Stupidocrisy: Joe’s COVID rebound

There is an old Jim Croce song where the lyrics go something like this: “You don’t tug on Superman’s cape; You don’t spit into the wind; You don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger, and you don’t mess around with Jim.” It’s a song that tells the story of the “baddest man in town” and how anyone with any common sense wouldn’t mess with him. There’s a lot of things in life that way. For example, you don’t quarantine healthy people; you don’t lockdown entire nations and economies; you don’t mandate or coerce experimental and unproven vaccines; and you don’t lie to people about their health. But the federal government did all these things and more during COVID. And Joe Biden is a living example.

Biden, arguably one of the most vaccinated men on earth, caught COVID and went into “isolation.” Most of us didn’t notice he was gone and were likely thankful that his agenda may have been slowed down in his absence—that is yet to be determined. So then the White House doctor declared Biden COVID free after he tested negative four days in a row. But then on the fifth day, he tested positive again and he once again said he would go into isolation “for the safety of everyone around me.” If that were the case, it would be safer for the country if Biden just went into permanent isolation and declared a two-year government holiday. It doesn’t accomplish much good being open under his leadership as it goes, but I digress. Biden’s doctor said Joe was suffering from COVID rebound. Remember Tony Fauci also suffered the same.

Dr. Yuhong Dong, medical doctor and Ph.D in infectious diseases, is the Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of a Swiss biotech company and former Senior Medical Scientific Expert for Antiviral Drug Development in Novartis Pharma in Switzerland, writes in the Epoch Times that there are two possible reasons why Biden was still infected despite having received four doses of COVID vaccines. She says one is that the vaccine is not effective against the new BA.5 strain of COVID and the other is that Biden’s natural immunity is not strong. Studies have indicated the vaccine interferes with natural immunity and leaves people less able to fight off COVID because the spike protein caused by the vaccine continues to deplete the natural immunity of the person. That’s why COVID is now an epidemic of the vaccinated.

Dr. Dong concludes, “No matter how many doses of vaccines are given or how many antiviral drugs are dosed, they’re only a single type of measure to prevent viruses or a type of external helper to eradicate the virus. However, all of us have an innate God-given, powerful system to fight against all different types of viruses and mutants. If we maintain them well with adequate protection, they will work for us day and night.” If Biden wasn’t four-time vaccinated and had also focused on improving his personal immunity, perhaps he wouldn’t have gotten COVID, or had “rebound COVID.” In Luke 4:23, Christ referred to the parable, “Physician heal thyself.” God provided natural immunity for us to heal. Boosting natural immunity shows intelligence and common sense. Solely depending on multiple doses of a vaccine that doesn’t perform is, say it with me…Stupidocrisy.

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Bill Wilson