Stupidocrisy: The weaponized IRS

On July 12, WFLX reported that some 20-30 undercover cars carrying fully armed Internal Revenue Service agents in tactical gear raided Elite Payroll Solutions in Stuart, FL. WFLX reported that officers wearing shirts that read “Police IRS Criminal Investigation” were entering and leaving the office. There is little public detail about the raid and the IRS has only admitted that it was conducting an investigation at the location. This raises the question about whether an unelected administrative agency should have the authority to conduct armed raids of private businesses. Instead, local law enforcement should assist agents through a search warrant, which would improve accountability and transparency.

Let us remember that the Democratic-controlled Congress passed into law an influx of $80 billion at the request of the Biden Administration to arm IRS agents. The current Republican-controlled House has legislation to repeal this, but it remains in effect. IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel confirmed at an April 27 Congressional hearing that his agency was hiring 1,200 extra armed agents to investigate “criminal” acts of fraud and tax evasion. This is alarming because the IRS could very well view any evasion or perceived evasion of taxes as a crime. This is an agency that has “administrative” authority to freeze your bank accounts and seize your property. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg of a vast arming of federal agencies.

In October 2017, Forbes documented that the government had spent some $1.48 billion arming 67 non-military federal agencies from 2006-2014, the bulk of it done during the Obama Administration. Among those unelected, and some may say “unconstitutional” agencies, were the Department of Energy, General Services Administration, Bureau of Reclamation, the EPA, Railroad Retirement Board, Social Security Administration, Department of Education, Department of Interior, National Parks Service, US Geological Survey, and the Department of Agriculture. This is in addition to the DEA, Treasury Department, FBI, and others with at least some law enforcement duties. The Forbes article concluded “After grabbing legal power, federal bureaucrats are amassing firepower. It’s time to scale back the federal arsenal.”

Over the decades politicians of a certain ilk have been slowly arming agencies that have no business having weapons. And you can bet they are convincing their employees that they are doing a good thing toward enforcing the law. Absolute power. Agree or face the consequences. The West Palm Beach IRS raid is a reminder of how this particular government agency intends to wield its assumed power. Increasingly, your free speech and religious freedom is being whittled like a helpless sapling. It’s getting to a point where the choice will be clear as it was to Peter and the Apostles in Acts 5:29, “We ought to obey God rather than men.” That is our true liberty. Anything less is…say it with me…Stupidocrisy.


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Bill Wilson