Seeing justice prevail

As the recent Supreme Court session has come to an end, Americans are seeing a gradual return to the rule of law. Courts are beginning to strike down the overreaching mandates used by unelected administrative agencies during COVID. Recent decisions at the District Court level against government agencies compelling, coercing or even partnering with big business to censor protected free speech are trending toward constructionist interpretations of the Constitution. Indeed, state courts upholding the rights of parents in what amounts to sexual coercive decisions by school administrators and profit-mongering health systems to encourage sexual mutilation of minor children are encouraging.

The legal process is slow and people are harmed while its glacier pace proceeds. Notwithstanding, judicial appointments during the Donald Trump administration are making a difference. While, the Supreme Court sat on the sidelines in the 2020 Presidential Election dispute (largely because states certified their own elections), the SCOTUS has restored the rule of law and common sense to several areas, rolling back the huge overstep on controlling our lives by what is called administrative law—the juggernaut of unelected government agencies determining how law is to be applied and enforced without following the intent of the law.

For example, SCOTUS ruled the government had no authority to use an education debt relief bill designed to help first responders and military families to forgive student loans en masse. Quoting the Bible, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote, “The taxpayer must render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, but no more,” when SCOTUS unanimously decided against “home equity theft,” on forced government sales of real estate due to unpaid tax debt where the government keeps the balance of proceeds over the tax owed—and that was a unanimous decision. The Court also ruled in favor of property owners when it ruled against the government encroaching environmentalist policy of declaring damp land (essentially saying it was a navigable waterway) off-limits to development by its owners.

Epoch Times’ Matthew Vadum writes, “The court made momentous strides in restoring constitutional order, returning the regulation of abortion to the states, safeguarding the right to bear arms in public for self-defense, and limiting the government’s ideology-driven war on carbon dioxide emissions. Its more recent decisions show that most justices are determined to continue this course. The court struck down racial discrimination in college admissions and declared President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness program unlawful. The justices also issued decisions upholding religious freedom and defending property rights from bureaucrats.” While slow, the progress is sure. Proverbs 28:5 sayss, “Evil people don’t understand justice, but those who seek the Lord understand everything.” May we see God’s justice prevail.

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Bill Wilson