Prophetic implications of deep state impeachment

The whistleblower report is a well-written document that alleges many things from the President using his position to get a foreign country to help damage his political opponent to compromising national security to insinuating a White House coverup of the call. The “whistleblower,” according to news stories, is a CIA officer, reporting on what he “heard” from unnamed sources who say they were privy to the phone call between President Trump and the president of Ukraine. If the transcript of the call is the actual transcript, the “whistleblower’s” account is terribly compromised to its veracity. Does it ever occur to anyone that the recent accusations against the president were leveled by a deep-state operative? 

Comparing the “whistleblower’s” account of what he was told by his anonymous sources and the transcript of the call released by the White House, there are many discrepancies. The method of operation for this report is very similar to how the Steele Dossier originated and was used by the Obama Administration to get authorization from the secret FISA court to spy on Trump’s transition team. These documents are carefully worded to allow many interpretations and cause great disruption. Just like with the deep-state version of Russian collusion that was invalidated by the Mueller investigation, it appears there remains a deep-state faction within the government that is actively devising schemes to remove Trump.

There is a book written by Michael V. Hayden, former director of the National Security Agency and the CIA, titled “The Assault on Intelligence.” The book is very much like the whistleblower document in that it spreads half-truths, leaves out important details, and depends on second-and-third-hand information to advance the opinion that Trump is undercutting the intelligence community, and by doing so, undermining American democracy. The intelligence community seems to believe they, not the voters, are the keepers of the Republic. It discusses the “post-truth” world, and advocates for a one world order run by the United States. There are many pertinent points that deserve consideration in this book, but it is quite revealing on how the intelligence community views Trump as an enemy. 

The pattern is troubling to say the least. It infers that there are unelected powers within the US government that believe they know better than the voters and will do anything they can to maintain the power they have amassed over the decades. That power includes a version of a one-world order, a globalist philosophy, that Trump has worked against. These powers align with Trump’s opponents and seek to remove him and his ilk from any sort of leadership. We may be seeing an example of what could happen leading up to an end time Beast government that ushers in a Revelation 13:15 situation where all who “would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” As described in Daniel 11:21, the beast seizes his kingdom with intrigue and flatteries. In this type and shadow, the “beast” is akin to the deep-state.

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Bill Wilson