Why the White House will not cooperate with impeachment

The White House answered House of Representatives calls for impeachment with a stunning and historic eight-page letter calling House leadership’s approach toward impeachment unlawful and unconstitutional. While all you will hear in the news media and from the Democratic leadership is refusal by the president to cooperate with the House investigation, you will not likely hear why the refusal by the White House. The news media and Democrats will do all they can to convince the American people that the president is obstructing their impeachment, and therefore, should be impeached. The White House response as to why it will not cooperate, however, is worth considering. Here is the “why” you won’t hear.

The White House letter pointed to certain legal and political facts that call into question the actions of the House leadership that all Americans should consider before jumping on the impeachment bandwagon. The letter states, “You have conducted your proceedings in secret. You have violated civil liberties and the separation of powers by threatening Executive Branch officials, claiming that you will seek to punish those who exercise fundamental constitutional rights and prerogatives. All of this violates the Constitution, the rule of law, and every past precedent. Never before in our history has the House of Representatives–under the control of either political party—taken the American people down the dangerous path you seem determined to pursue.”

The letter outlines three points suggesting the “impeachment inquiry” is illegal in its current form. The letter states: “Your “Inquiry” Is Constitutionally Invalid and Violates Basic Due Process Rights and Separation of Powers,” explaining that never before in history has the House attempted an impeachment inquiry without a vote. It also has not established due process, and has not provided equal subpoena power to Minority leadership, ensuring a one-sided outcome. Point 2 states “The Invalid “Impeachment Inquiry” Plainly Seeks To Reverse the Election of 2016 and To influence the Election of 2020,” calling the impeachment attempt without evidence “a naked political strategy.” Point III states, “There Is No Legitimate Basis for Your “Impeachment Inquiry”: Instead, the Committee’s Actions Raise Serious Questions.”

The third point reaches deep beyond the media hype and the Democratic Party accusations. It points to the impeachment narrative lacking substance of an impeachable offense. The letter calls into question the actions of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) reading an inaccurate version of the president’s call transcript with the president of Ukraine, and Schiff lying about having contact with the whistleblower prior to his complaint. For all these reasons, the letter states that the Executive Branch refuses to participate with the inquiry. Now you know the entire story about the letter, not an interpretive opinion passed off as unbiased news. As Ephesians 5:6 says, “Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things comes the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience.” Pay close attention so that you are not deceived.

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Bill Wilson