Stupidocrisy: Hillary Clinton

This week’s Stupidocrisy goes to former Secretary of State under the Obama Administration (that in of itself says a lot), failed Democratic Party presidential candidate, and election denier Hillary Clinton. Clinton is the poster child for what is wrong with politics. If Clinton accuses somebody of something, it’s a sure bet that she is doing exactly the very same accusation. If one could tie up all the Democratic Party candidate’s accusations in a neat little bundle and run them all on television one after another, you would see a Hillary Clinton-type trend: Hateful accusations, abortion ban fearmongering, and using January 6 protests as an insurrection. There are no solutions to the problems, just undocumented accusations.

Now Clinton has been called in to bail out embattled New York governor Kathy Hochul in her failing election bid. So it gives Clinton a platform to run her foul attitude. And, of course, the national media is all too happy to welcome her hateful rhetoric. Case in point is Tuesday’s MSNBC “The ReidOut,” where Clinton went on an unchallenged rampage characterizing Republicans as purveyors of “crazy violent hate rhetoric” and a “threat to the heart of our democracy.” She used the Paul Pelosi hammer attacker as her example, implying that the Republican Party was responsible for the attack. But Clinton wasted no time in painting Republicans with a broad brush of society’s worst “isms.”

Clinton said, “There always been a streak of violence, of racism, misogyny, antisemitism, as you said, but I think what we’re seeing today, and it has certainly been thrown into very high relief by the horrific attack on Paul Pelosi, is not just an aberration where one or two people or a small group engage in that kind of violent rhetoric and urge people to take action against political figures like her, like me, like others, we’re seeing a whole political party. The level of just plain crazy violent hate rhetoric coming out of Republicans. You played something from the candidate, the Republican candidate for governor in Arizona. I want viewers. I want voters to stop and ask themselves, would we trust somebody who is stirring up these violent feelings, who is pointing fingers, scapegoating, making a joke about a violent attack on Paul Pelosi.”

And myriads of leftist media, Hollywood elite and Democratic Party leaders are reading Clinton’s talking points in criticizing Republicans as terrorists, threats to democracy, and hate mongers. Suddenly, when their abortion rhetoric isn’t working; when their transgender and homosexual rights to prey on schoolchildren isn’t working; when people are rejecting their clean energy inflation propaganda; when the January 6 insurrection exaggeration isn’t gaining traction, they pull out poor old Paul Pelosi. There was no security for Pelosi at his house, just like wife Nancy didn’t have any security at the Capitol on January 6 because in her words: “We’re waiting for this, for trespassing on the Capitol grounds.” Christ said in Matthew 24:4, “Take heed that no man deceive you.” Clinton and her gang are deceivers, moreover, it’s say it with me…Stupidocrisy.

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Bill Wilson