The Sin of Human Trafficking

With the movie “Sound of Freedom” amplifying the horrors of human trafficking, Americans are faced with a huge dilemma: America is among the worst nations partaking in human trafficking, including sex trafficking on minor children, and now there is no excuse to look the other way. It is time to hold the federal government accountable to proliferating this sin upon children and conveying it unto a nation where good and moral people are repulsed by it. Joe Biden’s open border policy is massively contributing to human trafficking while at the same time hiding behind rhetoric that supports ending human trafficking. Actions, in this case, speak louder than words. Our government is complicit.

A July 14 Epoch Times story revealed that the Department of Justice (DOJ) removed sections of its website relating to child sex trafficking and how US minors, yes kids right here in the US, were being recruited and exploited in the commercial sex industry. Epoch Times reported: “The updated version of the webpage completely erased all three sections, which were added during President Donald Trump’s tenure on May 28, 2020, to counsel Americans about tactics that are being used by pimps and human traffickers targeting vulnerable children and luring them into prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation using psychological manipulation.” The site was updated without fanfare in mid-May. Think about that—three years after the Trump Administration had posted it.

In a July 11 Twitter post, Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) stated: “The DOJ specifically deleted a section that implicated the Biden Administration’s open-border policies in correlation to the sex trafficking of children. The deleted portion read, “One form of sex trafficking involved the cross-border transportation of children. In these situations, traffickers recruit and transfer children across international borders in order to sexually exploit them in another country…DOJ’s blatant move to distance Joe Biden’s harmful policies from the global crime of sex trafficking should be no surprise to any of us who have seen the blatant sexualization and abuse of children this administration is comfortable with promoting.”

Customs and Border Protection data indicates that some 345,000 minors have come across the US border unaccompanied since Biden took office. Couple this with the over-the-top obsession of this Administration and many of its supporters to allow the LGBTQ+ community to continue confusing and recruiting children in government schools, and this Administration is no less than perverse. Christ said in Luke 17:2, “It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” We are not ignorant of the sins of human trafficking and child sexual predation supported by this government. Let us pray and act. A millstone would indeed be better for these policy perverts than allowing this abomination to continue before our very eyes.

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Bill Wilson