Stupidocrisy: They didn’t dodge well

You’ve probably heard about the big brouhaha when the LA Dodgers decided to invite the blasphemous drag queen Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to be honored with the Community Hero Award during a pregame ceremony on the team’s Pride Night. At first, there was such public outcry against the Dodgers that they disinvited the “Sisters.” But not to be outdone by Bud Light transmania, the Dodgers reinvited the God-mocking group with a formal apology. They threw Catholics and Christians a bone by announcing they would sponsor a Christian Faith and Family Day at Dodger Stadium on July 30. The Pride Night of June 16 went on as scheduled, but it didn’t turn out as well as the Dodgers had hoped.

Hours before the first pitch, police gathered around the stadium area to guard against any violence. Several sources, including FOX News, reported thousands showed up to protest their disgust with the Dodgers for allowing the “Sisters” to openly offend Christians and Catholics, much less the direct mocking and ridiculing of God Almighty. The thousands blocked the main entrance to the stadium. When the award was announced at third base a bit before the game, reports say that the handful of fans in the stadium responded with a mixed amount of cheers and boos. Brian Birch, president of CatholicVote, wrote Major League Baseball Commissioner that “Their [the Sisters] sole mission is to disgust Christians with the most grotesque acts they can imagine.” Then the Dodgers suffered the biggest shutout loss in 125 years.

The New York Post reported that even Dodgers ace and Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw said, “I don’t agree with making fun of other people’s religions. It has nothing to do with anything other than that. I just don’t think that, no matter what religion you are, you should make fun of somebody else’s religion. So that’s something that I definitely don’t agree with.” I’m sure former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda, who once called my house to encourage our son Christian as a student athlete, would feel even stronger. Lasorda, the Hall of Fame manager who led the Dodgers for two decades, passed at age 93 in January 2021. He was a devout Catholic who often testified to others about his faith. His office at the stadium was designed like a sanctuary. How his beloved Dodgers have dishonored his memory.

Another Dodger legend is broadcaster Vin Scully, alsoa devout Catholic who died in 2022 at 94. In describing Dodgertown, Scully once said, “If this isn’t heaven, I can’t wait to see what it is.” Well, Vin and Tommy, the Dodgers tried to dodge their debauchery with a Christian Faith and Family Day, but they didn’t dodge it too well. Instead of honoring God, the Dodgers were a Romans 1:26 example, where “God gave them up unto vile affections.” The Dodgers took part in weaponizing our most hallowed ideals –the American pastime of baseball–for a debased political agenda. This begs the question as Pride Month winds down: Isn’t it time to stop being woke and really wake up? Isn’t time to stand up? For the sake of our children, future generations, and…America…isn’t it time to end this…say it with me…Stupidocrisy.


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