Vaxed more likely to be hospitalized

The Centers for Disease Control is now saying that If you have been fully vaccinated against COVID, your chances of hospitalization with COVID are 8 percent higher than the unvaccinated. On June 15, the CDC’s Dr. Ruth Link-Gelles told a Food and Drug Administration panel, “We see a pattern of waning against hospitalization.” Not only have CDC statistics demonstrated that the COVID vaccines are not safe, but also ineffective, AND the vaccinated have a nearly 10 percent better chance of hospitalization than the unvaccinated. Additionally, research published by the journal “Vaccine” indicates the COVID vaccines actually weaken the immune system and increase susceptibility to other life-threatening issues.

CDC statistics show that being COVID vaccinated actually created negative immunity, meaning the vaccinations actually cause hospitalization after a period of time rather than protecting against the disease. The estimates were negative even after CDC officials adjusted for age, sex, and ethnicity. For those who received one or more doses of the older vaccines, the median time for negative protection was 464 days after the last dose. For the group who received the latest bivalent vaccine the median time was 137 days before effectiveness turned negative. In both scenarios, the results settled at an 8% chance of hospitalization compared with those who were unvaccinated.

According to the Epoch Times, the CDC’s VISION network that includes sites across 11 states, the latest COVID “bivalent” vaccine increased protection by only 51% and waned to 20% between 90 to 179 days after the shot. Likewise, those who were immunocompromised taking the latest bivalent vaccine received only 39% protection, which reduce to 11% after 119 days. Epoch Times reported that Link-Gelles told the FDA panel that patterns of waning with the bivalent vaccines “have been very similar to what we knew from the monovalent vaccine” and that U.S. officials don’t make vaccine policy decisions “based solely on vaccine effectiveness data.”Of course, being unsafe, ineffective, and negative efficacy has not changed CDC’s policy toward these vaccinations.

The Vaccine Damage Project report conducted by Phinance Technologies indicates that the COVID mRNA shot caused 26.6 million injuries, 1.36 million disabilities and 310,000 excess deaths at a total cost of $147.8 Billion. The authors of the report estimate an excess 2021 and 2022 mortality rate of 23% in the 25-64 age group compared with an estimated baseline of 0.1% for those years. Bottom line: If you are COVID vaccinated, you are at risk. But there are ways to reduce that risk. Proverbs 10:14 says, “Wise men lay up knowledge, but the mouth of the foolish is near destruction.” If you are mRNA vaccinated, do not ignore this report. Take action to protect yourself from unnecessary risk. You can start by going to and click on “Vaccine Injury Resources.” This is a valuable guide to prevent mRNA vaccine injury.


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