Biden on a rampage

Joe Biden is on a rampage over fuel prices, but his solution of a 90-day government gas tax holiday is socialist folly. If Biden was truly committed to lowering gas prices, he would reverse his failed policies and return to the model of American energy independence. Instead, he is putting a band aid on the problem by asking Congress for a 90-day federal fuel tax holiday (18 cents a gallon) and browbeating states to do the same, saying claims that his policies reduced fuel production and raised gas prices is “nonsense.” In remarks on gas prices, Biden demanded that oil refiners up production. Then he contradicted himself saying the US is “setting records” in energy production and the economy is booming.

Let’s be honest. Within hours of taking office, Joe Biden issued Executive Orders, such as cancelling the Keystone pipeline and ending oil exploration and leases on federal lands. That Executive Order turned the United States from an energy independent nation into an energy dependent country. Within a month, gasoline prices shot up 33 cents a gallon. Overall, gasoline prices have jumped from $2.46 a gallon when Biden first took office to $4.94 a gallon Wednesday. By February 24, when Russia invaded Ukraine, the US average gas price was $3.54, well on its record-breaking trajectory. To blame Russia’s invasion, oil refining and gas stations for these prices and not take responsibility for failed energy policy is irresponsible and delusional.

Biden said, “Just look at the facts: Since the start of the war in Ukraine this year, gas prices have risen by almost $2.00 a gallon in the United States, and sometimes more, around the world.” The fact is that gas went up by $1.40 since the invasion and before the invasion it had increased $1.08 per gallon. Then Biden implied that American sanctions and weapons actions stopped Russia from advancing. He said “America could not stand by and the West could not have stood by–although some suggested at the time–and just watch Putin’s tanks roll into Ukraine and seize a sovereign country. If we did stand by, Putin wouldn’t have stopped.  Putin would’ve kept going, and we’d face an even steeper price.” Last I heard, Russia is still invading Ukraine, and he has no intent to stop.

Biden’s solution is more government action to correct the crisis he created with his initial government action. He wants to force American’s to buy electric cars. He said, “Let’s lower the price of electric vehicles so we never have to pay at the pump in the first place.” But “we” will still pay for the electric, which is produced by nuclear, coal and fossil fuels and the electric car batteries require other natural resources, sometimes mined with slave labor. A three-month hiatus on the federal gas tax only helps a small amount and it causes people to be even more dependent on big government. Jeremiah 6:13-14 comes to mind: “For from the least of them to the greatest, all are greedy for gain; from prophet to priest, all practice deceit. They have healed the hurt of My people with very little care, saying, ‘Peace, peace,’ when there is no peace at all.”

Biden’s remarks:

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