The FBI, CDC, inflation deception

As a journalist, we used to be taught not to speculate on news stories. That premise, however, seems to be lost in these days of 24-hour a day news. Notwithstanding, looking deeper into the events of the past two weeks, one can extrapolate a pattern designed to maintain control and power of a strong centralized government AND secure the elections to perpetuate the growing absolute power of government. It is a complicated, yet intentional, web of events orchestrated by those in control, primarily members of the Democratic Party and some Republicans who empathize with the socialist, even fascist, agenda of the extreme left. The agencies hey control reach far beyond elections and threaten your freedom.

When the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” was called out by reputable economic analysts for not reducing inflation or the budget deficit as advertised, but rather was a tax increase on businesses and the middle income, all of a sudden there is a needless FBI raid on the former President. At the same time, the Centers for Disease Control revised its COVID protocols, essentially admitting that the vaccines didn’t work as planned. Now there is no difference between the vaccinated and unvaccinated because there “are breakthrough infections” and unvaccinated people who have had COVID “have some degree of protection.” No longer is anyone required to quarantine if they have symptoms.

The extremists have been trying to undo Donald Trump from the beginning. Think about how Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama used false information to get a court order to spy on Trump’s campaign; the millions of taxpayer dollars spent on investigating non-existent Russian ties; impeachments; tax records; and now the FBI raid over materials that are declassified. All the accusations against Trump were found to be false, but it is the accusations that people want to believe. What better way to power grab with unpopular legislation that increases taxes and expands unconstitutional policing efforts through the IRS, than to bring more nefarious accusations against Trump with an FBI raid.

Slip in a backdoor admission that CDC COVID protocols were not “safe and effective” as advertised, and there becomes a perfect trifecta of accusations, power enhancements, and health confusion that just may keep the extremists in control come the November elections. “There must be fire if there is so much smoke around Trump,” people say. In reality, it is a smokescreen to get enough people to believe Trump and Republicans are totally corrupt and do not deserve election. The same smokescreen is used to cover up an iron-fisted power grab under the lie of “inflation reduction.” And “Oh, by the way,” COVID is no longer a thing—Democrats solved that problem—not with medical science, but with political science by issuing new protocols. Christ warned in Matthew 24:4, “Take heed that no man deceive you.” Analyze. Understand. Act.

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