Roe after Roe

The US Supreme Court overturned the previous Supreme Court decision of 1973 that the constitution conveyed through the right to privacy a right to abortion. In doing so, SCOTUS is establishing that unless a “right” is enumerated in the Constitution, it is left for the states or the people to decide. Abortion was never an enumerated right in the Constitution. In fact, if anything, the Constitution, its preamble and the Declaration of Independence all uphold life and the right to defend it. Today, there are millions of leftists, many who could care less about abortion, rioting in the streets, demanding that the ”right” to kill the unborn be reestablished. Can anyone see the absurdity in this?

They are violently demanding the “right” to kill a baby in the womb. These people are vandalizing pregnancy care centers, places where women can go to receive alternatives to abortion and obtain legitimate “reproductive health” care. In this, one can see the demands of these people in the name of “reproductive health” is hypocritical at best. It is amazing that in a country where laws are established to protect classes of people—minorities, sexual orientation, handicapped, etc.—that the law did not protect those least able to defend themselves: babies in the womb. In fact, a Supreme Court nearly 50 years ago conjured up a “right” that because of individual privacy an expectant mother could choose to kill her unborn child. How shameful.

There are many, however, who call themselves Christians who believe abortion should be legal. Many pastors preach it from the pulpit, or secretly support it. Imagine the public outcry if today’s so-called “civil rights” leaders would take abortion on as the issue it was intended to be—Margaret Sanger, eugenics champion and founder of Planned Parenthood, wanted abortion legalized for the purpose of eradicating Black people. Yet leftist politicians, Democrats—the same party that fought for slavery and instituted the racist Jim Crow laws whose residue oppresses Black people even today–claim they fight for the rights of people of color. What about their right to life? There are so many things wrong with abortion that no nation, doctor or prospective parent who participates in abortion will escape judgment save for the blood of Christ.

These people are shrill in their claim that abortion is a “right.” But the Declaration of Independence cites that every person has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Without life, one cannot experience liberty and pursuit of happiness. As Deuteronomy 30:19 commands, “Choose life that you and your seed might live.” The Supreme Court rightly determined that there is not a “right” to kill the unborn enumerated or implied in the Constitution. Such a shame for the 70 million plus who died at the altar of this false “right.” Roe after Roe will face tantrums, violence, threats, demands and schemes to reestablish the “right” to kill the most innocent among humans—the unborn child. God help us!

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Bill Wilson