Iran and the end times

The toothless United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency, the body charged with prevention of nuclear weapons expansion, has failed for decades to stop Iran from enriching uranium for a nuclear bomb. The Bush Administrations relied heavily on the UN’s so-called enforcement. Obama gave Iran a green light and billions in US cash to proceed under the guise of a nuclear prevention agreement. Trump froze Iran’s assets and pulled out of Obama’s agreement. And under Biden, Iran now announces that it has finally achieved the ability to produce a nuclear bomb. Iran has repeatedly proven that paying a terrorist-sponsoring state to stop a nuclear program is among the worst foreign policy strategies.

Let us recall a Daily Jot of August 9, 2005 when Iran was “negotiating hard to avoid a showdown with the United Nations Security Council while it continues to build its nuclear program, surely in preparation for major prophetic fulfillment as the world enters the end times. The EU-3–France, Germany and Britain—offered the rogue terrorist state all sorts of economic and financial benefits if Iran would stop its nuclear production. An offer several months in the making, Iranian negotiators got just what they wanted—precious time to secretly continue development of nuclear materials. On parallel track, Iran is working with Russian and Chinese scientists to perfect its missile delivery systems that would include a payload roomy enough to carry the nuclear bomb they continuously deny they are making.

“Additionally, Iran has brought in top tunnel engineers from North Korea to design and help build underground facilities undetectable by Western spy satellites. The Iranians rejected the [EU-3] offer saying that it did not allow for Iran to continue enriching uranium. The matter could be referred to the U.N. Security Council very soon, but Iran has two aces up its sleeve in this international nuclear poker game—China and Russia. Both countries have energy supply and weapons agreements with Iran worth billions of dollars and both countries are proven scoundrels as bribe takers from their permanent positions on the United Nations Security Council. And both countries have a prophetic destiny with Iran. These nations are tied together in an undeniable bond that weaves them into the fabric of the end times.”

That was written nearly 17 years ago. Two years before, it was revealed through a defector that Iran had a secret nuclear weapons program. Two years later Russia and China announced there was no nuclear weapons program in Iran. Today, Iran’s nearly 20-year cat and mouse game appears to have paid off, in a large part thanks to American presidents that enabled and helped pay for it rather than standing up to it as did President Trump. Ezekiel 38 says that in the end of days, Gog of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal (all in Turkey), leads a coalition of Persia (Iran), Libya; and Ethiopia (Sudan) against Israel. When we see Iran, whose stated objective is the destruction of Israel, being brought into such a coalition with Turkey and these prophetic nations aligning against Israel, we know the time of the end is near.

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Bill Wilson