The tyranny of “democracy”

Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) is now former congresswoman. She was the poster child for everything anti-Trump and Wyoming voters turned her out to pasture. Some Democrats and leftists are using it as an example of how Republicans want to end democracy in America. They are attacking all Republican voters, characterizing them as misogynists and racists—their “go to” hate points, as if they have the higher moral ground. In reality, Cheney’s demise was the power of the vote. And that power should be celebrated by the very people who say they champion “democracy” and call themselves Democrats. But when “democracy” goes against them it is given some unsavory hate-filled label.

The Democrats are more into tyranny than democracy. They name a bill “The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022” and ram it through Congress on a party line vote. Not one Republican voted for this legislation, not one. And this is the democracy of the Democrats. One would think that if there is such opposition to legislation of this magnitude that some compromises would be made to make the bill more acceptable. But not in this case, nor in the Obama Affordable Care Act nor in the Build Back Better Act. Democrats in the House of Representatives allowed no amendments. These bills were rammed through both Houses of Congress strictly on a party line vote, and they were monumental change agents for socialism.

The wealth redistribution of these laws is incredible. They take your hard-earned tax dollars and distribute them to cronies in the green energy business, the LGBTQ+ agenda, the open borders benefactors, and so on. They destroyed the healthcare system in the US, making it more expensive and less effective while jamming dollars in the pockets of big pharma. And these pieces of legislation made it possible for unelected administrative agencies to possess dictatorial powers like mandating healthcare protocols against the rights of body autonomy. They empowered unconstitutional agencies like the IRS and EPA with authorities of life and death of businesses and individuals.

As Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) wrote in his Whip Notice to House Republicans: “Democrats are now moving forward with this newest iteration of their economic death spiral that includes budgetary gimmicks that don’t actually reduce the deficit, raises taxes for every American including a “heat your home” tax, empowers an army of IRS agents to harass Americans and small businesses, forces socialist price controls on drugs that will cost lives, and wastes billions of dollars in Green New Deal slush funds and handouts to big business.” That’s the Democratic Party brand of democracy—replacing God with government. Christ said in Matthew 24:4, “Take heed that no man deceive you.” When these people accuse others, they are acting out their own accusations. We can only hope that the Liz Cheney example works in November.

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Bill Wilson