatherings and parties, contact tracing, temperature checks and isolation/quarantine mandates also have been imposed. Lionsgate, a $3.6 billion entertainment giant with over 3,500 employees, also issued a mask mandate along with required daily screening, and contact tracing. Education and Entertainment renewing the attack on your rights. There’s more.

Rutgers University is also mandating masks. In addition, students who did not take the mRNA serum are not allowed to attend classes unless they have a medical or religious exemption. In fact, the web tracker NoCollegeMandates has documented that some 60 colleges and universities have COVID mandates in effect. You can see where this renewed hysteria is coming from—the bastions of leftist activism in entertainment and education. Moreover, the news media once again is carrying the narrative. These institutions, and you can expect other businesses to follow, are trying to normalize the taking away of your bodily autonomy and basic civil rights. They are doing the communists’ bidding for them.

The World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are also sounding the alarm bells about new strains of COVID. The CDC COVID Data Tracker indicates that hospitalizations attributed to COVID have increased 21% in early August with nearly 13,000 admitted from August 6-12. Deaths during the same period were 1.3% of the total. There are no statistics on the CDC site of how many of those were mRNA vaccinated or how many of those who died were on the remdesivir and ventilator protocols recommended by CDC, which both statistically actually cause death apart from COVID. Also, it is documented by CDC that COVID deaths from the beginning of the “pandemic” averaged about 1% of those infected. In other terms, despite the fear mongering and mandates, there is a 99% chance of survival of this flu.

Meantime, some 15 studies of over 6,500 people indicate that mask wearing does not prevent the transmission of COVID. In fact, a group of doctors from various medical institutions wrote a letter to the head of the Infectious Diseases Society of America demanding that the misleading information on masks be deleted from its and the CDC’s websites. They also accused the CDC of “misrepresenting the evidence” by citing selective content to support mask wearing. Bottom line: there is a big lie brewing another round of mandates. Do not be deceived. For as in 2 Timothy 4:4 people will “turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” Remember the truth shall make you free, lies put you into bondage. The principalities are again making a play to put you in bondage. Resist them by standing in truth.


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Bill Wilson