Leftists’ racist abortion meltdown

If Republicans attacked Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson like Democrats are attacking Justice Clarence Thomas the media and Hollywood would be screaming racism. As it is, they are trying to portray their attacks on Thomas as justified because he is a conservative married to an alt-right white wife. But the veneer of non-racism is thin and the tone of the wood beneath bubbles to the top when people like former Star Trek actor turned gay activist George Takei said of Thomas, “He is a clown in blackface sitting on the Supreme Court.” Then Takei tried to downplay what he said by explaining that the use of the term “Blackface” in theater lingo is not racist, but rather “part of a racist history in this country.” Really?

Angry Black man, they say. The Federalist wrote a July 5 story about why the “racist left” smears Clarence Thomas as an “Angry Black Man.” The article begins with examples: “Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is “a person of grievance” harboring “resentment, [and] anger,” reported no less an authority than Hillary Clinton during an appearance last week on CBS. In ignoring Thomas’s ideas to smear his temperament, Clinton pulled from the same playbook leftists have been using against Thomas since even before his 1991 confirmation hearings. The New York Times once called Thomas the Supreme Court’s “youngest and angriest.” Times columnist Frank Rich accused him of “rage” and “unreconstructed racial bitterness.””

In a June 27 Newsweek OpEd, CEO of the FCB Radio Network, Darvio Morrow, a Black man, wrote that White liberals—”the same people who lecture us about systemic racism”—made hateful social media comments about Thomas, and as of the writing of the article, “many of these tweets are still up on Twitter.” Examples he cited: “Clarence Thomas is a dirty porch monkey and as a trans woman I’m giving every one permission to use the n word on him.”; “Clarence Thomas really wants to own slaves and to be able to call Black people N*****. In front of white people. And laugh. Coon ass motherf*****.”; “Clarence Thomas: just another dumb field N*****.” “Doesn’t the N***** realize his rights are next.” Morrow concludes: “It only further reinforces every critique I have about modern white progressivism.”

He continues, “Many of these people do not view Black people as equals but as tools that give credibility and moral authority to their ideology. Many white progressives view themselves as the “savior” of Black people, and as a result, they unconsciously believe we owe them our undying loyalty. That’s why when anyone crosses them, they attack with a particular level of venom.”  Remember the leftist criticism launched at “misogynist racists” who questioned why Brown Jackson refused to define “woman”? Racism is a double standard with leftists. As in James 1:8, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” Think about how that works for an entire group of double-minded people, and look at the state of our country today because of them.

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Bill Wilson