Schiff Happens

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) is under fire for purposely fabricating with his own version President Trump’s transcript with the President of Ukraine. In his opening statement for the House Intelligence Committee hearing, Schiff read a false narrative of the transcript at the epicenter of the Democratic Party’s impeachment accusations. Schiff said, “And what is the President’s response—well it reads like a classic organized crime shake down. In essence, what the President Trump communicates is this…” Then he fabricated the conversation. After the soundbites and media rush to publish, Schiff later said he meant to be “at least part” in parody. Schiff’s ethics already are under fire. 

In March, Judicial Watch, an educational foundation that promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics, and the law, filed an official complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics about Schiff’s controversial contacts and communications with two congressional witnesses: Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS and Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former personal lawyer. The complaint asked that Schiff be investigated about his meeting with Simpson in Aspen, Colorado, in July 2018 and that he and his staff coordinated with Michael Cohen on Cohen’s testimony to congressional committees. Cohen’s testimony is alleged to be false in several important respects, according to Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch filed a previous ethics complaint on April 13, 2018, against Schiff and Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA) for improperly confirming classified information in violation of House rules, but the Committee has yet to take any public action on the complaint. “Rep. Schiff has an ethics problem. His and his staff’s irregular communications with anti-Trump witnesses reflect poorly on the credibility of the House and its committees’ investigations,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “It has long been apparent that Rep. Schiff can’t be trusted to lead the Intelligence Committee, so we hope that Democrats on the Ethics Committee stop protecting Mr. Schiff and take action.”

Schiff is just one example in many of how unethical politics is deeply rooted within the branches of government. There is a lot of discussion among the media pundits about Trump calling this impeachment inquiry a “coup” attempt. He is being ridiculed for his remarks. This entire continuum reaching back to Fusion GPS, the Obama FISA request to spy on the Trump transition team, the Mueller investigation, and the blatant statements of people, such as Hillary Clinton, that Trump is an illegitimate president all lead to the conclusion of an ongoing attempt to remove the president from office. The impeachment is just one legal way that they are now trying. Psalm 94:16 asks, “Who will rise up for me against the evildoers?” Who will rise up for our nation against the evildoers? Let us stand together for justice. If Schiff happens, let’s flush it! 

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